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How to Work from Home Processing Government Insurance Refunds

Do you know you can earn a decent income by processing insurance refunds for the federal government? Well, if you don’t know; then this article will teach you how to work from home processing government insurance refunds. Someone you know might have unclaimed property or funds.

Who knows, you might even be an heir to a sum of unclaimed money, and you may be thinking of processing government insurance refunds. As an insurance refund processor, you can assist the recipients with the collection of their funds and earn a GOOD fee for each refund you process.

I have had the opportunity to meet several WORK AT HOME MOMS who generate thousands of Dollars monthly; processing refunds for recipients. Unlike other work from home opportunities such as envelop stuffing and survey, processing unclaimed government funds is a REAL JOB that can make you a good amount of money monthly if you focus, and strategize.

Presently, there are close to 800,0000 individuals who are due to get government insurance refunds (this refunds total over $250,000 and still growing). Some main benefits of becoming an insurance refund processor are:

  • The business gives you the freedom to set your own working hours
  • The freedom to work as much as you want
  • Keep your day job and still get to make extra part time income
  • Meet new people and grow your business contacts

In this section, I will walk you through the steps to processing government insurance refunds EFFORTLESSLY! Just sit back, relax, and grab a cup of coffee.

How to Work from Home as a Government insurance processor and Get Paid for It

The FHA (which is a federal housing agency that falls under the US department of Housing and Urban development) offer mortgage programs to help home ownership more affordable and available to the average American. It’s an initiative that has helped millions of Americans own their personal homes without paying through their nose.

Most times, the Federal housing administration owes some past mortgage borrower’s money for insurance funds; but they do not have the correct information as to where to send the refund money; so, they hire insurance refund processors; who help trace the borrowers, return the refund money and get paid in the process.

How to Trace Insurance Refunds

I often feel sorry for folks who struggle with this business. It’s easy, and requires no technical work. Here’s all you need to do to trace borrowers, who are entitled to insurance refunds:

1. Pay $20 which is a nominal fee

which the FHA usually charges for a detailed list of names, email addresses, last known address, etc.


Now that you are with the borrower’s contact, all you need to do is call them through their last known mobile number. If you cannot reach them by phone, try mailing a letter; informing them that they have an insurance refund that’s unclaimed.  If by any means you don’t get a reply from them, then try paying them a visit (you won’t be wrong with this).

Tip: You can also surf through local yellow pages to find the borrowers mobile number (that’s if you can’t get a detailed list from the Federal Housing Administration).

3. Discuss your refund processing fee with the borrower

Once you are in contact with the borrower, you should make them aware of your fee, most people will happily pay your fee; but there are some, who’d go the extra-mile by arguing or, paying you lower than what you are worth. You can let them know before-hand that your fee is 20% (negotiable). You can charge below or above 20%. It all depends on you. The ball is in your court.

After discussing your fee, you can have the borrower complete and sign the Tracer found cause form to enable you to process the insurance refund on their behalf. Review the tracer form and ensure that all fields are properly filled.

Any mistakes could cost you a lot so be patient and spend time to ensure that  it is accurately filled out. Don’t also forget to fill in the unclaimed funds case number (so they can easily trace that you found the borrower). Lastly, don’t forget to mail the form to FHA.

Before I conclude this post, I would like to give you a tip to identify refund scams.

How to Identify and Avoid Refund Scams

A young man named Frank, received a notice stating he won $900,000 as an insurance refund processor. Of course, he was happy. He didn’t know it was scam. Not until he got another the following week stating he has won another $850,00 due to unclaimed funds. In that letter, he was asked to call a Mobile number. He did, and here’s what he was told:

‘’Frank, congrats on your $850,000 commission for helping us trace unclaimed funds. You need a fee of $500 to process your funds with us. That’s all we’ll need from you to help process your funds.

The following day, he met a friend at a food joint and he narrated the whole tale to his friend. He was advised not to send any cash. That it was a scam. He felt bad. He couldn’t believe his eyes that it was a scam. But today, he’s grateful that he never sent the cash.

There are several people out there who have been scammed. Some have been told that they have insurance refunds worth millions of Dollars. Some have even been robbed off for life. Don’t be fooled. If you ever receive a call stating that you have unclaimed insurance funds, ignore it. I am aware that some of you know of their dirty games; but there are also some, out there who need this advice. Kindly pass it across to them.  A word is enough for the wise.

In conclusion, i hope I have been able to help! You can become a processor in locating these borrowers and assist in recovering their refunds. This is a generous home business that does not require any start-up capital and you get to collect 20% of the total unclaimed fund. That means, if you are assisting in recovering an unclaimed fund of $100,000, you get $20,000! Isn’t this lucrative? So start today!