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How to Make Money Working from Home as an Appointment Setter

Do you know you can make money working from home as an appointment setter? Well, this article is going to teach you the tips and tricks for getting started in this self employment job. If you are an effective communicator with stellar sales skills, then you should consider pursuing a career in appointment setting. An appointment setter helps companies generate sales leads by contacting potential clients or customers and setting appointments with them.

In other words, appointment setting majorly involves cold calling. But in some cases, you will be dealing with established leads. Appointment setters play a very important role in the success of a business, as they are usually the first people to contact potential clients with the aim of introducing products or services. If they play their roles poorly, the business loses potential customers and clients.

If you have stellar communication skills as well as badass marketing skills that could convince anyone to buy what you sell, then you should consider pursuing a career as an appointment setter.

One good thing about appointment setting is that you can work from home, and most employers have no problem with this, provided you are able to attract potential customers. Below is a step by step guide on how to work from home as an appointment setter.

How to Make Money Working from Home as an Appointment Setter

1. Hone your marketing skills

You will be cold calling individuals and businesses who have no idea what your company is offering, trying to win them to your side. So, your sales skills are the most important. And you will need to fine-tune them by enrolling for sales-training correspondence courses and seminars. You should also read books that help to improve sales skills.

For those based in the U.S., the United Professional Sales Association (UPSA) offers sales training resources, including books, conferences, and webinars.

2. Take computer courses

Though you may already be familiar with the use of basic computer applications, you will need to learn how to use special software programs used by appointment setters to schedule appointments. These programs include appointment calendars and client management software. You can search the web for free resources that teach how to use the most widely used appointment setting software programs.

But if you have no idea how to use basic software programs such as Microsoft Word, then you will need to check into your local college’s computer course offerings. The truth is, you can’t work as an at-home appointment setter without having the necessary computer skills.

3. Hone your communication skills

Even if you are naturally able to convince anyone to take any action you want, you will still need some training in effective communication, especially as done over phone. Remember, you will need to master how to convince a potential client or customer within the very few minutes that they will spare to speak with you.

If you cannot grab their attention with your first few words, they will find a way to stop the call as soon as possible. Also, you must bear in mind that you will be communicating with people from different backgrounds. So, you will need to learn how to choose the most appropriate words for each individual you communicate with.

4. Set up your home office

Most appointment setting positions will allow you to work from the comfort of your home, as this saves employers the cost of extra office space and equipment. This means you will need to set up a home office where you can do your work effectively. You will need a PC, a telephone connection, and a high-speed internet connection for communicating with potential clients who prefer video calling.

5. Apply for appointment setter positions

Put together a resume that highlights your excellent communication skills, computer expertise, and sales training. Telemarketing companies are the main employers of appointment setters, so look for telemarketing job openings posted in online job boards and newspapers.

Entry-level positions usually pay lower hourly rates, but most employers will compensate you based on performance, such as offering a commission for each deal closed with a client that you bring to their business. If you have experience with or knowledge of specific products or services, you can contact the leading companies in that business sector, and ask if they would need your services.

For example, , you can contact leading medical supply companies and offer to work with them. Chances are that most companies will hire you if they think you are good enough—although most would pay compensations only after you help close a new deal.

After working for employers for some time, you can become an independent appointment setter working on a full-time or part-time basis. If marketing is something you enjoy and are passionate about, then nothing stops you from making a living from this passion.