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How to Make Money Working from Home as a Spanish Interpreter

Do you know how to speak English and Spanish language? Can you speak fluently? If YES, then you can really make a lot of money with these set of skills. This article will teach you how. Having a good grasp of both Spanish and English has huge advantages. You can visit most countries of the world without running into communication problems.

And you can easily socialize with people in Spanish-speaking countries (in Europe and South America) and have a good feel of their cultures. Aside being able to interact with people, understanding both Spanish and English can fetch you additional income. Like other speakers of multiple languages are doing, you too can make money by rendering translation services for individuals and businesses who need to translate information between both languages.

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While there are opportunities for English-Spanish polyglots in international agencies and companies catering to a global market, you can render your translation services from home and on a part-time basis. This article explains in detail how you can start making extra income by working as a Spanish interpreter from home.

What You Need to Make Money Working from Home as a Spanish Interpreter

Working from home as a Spanish interpreter entails helping clients translate information from Spanish to English and vice versa. The information you will translate can come in various formats, including text, audio, and video. Most commonly you will be translating website content and books.

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Since you will be working from home, you will be corresponding with your clients over the internet, which means you will need a reliable internet connection. Other resources you will need to get started include:

  • A Personal Computer
  • A Spanish-English translation software
  • Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary
  • A Video calling application (such as Skype) for verbal communication with clients

You must bear in mind, however, that the most important requirement is a good grasp of English and Spanish language. Translation software and dictionaries will only come to your aid when you get stuck at times or when you need to use synonyms, but they are not to be solely relied on.

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Another indispensable requirement is solid writing skills. Translators are excellent writers first and foremost. Being able to speak a language is one thing, being able to write well in that language is another. So, you will need to be a wordsmith in both Spanish and English.

Before starting to hunt for clients, you must know your strengths and weaknesses. You must bear in mind that there are slight variations in a language as spoken in different parts of the world. For example, if you are fluent in Spanish as it is spoken in Spain, you may not be qualified to translate into South American Spanish. So, be realistic when trying to get assignments.

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With the above in mind, let’s now discuss how you can get Spanish translation jobs.

Working from Home as a Spanish Interpreter – Where to Get Jobs and Contracts

1. Freelance outsourcing sites

Freelance outsourcing sites such as Elance and Freelancer feature lots of translation projects. Scan through these projects for any Spanish-English translation assignments and bid on them.

Landing your first job on these sites may be very difficult, as most clients are reluctant to hire new freelancers. But after you are able to handle few projects successfully, subsequent assignments will come in more frequently.

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2. TranslatorsCafe

TranslatorsCafe is a website for translation jobs. It allows you to upload your CV, state your rates, upload a profile picture, and describe your specialization as well as the specific services you offer. Each time a Spanish to English translation assignment that matches your skills is posted, you will receive a notification email asking you to apply to work on the project.

3. Transperfect translations

This is another online translation agency that connects translators and interpreters with clients. They pay regularly and through Paypal or check. Most gigs come with strict deadlines that can really stress you out. But if you can work under pressure, it is the right agency for you.

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4. Gengo

This is another online translation agency that tests and reviews your proficiency in Spanish and English before allowing you to work with them as a translator. Deadlines are also short. But if you can work diligently, you will easily work your way up to becoming a Pro translator. Payment starts with $0.03 per word, which is the industry minimum. However, you can earn much more as a Pro Translator.

4. Hunt for clients privately

Though not easy, hunting for clients privately is a good option to consider, since there will be no mediators between you and your clients; which means you will keep all the money you make.

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You can get clients by promoting your translation services on online platforms where you are likely to find them. Send emails to businesses targeting global audiences telling them you’re available in case they need an English to Spanish translator. on social media as well as online forums and communities. You can also adopt paid advertising options such as Google Adwords.