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How to Make Money Working from Home for Apple

Whether you are looking to make a full-time income working from your home or are simply looking for a part-time work-from-home opportunity that will fetch you some side income, there are many opportunities you can exploit. Working from home for almighty Apple is one of such opportunities.

If you are passionate about the Apple brand and about technology in general, then you can make money working from home as an Apple expert. Apple calls this position a home-based agent (HBA). As an Apple HBA, you will be required to answer inbound customer calls and to troubleshoot customer issues. Resolution and customer service will be your watchwords, as emphasized by Apple itself.

Provided you have the required customer relations experience and flexibility, working from home as an HBA for Apple can be rewarding in many ways. Since Apple values its employees, you can be sure of an attract paycheck. In addition, you will get other rewards—such as connections, the personal sense of fulfillment that comes with solving people’s problems, and the prestige of working for a global brand.

Does the idea of working for Apple sound alluring to you? Would you like to give it a shot? Read on to understand the steps involved in landing a work-from-home HBA job with Apple.

How to Make Money Working from Home for Apple

1. Gather demonstrable experience-: To work as an HBA for Apple, you must first acquire some demonstrable experience if you don’t have it already. This is the first requirement stated by Apple for its HBA positions.

You will not be considered for the job at all if you don’t have any previous experience in a customer service position. To stand a chance of being hired by Apple as an HBA, you must have experience with phone based customer service in high tech—because virtually all of your correspondence with customers will be on phone.

A smart way to gather the required experience is to take up a customer service job with a reputable company. If you are unable to land such a job, take up a volunteer customer service position. Whether you get paid or not does not matter to Apple; what matters is your experience.

2. Improve your Windows skills-: Apple’s job descriptions for the company’s HBA positions emphasize the need for candidates to have deep knowledge of Windows. But the knowledge of Apple’s own Mac and Mac OS X are not absolute requirements—though a good knowledge of Mac, too, will give you an edge.

Apple’s reasons for requiring that their HBAs understand Windows more than its own operating system is best known to the company—but then, that’s what candidates must have. So, if you know almost everything about Mac but little about Windows, you might end up losing an HBA position to someone who knows about Windows more than you do.

3. Show a willingness to have a flexible schedule-: Yes, it’s a work-from-home position, but your hours will be closely monitored to see if you are really doing what is expected of you or not. When working as an HBA for Apple, your schedule will change regularly, and it will be dictated by business needs, not by your needs.

So, if what you are looking for is a work-at-home job that allows you to choose your own working hours and work only when you want to, then Apple’s HBA job is not for you. Before you go ahead to take the job be sure that you can change your schedule as the job requires. In fact, you can’t work on this job as a side venture having a full-time job elsewhere.

4. Find open vacancies and apply-: Visit the Apple jobs website and sign in using your Apple ID. This is the name and password you use with iTunes. (If you don’t have an ID, you can quickly create one). After signing in, perform a job search. You will find HBA jobs under “Apple Corporate.” Select your country and type “HBA” into the search box.

If your search returns no open HBA positions, you can elect to be notified when a position is available. Apple allows you to save custom searches and to be notified when a new opening that matches your criteria is available. Upload your resume and enter your personal information in the fields provided. Your resume will be entered as plain text, so don’t worry about its run-of-the-mill look. Set up your profile on the Apple jobs website, so you can quickly apply for the next opening.

While there are some other fine details you need to know about landing an HBA job with Apple, this post has only mentioned the basic information you need to decide whether to apply for the position or not. If you need more information, consult other resources available online.