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10 High Paying Work from Home Jobs for Students

Are you a high school or college student looking for a source of extra income? Then below are the best part-time work from home online jobs for college students. Many college students need to get a side job to avoid running out of cash.

But unfortunately, job opportunities are very scarce because they are quickly snapped up by the way too many unemployed people out there; and the few opportunities that emerge sometimes are not student-friendly. This makes it extremely hard for college students to pay off their loans and have some cash at hand.

  • Business ideas for College Students

Fortunately, however, the business world is changing quickly, and many businesses are looking to hire freelancers; rather than in-house staff, for various tasks. This trend has opened huge opportunities for students who need to make some income doing part-time jobs while in school. So if you are a college student looking to make money right from the comfort of your room, then below are 10 part time work-from-home online jobs that can fetch you huge profits.

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Top 10 Part-Time Work from Home Online Jobs for College Students


Despite the large number of professional freelance writers, there are still many opportunities for new ones due to the increasing demand by individuals and businesses for various forms of content such as blog posts, , articles, press releases, newsletters, proposals, eBooks, etc. , then you can take a plunge into the .

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If you cringe whenever you find the slightest typo or spelling errors in a piece of writing, then freelance editing might just be the best job for you. Professional writers, publishers, corporate professionals, and businesses hire editors to help them eliminate errors in their pieces of content and polish them to perfection.

So, you have a large market to cater to. In fact, your fellow students and your professors could be your first customers. You can help them edit their essays, dissertations, research works, assignments, and so on.


Rather than hire in-house staff to handle secretarial and clerical tasks, most professionals and businesses now resort to hiring virtual assistants. The roles of virtual assistants include reading and responding to business emails, preparing speeches, sending proposals, and handling related task for their employers.

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If you have very good reading, writing, and communication skills, and you are very fast at typing and at using the computer, this option might just be for you.

4. Website design

With the need for businesses to establish an online presence in order to attract more customers, the demand for website design services is increasing. If you have a solid background in HTML and CSS programming as well as in other relevant areas, .

Even if you don’t have these skills, you can spend some time learning them. You can start by approaching a website design professional, reading website design lessons online, and doing lots of practice; then you can become a good website designer in a few months.

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5. SEO)

Businesses and individual online marketers have one goal in common, to appear prominently in search engine results when users search for information related to their businesses. And out of desperation to achieve this goal, many individuals and businesses are hiring SEO experts. If you have a good knowledge of how search engines work, then you can make money by helping people optimize their websites and blogs for search engines.


Businesses have huge banks of data in their custody, ranging from employee personal and payroll information to customer information and transaction histories. But most of the time, they need to keep these vital pieces of information in concise, accurate and easily accessible formats.

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This could be by using spreadsheets, word processors, and other computer applications. If you are very good at using the relevant software and are very fast at typing, then you should consider this one option.

7. Tech support /

Regardless of the state of the economy, there will always be huge demand by businesses for tech and customer support agents. It’s now more effective for companies to hire virtual tech support agents who would work from remote locations than to hire in-house staff and bear the cost of monthly salaries and extra office space. All you need to get started are very effective communication skills.

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8. Graphics designer

From greeting cards, business cards, and flyers to website header banners, banner ads, and company logos, graphics designers are hired for various assignments. If you are very innovative and good at using various graphics design software packages, then there is , as you will be catering to clients on both online and offline platforms.

9. Translation

Do you understand two languages fluently? Then you can make money off of this by handling translation assignments for individuals and businesses. Many businesses hire professional translators to help them reach out to a foreign audience. Such businesses would be happy to hire and pay you well if you can offer high quality services.

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10. AutoCAD designs

The emergence of AutoCAD has simplified architecture. But still, it’s not something everyone can use. If you are very good with AutoCAD software packages, you can make huge profits designing architectural plans for clients. If you don’t know much about AutoCAD, you can spend some time to learn it. It takes just a few months to become very good at using it.