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How to Work from Home as an Online Reputation Manager

Do you have good listening, communication and social skills? Then below is an in-depth guide on how to work from home as an online reputation manager or public relations officer for celebrities, CEOs, Sports men and women, etc.

Listen, Online reputation managers are getting paid good MONEY by the day. A dear friend of mine, who manages an established reputation management service in the United Kingdom, gets paid heavy checks by his clients monthly! When I say big money, I mean 6 figure checks! So, why aren’t you getting your share?

I understand. You are clueless on how to get local clients. Well, it is not your fault. But it’s easy to get started. All you just have to do is read this article, and ACT. And if you think it’s impossible to make money working from home as an online reputation manager, then pay attention to the following proofs:

  • 50% of American company’s net worth is tied up with brand equity and brand reputation
  • More than $4Billion was forecasted for the 2014 online reputation market
  • More than 20% of American companies hire reputation management agencies to manage their online campaigns.
  • Over 55% of comments about a brand or company come from multiple internet sources that aren’t really directly related to its business.

Okay, the above statistics are for corporate organizations. Do you know that celebrities, athletes, sports people, corporate executives, business men and women, NGOs and religious organizations need reputation managers? However, most of them might not be willing to employ one full time and this is where you come in. You work from home, providing reputation management services for several individuals and companies and you get paid. It is as simple as ABC.

I went ahead to make some research and found that online reputation managers make close to $1,000 per client! A standard reputation management monthly pricing goes for $3,000. Some reputation management services charge clients more than $5,700 monthly. An example is:

So, you see? This is a lucrative industry which is really going to grow BIG. Without further ado, here’s how to become an online reputation manager; working right from home.

How to Work from Home as an Online Reputation Manager or PRO

1. What’s your goal?

A man without a goal is a man without direction. The reason why so many people are where they are today is because they have failed to put their goals on paper. Like my pastor always say: “the shortest pen is longer than the longest memory.”

If you are planning to launch an online reputation service from home, then map out your goals. Write down realistic goals, and work hard in meeting them. Hone your skills. Improve on yourself, so you will always stay ahead of your competitors.

2. Educate Yourself on Online Reputation

It takes 7 years to obtain an MSC in Medicine. The same applies to becoming a reputation manager. You will need to educate yourself. Your education should focus solely on social media marketing, data analyzing and user trends. You must also be grounded in web development and must have sound writing skills + communication skills.

3. Establish your credibility

Have you heard of the young Nigerian writer (Bamidele Onibalusi), who makes thousands of Dollars from Freelance writing? He didn’t become a good writer overnight. He once struggled. He was once broke and depressed but never gave up! He started a blog, and it became a “client generating machine’’ for him. Today, he has a team of 6 writers working with him and plans to expand soon…

If you really want to become an online reputation HERO, then you must start blogging. You must own a blog. Your blog reflects your personality and changes the way people perceive you. It’s very easy to start a blog, and cost less than $20 for a domain and hosting

Many businesses are hiring online reputation managers. And they will continue to hire more people because they don’t want negative reviews about their company.

Here are the basic responsibilities of an online reputation manager:

  • Creating online publicity
  • Maintaining social media pages
  • Identifying both paid and non-paid opportunities in the media world
  • Performing social media audits
  • Submitting to online forums and directories
  • Helping clients maintain content creating and websites
  • Ability to develop social media policies
  • Blogging and tweeting on behalf of the brand
  • Building social networks and forums
  • Analyzing and reporting results
  • Facilitating endorsements and online reviews

Before I conclude this post, I’d like to leave you with some tips that will help you build your online reputation

Tips That Will Build Your Online Reputation

  • Get a domain

This is the first step towards establishing credibility online. But not just any domain. Look into creating a domain with your targeted keywords.

  • Hosting the domain

After the creation of your domain name, you need to host it and create your website. If you are clueless as to where to begin to start hosting your blog, try

  • Managing your online reputation

Once your blog is up and running, you will need to set up a Google alerts account (this service will keep you updated on the happenings around your niche). Google alerts will notify you daily, weekly, and monthly about new contents that are crawled by Google. This service alerts you once anything is said about you online. This is a free service designed by Google to alert you on the happenings around your niche. It’s the best so far!

In conclusion, many people overlook online reputation management. They think it’s a waste of time. Maybe. But you know what? They are wrong. Companies are willing to pay you MEGA bucks for helping them keep off negative reviews online… “You won’t know it works unless you try it”!