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How to Work from Home Doing Data Entry Jobs

Are you good at data or email processing? Do you have excellent typing skills? If yes, then here’s an in-depth guide on how to work from home doing data entry jobs online. Most organizations are now looking to do away with age-old handwritten documents and maintain concise and accurate databases. This explains why data entry is becoming more popular.

Data entry is relevant in all sectors. It entails a wide range of tasks including transcription, survey entry, paperwork filing, maintaining reports and records, analyzing facts and figures, and much more. Data entry is a very good opportunity to make some side income provided you have the required background, a solid marketing and promotion plan, and the zeal to succeed.

The biggest advantages of the data entry business are the very low set up cost and the flexible work schedule. Another advantage is that you can outsource some of your work to other freelance data entry specialists when you cannot handle it alone. If you would like to take a plunge into the data entry business, then this article, though brief, will guide you on how to start working from home doing data entry jobs online.

How to Work from Home Doing Data Entry Jobs Online

Firstly, what are the skills required to become a data entry specialist?

To work as a data entry specialist, you will need the following skills:

  • Excellent reading and writing skills
  • Excellent typing skills (fast and accurate typing)
  • Ability to turn handwritten shorthand or longhand documents into error-free computer files
  • Experience with relevant software (such as word processors and spreadsheets)

In addition to the skills listed above, you need the following additional skills because employers would only hire you if you have them:

  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Effective communication skills

So, if you have problems with keeping things organized or meeting deadlines, you need to work on that before taking a plunge into the data entry business.

Secondly, what are the things you need to set up your business?

While a data entry business can be easily operated from the comfort of your room, you need some items to get started. These include a personal computer, a reliable internet connection, a printer, a scanner, an active phone line for effective communication with your employers, word processors and spreadsheets as well as other relevant data entry software, and other miscellaneous items.

Most importantly, you need to set a conducive home office that is free of distractions. You also need to consider ergonomics. Data entry work can predispose you to wrist cramps and eyestrain. So, invest in kits that will help you prevent these. Also, a standing desk will be ideal, because it protects you from the health risks of sitting for long hours (such as becoming overweight).

Now, let’s discuss marketing and promotion.

As is the case with any other business, your data entry business would soon fizzle out if you are not getting enough client offers. So, you need to device strategies for reaching out to potential employers so that they can become aware of your services and hire you.

  • A good marketing idea to start with is contacting local businesses around you. Let them know the importance of keeping accurate records of customer information and transactions histories. And more importantly, let them know that you are available to render data entry services.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing is another very effective, but commonly overlooked business promotion strategy. Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and others about your data entry business. They will help spread word about your business to places you never imagined.
  • Social media is another great platform for marketing your business. Create a Facebook page or Twitter profile for your business. Enlighten people on why they need various data entry services and let them know that you offer them. LinkedIn is another great social media platform where you are very likely to meet new customers.
  • In order to strengthen your online visibility, you need to set up a website or blog for your business. This will serve as your online portfolio and your tool for attracting customers through the internet. Display your best works and testimonials by satisfied clients, as these will help convince prospective customers that you’re really worth hiring.
  • For paid advertising, you can do this both online and offline. Offline platforms include local newspapers, business cards, and flyers. Online options include contextual advertising, buying ad space on popular blogs and websites, and so on.
  • Another strategy for proactively getting clients, especially when you are just starting out, is to register with freelance outsourcing sites like Elance and Odesk. These sites connect freelancers; including data entry specialists, with clients who have assignments and are willing to outsource them.