Are you a hardworking tech enthusiast? Do you have administrative/programming skills? If YES, here are 50 high paying career ideas in the internet/technology industry. Modernization has taken over the world and with the advent of technology; the internet has become more of a need instead of a luxury. Many of us have taken the internet industry for granted and have failed to see the various opportunities being led in this industry.

In this age when every individual is trying to be computer literate, and the internet is vastly filled with information and bloggers; the internet industry is blooming with business. The internet industry is not only for professionals educated in the computer software and science field, but for every computer literate with a focused mind to earn a living because just like any other money making franchise, the internet industry need accountants to be able to manage their finances and also carpenters for construction and repair works.

We all need to understand that the world is diversified and in order to land a career job, a focused individual should be able to look through the heap of stones, cross every T’s and search beyond the common work industry known to a layman. Listed below are 50 high paying work from home job ideas you can do on the internet.

50 High Paying Career ideas in the Internet/Tech Industry

  1. Become a Web Developer

Website is simply a collection of web pages or rather a web document that can only be accessed through the internet. A web page is that onscreen document seen when a web address is typed, clicked or queried in a search engine. So with this simple explanation of what is a website is, it would be easy to understand that a web developer is that professional who specializes in building and developing a website.

A web developer creates website features that would help run a business with its best services and reach the target audience. The requirements to be able to land this lucrative career job in the online/website industry includes a degree in computer science or related field and relevant work experience.

  1. Become a Web Designer

Once a website has been created by a web developer, it is the work of a web designer to create the look, layout, visual concept of the website. Web designers also help with the addition of documents, keeping the website up-to-date, prioritizing needs and also the maintenance of the website. Web designers also create back up files for the website and also solving co0de problems among other tasks. The qualification needed to land this career job is exactly the same with that of a web developer. Web designers in the website industry earn at least $63,160 annually.

  1. Become an Online Customer Service Representative

These individuals serve as vital connection between the consumers and the patrons of the establishment, answering customer’s questions and immediately solving the issues with a product or service. All business franchises in the online industry need a customer Service representative to listen to the customers and solve their various issues. Being a customer service representative requires no much qualification, just a very good English disposition, great people skills and good computer handling skills.

  1. Become a Copywriter

The web as we know is very different from the print and Read medium – since browsing the internet is an exercise that instigates people to jumping from one site to another, copywriters are needed to write compelling copy for the internet, to attract and retain the interest of the browser.

A Copywriter is an individual in the internet industry who creates advertising texts and promotion content for internet companies and marketing cooperation. Copywriters also direct mail pieces, marketing media campaigns, billboards, speeches, press releases, catalogues, sales letters and bulletins for companies. A prospective copywriter should have a degree in English, Journalism, Marketing or related fields.

  1. Become a Programmer

With the advent of technology, a programmer’s job has gone beyond the understanding of HTML but the writing of Java applets, CGI programs, or Database related programs. A programmer confirms project requirements by reviewing program objective, input data, and output requirements with analyst, supervisor, and client.

They arrange project requirements in programming sequence by analyzing requirements; preparing a work flow chart and diagram using knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, programming language, and logic. A programmer program computers using coded information, confirms program operation by conducting tests; modify program sequence and/or codes.

  1. Become a Project coordinator

A project coordinator is a very lucrative career job in the internet industry. They accomplish work requirements by orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, and coaching employees. Project coordinator meets work standard by following production, productivity, quality, and customer service standards; resolving operational problems; identifying work process improvements. He/she meets cost standards by monitoring expenses; implementing cost-saving actions.

They also enhance department and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

  1. Become an Internet Journalist

Internet journalists are those small breed but high earners that develop contents exclusively for content based website. The core purpose of a journalist is to research, document, write, and present the news in an honest, ethical, and unbiased way. Internet journalists interview people in a wide range of circumstances, writing copy for publication on a tight deadline, building contacts and sources for use in future stories, fact-checking the information given to you by a source and creating blog publications.

  1. Become a Computer Support Specialist

A computer support specialist is a professional in the internet industry that provides help and advice to people and organization using computer software or equipment. Computer support specialist test and evaluate existing network systems, perform regular maintenance to ensure that networks operate correctly, troubleshooting local area network (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and internet systems.

  1. Become an Accounts Executive

An account executive works as a liaison between a company and an advertising agency. He strives to understand the goals of the clients and then organise the creativity of the establishment and administrative staff to help them produce effective campaigns. Most times this internet industry career workers attempt to sell an organization’s services to targeted clients by performing preparatory work in the hopes of attracting the client company.

An account executive duties includes meeting clients to discuss their advertising needs, working with account planners to devise a campaign that meets the client’s brief and budget, presenting campaign ideas and costing clients, briefing the creative team who will produce the adverts, negotiating with clients, solving any problems and making sure deadlines are met.

  1. Become an Accountant

Companies in the internet industry just like any other known industry need an accountant to provide consulting, auditing and analyzing services. They are needed to review and maintain financial record for the businesses, the preparation and submission of tax documents for individuals and companies, to assess financial operations and recommend for fiscal efficiency to responsible parties, as well as the day-to-day management of funds.

An accountant in the internet industry should at least have a degree in accounting or related fields and experience may be required.

  1. Become an Administrative Assistant

These are individuals in the internet industry that fulfil administrative duties for the leaders. They may process financial reports, take phone calls, set up meetings, make travelling arrangements, or supervise other administrative employees. In this carer idea, many hours of work might be spent sitting behind a desk in the establishment and the work might be full time.

Administrative assistants are known to provide office support to mangers, company executives, and other professionals. Administrative assistants in the internet industry at least $34,000 annually and are at the forefront of most offices in an establishment.

  1. Become an Advertising Manager

In the internet industry, advertising managers’ oversee the advertising activity of a company. The duties of an advertising manager might differ depending on the business interest of the internet company. But advertising managers are known to reform and direct the business strategy for advertising, implementing advertising campaigns and supervise various advertising-related departments.

During a specific advertising campaign, a manager must estimate the campaigns bidet and approve the advertising material, as well as evaluate the campaign’s overall performance following its conclusion.

  1. Become an Art Director

Art director in the internet industry oversees the creation of visual material for advertising, print publication, productions, product packaging, film productions and other outlets. Art directors also look over specific elements, such as design concepts, original or stock artwork, layouts and the stylistic components of written materials. They may also create budgets and deadlines; collaborate with other departments like copywriting or production and communication with clients throughout the project lifespan.

  1. Become a Proof-reader

Publications, newspapers and online companies need proofreaders to correct errors found in written documents. They read documents for format, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Proofreaders often compare the content against research or reference to confirm accuracy. They may also be responsible for examining page elements, specifications, spacing or dimensions of an editorial project.

  1. Become a Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialist in the internet industry acts as firm representative to the news media, and organizes official public appearances and events. Public relations specialists are known to act as liaisons between their employer or client and the public. They establish and maintain good-natured, cooperative relationship with the news media, consumers, the government, local communities and other public-interest groups.

They also write press releases, maintain press information release database, and organize promotional or community-centred programs and events. A public relations specialist should have a degree in mass communication, marketing or related fields and they are known to earn at least $63,000 annually.

  1. Become an Architectural Drafter

Even architectures can pitch tents in the internet industry as architectural drafter. Architectural drafters are known to create blueprints used to construct buildings. This career demands knowledge of architectural principles and drafting software, as well as formal training in a postsecondary institution. This professionals use design skills and computer aided design and drafting (CADD) systems to create blueprints for buildings and other structures.

  1. Become an Estimate Manager

With a degree in quantity surveying or related field, one can land a super lucrative job in the internet industry. An estimate manger develop cost estimates and coordinate proposals for assigned estimating projects, they provide area specific forecasts and report project statuses.

Estimate managers also manage multiple bids and perform as liaison between the estimating team and the executive board, they also revise estimates and implement required changes, maintain client relations by being lead contact of proposal for client, monitor and ensure bid format to meet the clients’ standard, identify and learn customer requirements for bid purpose.

  1. Become a Chief Pilot

Airline and commercial pilots are trained to operate aerial vehicles in order to perform duties like transporting supplies and passengers. Not all pilots as we meant to believe work in an airline, some work for companies in the internet industry. Chief pilots in the internet industry assign and supervise the duties of flights and ground personnel.

They manage the overall operation of the aviation department, coordinates aircraft maintenance and he/she must stay current with federal and local flight regulations. A chief pilot must also possess current airline transport certificate with necessary type ratings.

  1. Become an Internal Auditor

The internet industry just like any business minded industry need internal auditors to check for waste, mismanagement and fraud with the organization. These professionals make sure reported numbers are accurate by going through the firm’s financial transactions, internal controls, management procedures and records. Internal auditors must be familiar with accounting procedures, record keeping, management and technology.

Because so much information within businesses is put on computer databases and networks, internal auditors need to be current on the latest technology and trends.

  1. Become an Internet Engineer

An internet engineer works with a company’s current information system, assessing its growing and needs and design and implements new software and applications that will help the company move forward in the its market. As hacking become more prevalent in our society, internet engineers are increasingly called on to create security solutions.

  1. Calibration Technician

A calibration technician tests, adjust, and maintain chemical, dimensional, electrical, mechanical, and optical equipment. They troubleshoot equipment failures and repair components. Calibration technicians also compile calibration reports and issue calibration certificates. They must be familiar with industry calibration standards and able to teach others to use equipment properly.

Calibration technicians in the internet industry should have basic computer and electronics skills and be knowledgeable in algebra, trigonometry, and measurement sciences. The lowest paid calibration technicians in modern America earn $31,222 annually.

  1. Become a Carpenter

Many would be surprise to know that carpentry is a career job in the internet industry. Carpenters are known to construct and repair building frameworks and structures made from wood and other materials. Carpenter follow blueprints and building plans to meet the need of clients, install structures and fixtures, such as windows and moulding.

  1. Become a Curriculum Specialist

Curriculum specialists in the internet industry design training programs, including classroom lectures, online courses, and self-study sessions, directed at employees, organization members, or those who use the organizations services or products. They also develop and update course content and coordinate learning curriculum. Curriculum specialists also conduct assessment and analysis to identify new development needs and recommends training methods. The median annual curriculum specialist salary is $69,996.

  1. Become a Proposal Writer

A proposal writer creates written documents used to convince a reader to do something specific. In business proposals, the goal is to convince the recipient to enter into business arrangement or buy services or products. A proposal must be able to write in a detailed, factual and convincing manner.

A writer creates a proposal according to guidelines and bases it on factual information that provides the reader with necessary details to make decision about future financial contributions or business commitment. A proposal writer usually works in an office environment, using computers to conduct research and write.

  1. Become a Right Of Way Agent

Right-of-way agents are primarily responsible for securing property rights for land being sought for acquirement or development. They are hired by third parties, such as private companies, government agencies, and construction crews working on land projects.

The tasks of right of way agents is to interact with community leaders, landowners, and government officials, they also evaluate property market value and determine appropriate compensation, acquire licensing and permits on local, state and federal levels. These professionals also research, write and evaluate legal property descriptions. Right of way agents earn within $64,000 to $81,436.

  1. Become an Information Attorney

An attorney is a professional who handles a variety of legal matters related to IT. The attorney gets involved in drafting, negotiating, and interpreting agreements in the areas of software licensing and maintenance, IT consulting, e-commerce, web site hosting and development, and telecommunications agreements, as well as handling dispute resolution and assisting with the client’s internet domain name portfolio.

An information technology attorney works with engineering, IT, and other business units and ensures that customer information gathered by company’s collected, stored, and used in compliance with privacy policies and applicable laws. IT attorneys earn within $75,212 to $99,459 annually.

  1. Become an Expeditor

This professional handle supplies, equipment and merchandise that need transporting and delivery in an organization. They are known to facilitate and expedites the flow of materials to and from various departments. They deal with vendors to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of goods to appropriate locations, inspect goods upon delivery to verify delivered goods match order specifications.

An expeditor performs variety of tasks in a company and they work under general supervision. No much educational background is needed in this career job but a certain degree of creativity and latitude is required.

  1. Become a Facility Engineer

Facilities engineers are professionals that design, review and implement new processes or improvements in manufacturing, facilities management or related field. They may also be responsible for plant operations. In this role, they may analyze material and labour costs, review construction bids and make contractual recommendations.

Other duties of facilities engineers include reviewing procedures to ensure compliance with government health and safety standards. A facilities engineering should posses problem solving, verbal and written communication, familiarity with Auto CAD, MAYA, NASTRAN etc and also knowledge of the building process and structural codes and the ability to read blueprints.

  1. Become an Environmental Engineer

With the advent of technology and the increment of emissions and pollution; environmental engineers have become relevant in all works of life. Environmental engineers devise solutions to issues involving pollution and public health, such as contaminated drinking water and acid rain. The duties of an environmental engineer revolves around the disposal and management of waste products, the reclamation of land degraded, damaged and alternated by urban sprawl, industrial activities and construction projects.

  1. Become an Environmental Manager

The job of an environmental manager is to ensure that their employers comply with both internal and external environmental requirements. In other words, their cooperation sets its own standards for keeping its operations environmentally sound and the state and federal government has numerous compliance laws as well. Environmental managers familiarize themselves with all these requirements to see that superiors, peers and subordinates carry them out properly. In other to achieve their goals, environmental managers handle a number of tasks.

  1. Become a Chief Executive Officer

A chief executive officer is the head of cooperation of a company and its responsible for providing direction for the company and making certain that goals are met. The chief executive officer works alongside other top executives to establish the corporation’s policies and vision.

  1. Become a Chief Financial Officer

A chief financial officer manages the overall financial risks of a company. He/she supervises the compilation and preparation of financial statements and reports, develop and pursue positive business ventures, watch over mergers and acquisitions, develop strategies for internal growth and effectively manage the revenue of the cooperation. The chief financial officer works closely with the chief executive officer to create plans and opportunities for the maximum benefits of the company.

  1. Become a Chief Operating Officer

The chief operating officer is one of the highest ranking executives within a company, and reports directly to the chief executive officer. These individuals have strong background in management principle and theory. Their expertise is applied to help the company produce better product and services while reducing costs and increasing profits.

The chief operating officer is responsible for ensuring that the systems in place to manufacture and produce are performing optimally. They also play a key role in planning strategies to achieve and met both the short and long term goals of the company.

  1. Become a Security Project Manager

Security project managers work with a project team, overseeing development of security systems for the protection of facilities, personnel, data and assets. Using a combination of management skills and specific security system knowledge, they coordinate the security project through its progressive stages, with the goal of project completion within a specific time and budget constraints. Understanding the needs and goals of a company and developing an appropriate project plan is the responsibility of a security project manager.

  1. Become a Cafeteria Manger

A cafeteria manager oversees employees and food production in the internet industry. Since food is a life sublime, a cafeteria manager hire and mentor food producing employees and schedule work hours. They take inventory, order food and supplies and check the quality and quantity of orders received.

They ensure that cafeteria operations follow all sanitation and health regulations and that the meals met nutritional standard. The manager often handles customer complaints and resolve issues related to food quality. They monitor the food’s taste and appearance and may consult with the chef to plan healthy and cost-effective menus. A cafeteria manager earns at least $48,000 annually

  1. Become a Production Artist

Production artists’ also known as graphic production artists use specialized computer software to upload and ensure the accuracy of design files in the latter stages of development. Artists may suggest improvements and modify formats to increase the quality of production and ensure that standards are met. Other duties might include scaling, cropping, retouching, repositioning and preflighting, or eliminating defective and excessive imaging. They may also be responsible for archiving and updating graphic files.


A safety director is responsible for ensuring the safety of the workplace. The director accomplishes that by coordinating, administering and implementing comprehensive training programs in occupational, industry and environmental safety. A safety director will respond to reported accidents to evaluate current best practices and recommend changes when necessary.

  1. Become an Online PHARMACIST

An online pharmacist is the professional who under the direction of a physician, compounds and dispenses prescribed drugs for online subscription orders. They are also responsible for transferring subscription, handling incoming physician calls, logging data into the computer, and drug utilization review.


Travel coordinators make domestic and international transportation and lodging arrangements for an organization’s employees. The duties of a travel coordinator include reserving hotel rooms and rental cars and booking airline flights. They could also handle expense report, reconcile corporate credit card statement, and schedule meetings. These coordinators may spend hours seated at a desk, talking on a phone, or looking at a computer screen.


A campus recruiter focuses on finding and placing highly skilled employees, and campus recruiters travel to university and colleges to locate some of these potential employees. They also research campus programs to determine which ones match the employment needs to business. Recruiters also make contacts with colleges and develop professional relationship with college staff and faculty. The salary range for campus recruiters is within $33,676 to $75,061.

  1. Become an ACTUARY

Actuaries evaluate complex risks and assess the probability and potential financial consequences of those risks. The work carries a high level of responsibility, and the decisions of actuaries affect thousands of people. Actuaries use their knowledge of business and economics, together with their understanding of probability theory, statistics and investment theory, to provide strategic, commercial and financial advice.


A chief technology officer is the individual within an organization who oversees current technology and creates relevant policy. A chief technology officer should have the business knowledge necessary to align technology-related decisions with the organization goals.

The chief technology officer identify opportunities and risks for business, the manage research and development, they also monitor technology and social trends that could impact the company, participate in management decisions about corporate governance, communicate the company’s technology strategy to partners , management, investors and employees, maintain current information about technological standards and compliance regulations.


A data control clerk collect, review and introduce data into the computers of the company. He/she maintain accurate database records, compile statistical reports, assist with the verification and editing of input and output data. They also convert and process and enter informational data into standard code sheets, maintain; manage and control data received logs.


Distribution managers are responsible for the planning, coordinating and organizing the storage and distribution of products and materials. They oversee and assign duties to any-on-site staff members and they monitor the movement of domestic and foreign shipment. Distribution managers need to have excellent organizational and leadership skills. They must be able to communicate well with others. Managers need to have strong problem-solving abilities. They should also have solid computer skills and understand how to operate administrative computers.


A client technologies manger improves desktop hardware and software processes and support critical business strategies by managing the development, installation, vendor selection, maintenance and repair of desktop equipment. They lead multiple projects and oversee technical staffs of a company to ensure that client’s specifications are met.


Mathematicians solve scientific and engineering problems. They apply mathematical theories to new areas of scientific investigation. They also develop tests formulas to distribute to engineers for use. Company mathematician provide engineering and product teams with mathematical support.


They provide medical and scientific illustrations for demonstration purposes. Artists use an ever-expending array of methods and materials to put their thoughts and emotions into tangible form. A scientific relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals


A project development manager manages and coordinates product development projects. They evaluate and resolve technical feasibility, design optimization, and production issues. Project development managers ensures that labelling and marketing/promotional literature match product specifications. They also work with other departments to establish a design, technology, product developments, and vendor strategy. Project development manager also manage project budgets and prepare financial analysis reports for top management.


A food services manager oversees the daily operations of the organization’s food service function. Their duties include the monitoring of inventory levels and purchasing of food, kitchen equipments and other supplies as needed. They also establish quality standards for foods and maintain cleanliness of the facilities in accordance with state or local regulation.


A communication editor is that individual that writes, prepares, and/or reviews article to be used in company publications. He also coordinates the preparation of company publication and articles by confirming artwork, verifying facts, and giving final approval. We all must have understood that education and computer are the major foundation stones to a better and steady future.

In conclusion, the internet industry is diversified and individuals studied in different academic fields can blow their whistle and land a lucrative career job in this industry, for the comfort of life lies in having a steady income from a steady rising industry.