Do you want to quit your job gracefully in style? If Yes, here are 24 ideas and tips on how to quit your job like a boss, travel the world and still make money. It is the dream of most employees to grow and one day become their own boss, but the challenge is that a good number of these employees are not willing to take the initiative. Although some employees sincerely want to quit their jobs and walk away like a boss, but they don’t know how to go about it.

Let us establish that quitting your job and becoming your own boss does not automatically translate into you earning more money. The truth is that if surveys are conducted amongst corporate executives or employees generally, you will realize that most of them are just going to work because of the paycheck and nothing more; they have lost the steam they had when they first got the job.

One thing is certain, if you are frustrated with your current job, it will be almost impossible for you to be productive at work. As a matter of fact, your productivity will on a diminishing course. That is why people that are frustrated with their jobs are advised to either try as much as possible to resolve the issue with the management of their organization or to out rightly quit the job.

Having said that, let us quickly go through 24 surefire tips on how you can quit your job like a boss;

Quit your Job Like a Boss, Travel and Make Money – 24 ideas & Tips to Help You

  1. Ensure That You Are Indispensable

Come to think of it, if no one can perfectly fit into your role in your organization, it will be difficult for the organization to lay you off or even accept your resignation letter. This goes to show that when it comes to negotiating for pay increase, you will always be at an advantage. If you find yourself in such position, it means you can successfully quit your job like a boss. In essence, if you want to quit your job like a boss, then you must work towards becoming indispensable in your organization.

  1. Start a Business Even When You Are Employed

You would have noticed that people who are working for an organization and still running their business by the side are usually not patient enough to take ‘shit’ from their boss. At every slightest provocation, they are always ready to hand in their resignation letter especially if their business is a profitable and thriving one that can at least pay the bills and take care of their lifestyle. So, if you want to quit your job and act like a boss, then you must ensure that you are running a thriving business by the side.

  1. Invest in Stocks and Shares

Another thing you need to do if indeed you want to quit your job like a boss when you can no longer accommodate the stress of the job is to invest in stocks and shares. One of the chief reasons why people drag their feet when it comes to resigning from a job they no longer derive satisfaction from is because they don’t have what to fall back on afterwards. If you invest in thriving and profitable stocks and shares that always pay returns, then you can truly quit a job you don’t like and act like a boss.

  1. Acquire The Most Sought After Professional Certifications in Your Profession

If you want to quit your job like a boss then you must have what others don’t have in your organization and one of the things you should strive to achieve is to acquire the most sought after professional certifications in your profession.

The truth is that if you have successfully acquired the best professional certifications in your profession, switching jobs won’t be a challenge to you hence your organization will not be willing to let you go. But if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions of your job in the organization, or if your request for a pay rise is turned down, then you can quit the job like a boss.

  1. Secure a Good Paying Job

Another tip that will enable you quit your job like a boss is to ensure that you have been able to secure a good paying job. The truth is that if you have a letter of appointment from a good paying organization, you won’t struggle to turn-in your resignation letter and act like a boss when you are leaving the organization.

  1. Join a Successful Investment Club

Amongst the benefits you stand to gain when you join a successful investment club is that you will be exposed to loads of investment vehicles, and of course, your money will be working for you. Come to think of it, if your money is working for you, you will be in a better position to quit your job like a boss if you are no longer satisfied with the job or if you feel you are under pressure from your boss or from the organization.

  1. Keep A Clean Record At Work

Keeping a clean record at work is one of the things you need to do if you are planning to quit your job like a boss and walk out with your head high. For example, if you are in the bad book of your organization and you choose to quit the job, the organization will be happy to miss you because to them it will be ‘good radiance to bad rubbish’. But on the order hand, if you are in the good books of your organization and you are loved and respected by your colleagues at work, then you can truly quit your job like boss.

  1. Stay Off Debts and Credits in Your Office

Employees who are indebted to their organizations or those who are always collecting overdraft would always find it difficult to quit their job. If you are owing your organization, it may not be convenient for you to quit your job. So, if you want to quit your job like a boss, then you must ensure that you stay off debts and credits from your organization.

  1. Acquire Unique Skills

Another tip that you would need if you want to quit your job like a boss is to ensure that you acquire unique skills or bring in unique skills to the organization. For example, if you are the only employee in your organization that operate a particular equipment, then the organization would want to do all they can to keep you and if you are tired of the job, then you can quit the job like a boss.

  1. Become a Solution Provider

Those who are known as solution providers are always wanted in organizations, no employer of labor would want to let go of an employee who would always provide solutions to challenges that the organization is going through. So, if you have plans to one day quit your job like a boss, then you should ensure that you are a solution provider in your organization.

  1. Become an Effective Team Player

It is one thing to be a team player, it is entirely a different kettle of fish for you to become an effective team player. An effective team player is someone who is not the weak link in a team; a team player that is always ready to play his or her part to enable the team achieve their goals. The truth is that no team would want to let their most effective team player go just like that. So, if you want to quit your job like a boss, then you should work towards becoming an effective team player.

  1. Always Go Beyond The Call of Duty

Going beyond the call of duty; going the extra mile to execute a project at work is an attribute that you need if you want to quit the job like a boss. Employers are always looking for employees who can go the extra mile in the call of duty. So, if you want to quit your job like a boss when you are no longer interested in the job, then you should ensure that you are the type that always go beyond the call of duty without being compel to do so.

  1. Put in More Than You Get

The norm in the corporate world is that you should be able to put in labor equivalent to the amount you earn. If you do that, no employer will take note of you because you are not doing anything extra. But if you are an employee that is known to always put in more than they get paid for, then when it is time for you to quit the job, you can indeed do it like a boss and expect the organization to plead with you to re-consider your stance.

  1. Become an Active Member of Your Professional Organization

If you are an active member of your professional organization, you will always get recommendation and referrals from top shots in the organization especially when you choose to change from one job to another. With that, it will be easier for you to quit your job like a boss if you are tired of your current job.

  1. Leave When the Ovation is Loudest

If you are a star actor, you will agree that the most suitable time for you to exit the stage is usually when the ovation is loudest. If you are an employee and you want to quit your job like a boss, it will be to your advantage to do it when you have been able to meet and surpass the target set for you or breaking the existing record in your department or the organization. With that, the organization will want to do all they can to convince you to stay with them.

  1. Make It Easier for Your Successor

Another tip that will make it easier for you to quit your job like a boss is to ensure that you have put in plans and processes in place that will make it easier for whoever is going to succeed you to flow along with little or to hitches. For example, as soon as you have officially informed your boss of your resignation, then you should start compiling a list of all the resources your successor will require.

The resources should include a list of contacts, daily tasks, startup manuals amongst others. The truth is that if you make the transition as seamless and unproblematic as possible with a thorough handover, your employer will be extremely grateful and remember you in a positive light.

  1. Put in Your Best till Your Last Day at Work

Usually, when you turn in your resignation in a standard corporate organization, you are expected to still work a month or or depending on your organization before finally exiting. At this point, it is easier for you to water -down your input in the organization. Of course, few people will raise eyebrow, but if you truly want to quit your job like a boss, then you should ensure that you put in your best till your last day at work. Do your job thoroughly so much so that no one can fault it.

  1. Build Good Rapport with Your Boss and Subordinates

One of the tips that you need to know if you want to quit your job like a boss is to ensure that you build good rapport with your boss and your subordinates. This is necessary because you may still need them later.

  1. Be Professional

If you have been doing pretty well on your job from day one, it will be counter productive to throw professionalism to the wind when it is time for you to quit the job. If you do that, the organization will not welcome you when next you come knocking at their door. So, if you want to quit your job like a boss, then you should ensure that you do it professionally by following all the laid down rules and regulations required by your organization.

20. Be Goal Oriented

A number of people want to quit their jobs and travel the world, but it is very relevant to think about why you want to quit and what you want to get out of travelling across the world. Survey has shown that most people who quit their jobs just to travel across the world do so because of the nature of their jobs. When the job gets boring and frustrating, such is expected. They often want to travel as far as possible from their location to start a new life.

Knowing how to achieve this should be the next thing cropping up on your mind. Setting a goal is extremely important; if you don’t set goals, how will you be a goal getter? If you are not a goal getter, how will you be successful? Establishing how much you want to save from your salary every month is a goal.

21. Ensure Financial Stability

You must have saved a very good amount of cash before quitting your job to travel the world. Your savings must be able to pay your bills for a while before the stream of income you are about to create or establish starts to pay your bills. After ending the relationship between you and your employer, you should look into selling all those things that are breaking you financially. There are no more paychecks, so your lifestyle has to change.

22. Have a Reliable Second Source of Income

A very important aspect you need to consider is another source of income to pay your bills while you are travelling round the world. You might want to do freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing or maybe vlogging as this will fetch you plenty of cash while you asleep.

Not having another source of income will lead to disaster. You won’t be able to meet your former colleagues or family and friends because most of them advised you not to quit.

When you sell your services to employers without a long term contract, you are termed to be a freelancer. This is a very viable and profitable profession. You earn after every job compared to your old job in which you have to wait till the month ends before you get paid. There are so many freelance web developers, writers, video editors, graphics designers, programmers, just name it, and you can work from anywhere.

Millions of dollars are made from blogs every year by bloggers. A lot of have turned blogging to their major source of income because it is very profitable and viable. As an affiliate marketer, you get to sell a product owned by a company and you get a percentage of what you sell. This can be done in the comfort of your bedroom.

Vlogging requires you to make quality and very creative videos for people to watch. YouTube which is the most popular video site pay people when they monetize their videos. Wouldn’t it be cool making thousands of dollars from your comfort zone every month?

The more reason why it is imperative to quit your job before touring Europe or any other part of the world is simply because you won’t be able to do that while you are still on your 9-5 job. Your employer would need you in the office working endlessly.

23. Get your Travel Insurance

There are different kinds of accidents that can occur while travelling. They are not the kind that you prepare for. They are mostly unexpected. There was a story of a lady who got hit by a car while she was on tour. She was admitted to the hospital and they began treatment on her.

The total cost for her treatment was $5000. Luckily for her, she was on insurance.  Many people do not know the importance of insurance so they don’t consider this before travelling. They end up with regrets when something goes wrong.

24. Be Peaceful and Positive

Lastly, if you want to quit your job like a boss, then you need to be at peace with yourself and also stay positive that no matter the outcome of your action, it would favor you. The truth is that if you are not at peace with yourself and you are not positive about life, there is certainly no way that you can quit your job like a boss.

You can quit the cubicle life to travel the world, it is not difficult at the same time it is not going to be easy. You just have to believe you can survive without being stuck to your chair and being uncomfortable in your official wear. If you know you believe you can do it, you can.