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How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

How do you deal with a difficult boss? Now regardless of your position in life, whether as an entrepreneur, employee or whatsoever; you will always be under somebody. It is either you are answerable to your franchisor, employer, investor, partner, government, etc.

One of the greatest challenges for an employee is working with a difficult boss. So this makes it necessary for you as an employee have a strategy or a way of approaching your boss if you discover your boss is the difficult type. Now from personal experience, both as an entrepreneur and ex-employee, i can tell you authoritatively that working under a difficult boss brings about anxiety, stress, frustration, pain, anger, etc. So to know the best way to deal with your boss, i suggest you read on.

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How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

1.   First make sure you are not the source of the problem

From my personal experience and interaction with people, i have been opportuned to come across certain individuals that think the world is up against them. They believe everyone else is wrong or people just don’t seem to like them while in reality, they are the trouble themselves. So the first step to dealing with difficult people is to make sure that the problem is not from you. You must make sure your attitude doesn’t irritate others.

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2.   You must understand that you can’t change your boss

If you discover that your boss is characteristically difficult not only to you but also to others, know then that not even your concern or any other persons concern can change him or her. Only try to cope with your bosses character but don’t try changing him or her because you can’t. It is easier to change yourself than to change someone else.

3.   Be proactive

Learn to make things happen within your office environment, don’t just sit back and watch things happen, else your boss will tag you a lazy employee. Being proactive will prove to your boss that you are not the lazy type rather you make things happen.

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4.   Don’t take it personal

Try to understand that whatsoever made your boss a difficult person has nothing to do with whom you are. Learn to guide your emotion whenever you are around your boss. Learn not to take rebuke or corrections personal. This will help you not to take him personally.

5.   Be serious with your work

It will be disastrous if you are not serious with your work when your boss is being difficult. Ensure you keep up with your task even if your boss is over loading you. This will give him no room for complaint even if he is looking for a reason to query or fire you.

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6.   Learn to pick your words when talking

If your boss is freaking you out, you might be tempted to do the same. Resist the temptation even though it might prove difficult. Never use a rude word while talking to your boss because it will make him more difficult.

7.   Document your work

Be a good record keeper; document your work done, keep records of dates and time of business negotiations. Document your task before and after completion. This will close every hole that your difficult boss may want to use against you.

In conclusion, i am not disputing the fact that working under a difficult boss is frustrating but all the same, i believe that there are still ways to handle them without causing more harm or damages. Simply apply the strategies listed above and you will no longer find it difficult to get along with your boss.