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How to Improve Ethics in the Workplace

What is workplace ethics? How do you improve ethics in the workplace? Do you know that improving workplace ethics can also increase productivity and performance? Well, i suggest you read on as i share with you the importance of having good workplace ethics.

The work place is a place of business. In other to ensure effectiveness and productivity, some certain ethics (morals or conducts) has to be employed. Workplace ethics help people guide their behavior while at the office. So if you are trying to improve your office performance, whether as an entrepreneur or employee; then below are some office ethics you should adopt.

10 Effective Ways to Improve Ethics in the Workplace or Office

1.    Be punctual

Punctuality is one of the important thing an employer expects from an employee. When you come to work late, you disturb you co-workers who are already working and this will send a impress about you to your employer. It might even terminate your appointment. Even if you are the boss, coming late to the office is not advisable because you are suppose to lead by example.

2.   Dress Smart

Dress as you want to be addressed is a very true statement that you must not take for granted. Let your attire speak for you. Always remember that at the beginning of the week, you are expected to be on cooperate while on Fridays it is expected of you to be dressed on jeans or any other mode of dressing apart from being on cooperate.

3.   Don’t critize your boss

One thing you have to understand as an employees is that the boss is always right, even if he or she is unbearably difficult. As long as you are working for him or her, they are always right. To be a good employee, remain good in the employees record. Keep your mouth shut, your eyes and ears open; and your fly zipped. It is for your own good.

4.   Don’t bring your family to the workplace

It is unacceptable to talk about your family to your colleagues. Everybody has a family and it will be ridiculous for you to discuss about your family woes in the office. Do not bring your family visiting your workplace unless they are invited.

5.   Respect other people’s privacy

You are expected to respect the privacy of your co-workers. More so, listening to their conversations and searching through their files without informing them can get them quit furious. So no matter how curious you want be, bear it in mind that curiosity kills a cat.

6.   Don’t be nosy

Just as you are not expected to discuss your private life in the workplace, you have to also stay away from poking your nose into other people’s matter. Don’t ask questions on personal issues that you know the other person will not be willing to share.

10 Effective Ways to Improve Ethics in the Workplace or Office

7.   Call etiquette

The most common ethical mistake people make in their workplace is the poor manner with which they answer phone calls. When on a call, talk in a reduced tone so you do not disturb your colleagues. Most importantly, keep you phone on silent in order not to distract or disturb your colleagues when your phone rings

8.   Taking Credit

When you are given credit for a job well done, ensure that you do not take credit for another ‘work. If you are giving an undue credit, rectify it immediately by transferring the credit to whom it is due to. Accepting acknowledgement for a job you did not do will negatively affect your reputation. Also, it is very important you learn to share your successes with the team. Remember, employers are more interested in team performance than individual performances.

9.   Welcome newcomers

Never be rude to a newcomer, and don’t go about trying to create problems for them. Be as friendly as you can to a newcomer. Do not mock them or give them a hard time. Be courteous to them and lend a helping hand when ever they need it. They might save your neck tomorrow.

Keeping yourself informed is the last but not the least of ethics you must try to adopt in the workplace. Try to always be informed of what is going on in your workplace because as the saying goes ” if you are not informed you are deformed and when you are deformed you cannot perform.” Try to stay in touch with industrial trends and try to improve your IQ at any given opportunity.