Are you tired of your job as a pharmacist and want a fresh job with free time? If YES, here are 50 best high paying career change ideas for pharmacists. A career as a pharmacist is a very interesting and lucrative one – you get to meet a lot of people and help them solve some life-threatening challenges. However, a lifetime of dispensing drugs can become boring and monotonous at some point.

If you are at that point where you now find your career boring, you can consider a career change. There are a lot of interesting fields in the pharmaceutical industry that you can easily switch to, and there are a lot of careers in the medical industry where you only need to study for a few years to obtain certification to practice in those fields. Below is a list of different career ideas to choose from:

40 Best High Paying Career Change ideas for Pharmacists

1. Lecturer

There are a lot of opportunities for pharmacists in the educational sector. You can work as a lecturer and help raise students to be professional pharmacists just like you.

2. Doctor

If you don’t mind going back to medical school to spend a few more years, you can consider bagging a medical degree so that you can work as a doctor. Your knowledge and experience in the health industry would come in really handy in this role.

3. Nursing

Another medical related career that you can pursue is working as a Nurse. With your Pharmacy degree, you won’t have to spend too much time to acquire a Nursing qualification. Nursing is a very interesting career with several fields so you can always switch from one type of nursing role to another so that you would never get bored of the career.

4. Medical Therapy Management

You can also consider pursuing a career as a medical therapy manager. As a medical therapy manager, your job would be to study and review patient’s medications in order to prevent adverse side effects and negative drug interactions.

5. High School Teacher

Another academic related career that you can pursue is becoming a high school teacher. You can teach science subjects at high schools. This is a job that you would enjoy if you love working with young people.

6. Informatics Pharmacist

As an informatics pharmacist, your job would be centered on designing and managing electronic health records especially in relation to a patient’s medications.

7. Veterinary Pharmacists

If you love working with pets and animals, you can consider becoming a veterinary pharmacist. You can work at a veterinary clinic or even set up your own pharmacy to cater to livestock farmers, pet parents, wildlife conservation centers, petting zoo, and other establishments that cater to animals.

8. Nuclear Pharmacists

Another interesting and rather uncommon career that you can pursue as a pharmacist is to become a nuclear pharmacist. Nuclear pharmacists help to oversee the preparation and administration of radioactive drugs. They also help to prepare patients before administering the drugs to them, and also monitor the patient for adverse reactions.

9. Social Worker

Pharmacists are passionate about other people’s well-being. This skill can be put to use as a social worker. Social workers work with families and help them treat their various social and emotional issues.

10. Addiction Counselor

You already have in-depth professional knowledge about drugs so you’ll be in the best position to counsel drug addicts and abusers so that they can drop the harmful habits and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

11. Mobile Crisis Specialist

If you want a job with flexible working hours, you can consider becoming a mobile crisis specialist. Mobile crisis specialists help to respond to emergency situations and provide help to people who may be in critical situations.

12. Academic Researcher

You can put your skills and knowledge to use in the academic industry by becoming an academic researcher. You can help to carry out relevant research to improve the pharmaceutical industry.

13. Mental Health Case Manager

Another idea is to become a mental health case manager. Mental health case managers help to develop and implement care plans for their patients under the supervision of a physician.

14. Pharmacogenomics

You can work with hospitals as a Pharmacogenomics. Your job would be to study and provide helpful guidance about how genes affect a patient’s response to drug therapy.

15. Pharmacy Benefits Manager

With a career as a pharmacy benefits manager, you can work with insurance companies and companies that provide healthcare services to their employees to help process claims, negotiate with drug manufacturers and give relevant advice to your employers to help them cut costs.

16. Mail Order Pharmacist

If you want a career that gives you enough spare time for yourself, you can consider becoming a mail order pharmacist who helps to supply and refill prescription medications for their patients via mail/courier services.

17. Certified Diabetics Educator (CDE)

Another interesting career you can consider is to become a certified diabetics educator. Diabetics is a serious health issue nowadays and many people want to avoid it at all costs. The job of a certified diabetics educator is to enlighten patients on the necessary steps to take so as to avoid diabetes, and also help patients who are already suffering from diabetes to manage their case.

18. Nutritionist

You can also look at becoming a nutritionist. You can help to guide and advice people on the best ways to eat, and also help them plan their meals to be healthy and nourishing.

19. Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner

As a clinical pharmacist, you would be allowed to prescribe medications under the supervision of a medical practitioner unlike traditional pharmacists who are only allowed to administer drugs and not prescribe it.

20. Telepharmacist

Technological advancements have made telepharmacy a budding field in the pharmaceutical industry. As a telepharmacist, you can offer consultations, advice and guidance to patients via telephone or over the internet.

21. Medical Writing

Another idea is to become a medical writer. You can offer writing services to bloggers, manufacturing companies, companies with websites, and other businesses that require medical and health related content.

22. Clinical Trial Supervisor

Drug manufacturing companies often carry out clinical trials to help establish effectiveness and safety of their products, and they hire the services of supervisors to help oversee these trials. With your professional knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, you would be an ideal candidate for this type of job.

23. Recruiter

You can also work as a head hunter to help companies fill their medical related vacancies. You can earn a sizable commission for each vacancy you are able to help fill.

24. Software Developer

You’ve already worked in the medical industry; you already know some of the areas of need where availability of software would make the job easier. You can develop these software and earn good income from them.

25. Blogging

You can start your own WebMd or medical blog. Many people make use of these information to learn more about their health, the effects of the drugs they use, drug interactions and other information they may find helpful when they have no immediate access to a medical doctor.

26. Medical Sales Representative

Another idea is to work as a medical sales representative for pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers. You can earn commission from selling and promoting their products to pharmacies, hospitals and individual clients.

27. Product Development Scientists

Product development scientists work in food, cosmetics and drug manufacturing companies. They help to ensure that the right chemicals are used in manufacturing these products, and that the products are of the highest quality.

28. Soap Manufacturing

Almost everybody uses soap one way or another. You can set up your own soap manufacturing business, or work for a soap manufacturing company as they often hire pharmacists to help in the formulation of their products.

29. Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is becoming increasingly popular. You can work as a herbal doctor, or you can start formulating your own herbal products that people can use to treat diverse diseases.

30. Nanotechnologist

You can consider working as a Nanotechnologist. Nanotechnologists work in food and beverage manufacturing companies to help formulate powders, chemicals and drugs to help enhance human health.

31. Health and Safety Inspector

Another idea to consider is working as a health and safety inspector to ensure that companies adhere to health and safety rules that would keep their employees safe and secure.

32. Analytical Chemist

Another idea is to become an analytical chemist who helps to investigate the chemical nature of drug substances and formulations. Analytical chemists are often employed by drug and cosmetic manufacturing companies.

33. Regulatory Affairs Officer

You can also consider working with drug, food and cosmetics manufacturing companies as a regulatory affairs officer. Your job will be to ensure that all legal requirements are being met by the company in the process of carrying out its businesses.

34. Toxicologist

Another career idea that you can easily switch to with your pharmacy degree is to become a toxicologist. Toxicologists help to study the adverse effects of various substances on living organisms, and help to provide professional advice and guidance.

35. Laboratory Scientist

Laboratory scientists help to analyze blood, tissue, urine, semen and other specimens to determine the cause, and treatment for diseases.

36. Anesthetic

You can work as an anesthetic to offer anesthesia and perioperative medicines to people who need to undergo surgery.

37. Midwife

Another career change idea is to become a midwife. You can help take delivery of new babies and find fulfillment in putting smiles on the faces of new parents.

38. Emergency Medical Technician

You can help to save lives by working as an EMT technician. EMT technicians are usually the first responders during emergencies and they help to perform noninvasive interventions and transport patients to the hospital safely for advanced care.

39. Home Health Aide

Home health aides help to cater to senior citizens, handicapped persons and people who are bedridden at home. They administer drugs to them, and help them perform other functions to guarantee their health and well-being.

40. MLM Marketer

You can also work as an MLM marketer for companies selling herbal drugs and supplements. Since you already know a lot about drugs and health, you’ll be in the best position to convince people to purchase drugs from you.

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