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11 Best Trucking Business Franchises [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start a trucking business franchise but lack ideas? If YES, here are 11 best profitable trucking franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. The trucking industry is one very important industry as far as manufacturing is concerned because that is the only way goods can get to the final consumers. According to IBISWorld, product items shipped yearly is growing at more than 5 percent.

According to the American Trucking Association, freight transportation is a $600 billion a year industry, with the fastest-growing segment being third-party logistics companies that provide shipping and freight solutions to clients. It also estimated that the trucking industry revenue topped $726 million in 2015.

The global freight market was rated at $700 billion in 2013, but it is expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2023, according to a research from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Research and Innovative Technology.

All these goes to show that the trucking industry is quite profitable and it is still open to any entrepreneur that wants to brave the miles. If you want to own a trucking company through buying a franchise, here 11 great franchises you can acquire in the Unites States.

11 Best Trucking Business Franchise Opportunities for Sale and the Cost

  1. BlueGrace Logistics

BlueGrace Logistics is a national franchise system with almost 200 locations across the country. They are in business to help small, medium and enterprise businesses find far more efficient or advanced shipping solutions. Based in Tampa, Florida, they have grown from a small system to one of the largest and most respected logistics franchises in the country.

Freight and shipping are in the BlueGrace Logistics DNA as they have relationships with 95% of the asset-based carriers in the U.S. Because of this, they can obtain far better rates than a typical customer could and often much better than any other vendor in the third-party logistics space.

Financial Requirements

  • Liquid Capital Required – $50,000
  • Franchise Fee – $22,000 to $38,000
  • Total investment – $39,500 to $181,250
  • Net worth – $100,000
  1. Craters & Freighters

Craters & Freighters is a full service logistics provider with brick-and-mortar locations across the country. Craters & Freighters was founded in June 1990 and the company serves residents and businesses in all sectors including telecommunications, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, and heavy machinery. With expertise that delivers, the company dominates the specialty freight industry.

For over two decades, Craters & Freighters has been meeting America’s custom shipping needs with consistent, high quality professional packaging and worldwide transportation services. Their primary objective is for their clients’ products to arrive safe, damage free, and on time.

Craters & Freighters ownership benefits provide; franchise support, ebusiness management software, in house engineering services, insurance programs, brand identity, marketing, advertising & promotion, eMarketing, craters & freighters global logistics, opening assistance, sales support, large trade areas, meetings, seminars, regionals & conventions etc.

Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $187,000 to $254,500
  • Initial Franchise Fee – $31,500
  • Royalty Fee – 5%
  • Advertising Fee – 2%
  1. Worldwide Express

Worldwide Express is a shipping company geared specifically toward assisting small and medium-sized businesses with their shipping needs. Because smaller companies do not often ship a large volume of items, they are often excluded from receiving the lowest rates. Worldwide Express works with existing shipping companies to get these smaller businesses’ materials transported at lower costs.

Worldwide Express was founded in 1991 and began franchising in 1995. With over 200 locations currently, Worldwide Express is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

In 2008, Worldwide Express drew the attention of UPS, the world leader in package delivery, and a partnership between the two companies soon formed. Now, UPS assists Worldwide Express in providing customers with unprecedented shipping advantages like faster delivery times and delivery to even more door to door locations across the globe. Worldwide Express also offers freight shipping for jobs where air travel or ground transport will not suffice.

Worldwide Express is a privately held company that offers franchisees training at both headquarters and on-site, including a rigorous sales and management course.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required – $50,000
  • Net worth required – $50,000
  • Franchise fee – $33,125
  1. United Shipping, Inc.

United Shipping, Inc., is a worldwide network of independently owned and locally operated freight forwarders and customs brokers. Established in 1988, United Shipping, Inc. offers importers and exporters the advantages of multinational corporations with the expertise that can be found only in a locally owned and operated business.

Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $25,000 to $86,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee – $25,000 to $30,000
  • Royalty Fee – 6%

SUPPLY POINTe is a unique network of select trucking, freight forwarding, pallet and packaging companies that connect to form a wide menu of choices and savings for a rapidly growing list of customers in Cincinnati, Ohio and Charlotte, etc. SUPPLY POINTe offers more than 35 years of industry experience in the shipping and logistics industry.

SUPPLY POINTe was created in 2002 by Matthew Cahill, and it quickly became a leading transportation and packaging services company in the greater Cincinnati market. The SUPPLY POINTe team is dedicated to helping customers lower their total procurement costs through improved efficiency, better design and enhanced productivity, and all the while providing the best customer experience available.

Financial requirements

  • Net Worth Required – $250,000
  • Franchise fee – $31,500
  • Territory fee – $15,000
  • Discount for Veterans – 15% discount of the initial franchisee fee
  • Estimated initial investment – $80,000 to $156,500
  1. United Charis Transport LLC

United Charis Transport LLC is a transport, shipping and storage company that offers refrigerated, dry delivery and warehousing of goods. They also offer warehousing services such as furniture and pallet wrapping, sorting, packing, reloading and more.

United Charis Transport LLC is a turnkey company with an already full service staff support and their fees are charged for shipping and transport based on weight, distance shipped and dimensions of shipped items.

The ideal franchisees for United Charis Transport LLC are good drivers who enjoy spending time on the road, someone who can obtain a commercial driver’s license, and well-organized franchisees who can maintain intricate spreadsheets of company data.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required – $65,000
  • Net worth required – $990,000
  • Investment – $15,000 – $17,000
  • Franchise fee – $15,000
  1. InXpress

InXpressis a global logistics franchise with offices around the world that leverages dozens of local, regional, national, and international carrier relationships to provide complete shipping solutions, tailored to the specific needs of customers. They resell domestic, freight, and international express shipping with world class customer service, and they are an exclusive global reseller of DHL

InXpress has developed strategic alliances with major international, domestic express and freight carriers for transportation services. One neat aspect of inXpress is that their franchise owners focus primarily on customer acquisition and retention and never touch a box or a truck. The franchise is arranged in such a way that their corporate headquarters takes care of all the back office functionality including billing, collections, and carrier relationships.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required – $75,000
  • Net worth required – $200,000
  • Investment – $55,000 to $120,000
  • Franchise fee – $50,000
  • Training Fee – $5,000  to $15,000
  1. Intercargo

Intercargo is a freight forwarding business that imports and exports cargo on a global basis. They have access to reliable and punctual agent network to carry out and assist with all types of shipments by air freight, road freight, sea freight or rail freight and air cargo.

Whether you are shipping documents, boxed parcels, pallets, vehicles, heavy machinery, large packages, containers, part loads or have regular requirements for full or part charters, Intercargo is always there to assist with these needs.

Financial requirements

  • Franchise cost – $50,000 to $150,000

You will need to provide at least 25% of this said amount as unencumbered funds, while the remaining 75% can be funded through a bank loan with favourable funding terms.

  • Franchise fee – $30,000
  • Training deposit – $1,500 which is refunded when training is completed
  • Service Fee for the use of the Intercargo’s system – 5% of sales
  • Contribution to the national marketing spend, currently 4.5%
  1. Unishippers Global Logistics LLC

Unishippers Global Logistics, LLC is a company that provides shipping services for small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. Its services include domestic express, international express, ground, next flight out, air freight, ocean freight, domestic and international mailing services, and truck freight services, including less-than-truckload and full truckload services.

The company also offers a range of express services, including same day, overnight, and next day shipping; and freight services for heavyweight shipments through its partnerships with national and regional freight carriers in the United States.

Unishippers was founded in 1987 and began franchising that same year. The company is a partner with dozens of national and regional shipping carriers such as UPS, Roadway Express and Saia.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment – $45,024 to $421,391
  • Net-worth Requirement – $300,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement – $75,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee – $7,200 to $45,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee – 18.5% to 15%
  • Veteran Incentives – 20% off franchise fee
  1. Safe Ship

Safe Ship is a company that offers packing, shipping, freight, office supplies and notary services. The first Safe Ship store opened in Ormond Beach, Florida, in 1988. Franchising began 20 years later in 2008. In addition to packing, domestic and international shipping services, the stores offer mailing supplies, office supplies, mailbox rentals, notary services, fax services, copying, business services and specialty crating.

Their stores are equipped with a box-making machine that allows odd-sized boxes to be made on-site. They are a certified U.S. Post Service Approved Shipper, FedEx Authorized Ship Center, DHL Authorized Shipping Center, Truck Freight Hub, all in one convenient location.

Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $54,900 to $153,900
  • Net-worth Requirement – $75,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement – $55,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee – $19,900
  • Veteran Incentives – $5,000 off franchise fee
  1. AIT Freight Systems

AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. is a transportation management company that provides transportation and logistics solutions around the world. They employ nearly 1,000 dedicated logistics professionals in 53 offices around the world and it is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois.

AIT Freight Systems deliver tailored transportation solutions for the unique applications and delivery service requirements of individual customers. AIT offers its customers a variety of value-added services including; custom-built IT solutions, flexible worldwide service offerings by ground, air, ocean and rail, and an extensive global network.

The company also provides air services, which include same day/next flight out, next day, second day, and air charter; and value-added services such as inside delivery and pickup, door-to-door delivery, SOP preparation and implementation, and white glove, as well as vertical market expertise, including government, home delivery, perishables, life sciences, and retail logistics.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required – $25,000
  • Net worth required – $46,000
  • Investment – $46,000
  • Franchise fee – $13,000