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10 Best Independent Insurance Agency Franchises

Do you want to start an insurance agency but you lack ideas? If YES, here are 10 best independent insurance franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. If you are looking for a business where you don’t have to worry about its profitability in the future, then maybe you have to start an independent insurance agency.

An insurance company is almost a recession proof business because people would always need insurance, as it is essentially a part of our daily life.

If you buy a new car, you have to get it insured; if you get a mortgage, you may like to get homeowners insurance; if you have a family, then you would need health insurance; if you start a business, then you are mandated to get a whole slew of insurance coverage.

All these have ensured that insurance agencies and agents would never faze out anytime soon. So if you want to start an independent insurance agency, then you may consider acquiring a franchise. Here are 10 independent insurance franchises you can acquire in the United States if you do not want to start your business from the scratch.

Best Independent Insurance Agency Franchises

  1. Goosehead Insurance

Goosehead Insurance prides itself as one of the largest and fastest growing personal lines insurance agencies in the country. The company was founded in 2003 by Robyn Jones, a real estate investor, after she tried severally to find an insurance agent that was both smart and cared about her business.

Over the course of the next few months, she created TWG Insurance and then convinced her husband, Mark – a Harvard MBA and senior partner of Bain & Co. – to join the company as CEO. In 2012, the company extended itself under the brand Goosehead Insurance to franchise owners who were themselves, the finest the insurance industry had to offer.

In 2014, the company combined its corporate and franchise operations under one name: Goosehead Insurance. The company offers home, auto, umbrella, flood, landlord, recreational, life and other insurance policies. Goosehead Insurance is looking to grow in a number of cities around the country.

Financial requirements

  • Total investment – $60,000 to $127,000
  • Franchise fee – $25,000 to $60,000
  • Royalty – 20.0%
  • Ad Fees – 2.0%
  1. Brightway insurance

Brightway Insurance is an insurance underwriter that offers more than 40 business and personal insurance products to discerning consumers. The company was founded by David Miller in 2003 after he purchased the Jennings Insurance Agency. He formed Miller Insurance Group which would later become Brightway Insurance and it began franchising in 2007.

Brightway franchises offer home, auto, life and business insurance services with the help of the company’s centralized service center and accounting office. It sells these insurance products using an innovative business plan that offers franchises everything needed to sell insurance policies successfully.

Financial requirements

  • Average initial investment – $140,600
  • Advertising fee – 7.5 percent
  • Liquid Capital Required – $75,000
  • Net Worth Required – $250,000
  • Total Investment – $115,200 to $181,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee – 15-45%
  • Veteran Incentives – 10% off franchise fee
  1. GlobalGreen Insurance Agency

Global Green Insurance Agency is said to be a one stop shop for all of personal and commercial insurance needs. They offer insurance packages for auto, home, mobile home, landlords, renters and life Insurance policies, as well as farms and ranches, commercial business’s both large and small, recreational vehicles including boats, snowmobiles, ATV’s and jet ski’s.

They also offer contractors liability and equipment packages for many types of contracting risks. A Global Green Insurance Agency franchise can be a profitable investment with the proper determination, expertise, and a favorable market.

Financial requirements

  • Franchise fee – $10,000
  • Initial investment – $39,000 to $74,000
  • Royalty – 15.0%
  1. Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance helps its clients to prepare for the unexpected and restore order after the unexpected occurs. Farmers Agent Owners have access to over 60 products and services, from traditional products like auto and homeowners insurance to commercial, Workers Compensation, life insurance and financial services.

The company runs an Owner Operator Program which provides special access to an expanded portfolio of benefits including: start-up bonuses ($10,000 office start-up and $5,000 lead generation bonus); and performance bonuses for the 1st three years, in addition to commissions (max bonus of 34.8% and an additional 6% year end annual bonus on Gross Folio Premium).

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required – $50,000
  • Investment – $50,000 to $250,000
  1. Just Insurance Agency LLC

Just Insurance Agency is an independent, Missouri licensed insurance agency with over ten years of industry experience. They offer a variety of insurance products from some of the nation’s most well-known insurance companies. Just Insurance Agency is currently seeking new franchise units in Florida.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment – $85,550 to $159,100
  • Initial Franchise Fee – $20,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee – 15%
  1. Brooke Property and Casualty Insurance

Brooke Corporation is an insurance business franchising company that believes in small, locally owned insurance agencies and their ability to distribute insurance more efficiently than large insurance brokers, if supported by an established franchisor.

Formed nearly two decades ago, Brooke Property and Casualty Insurance agencies provide clients with full protection and value by comparing a number of carriers to cater to individual needs. With Brooke, franchisees benefit from a nationwide network of fellow insurance owners and operators. Brooke Insurance was founded in 1986, in Kansas, and began franchising in 1988.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required – $9,500
  • Investment – $165,700 to $385,800
  • Franchise fee – $125,000
  • Royalty fee – 15%
  1. We insure

We Insure was formed by Philip Visali who began his career as a captive agent in Sarasota Florida. After years as a captive agent, he decided to change lanes and start up a business.

Being fascinated with insurance, and after toying with the idea for a while, Phil formed We Insure Florida in hopes to create the premier independent insurance agency model throughout Florida. The model was an instant success. The agency group has grown statewide with more than 20 agencies.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid Capital Required – $30,000
  • Total Investment – $49,000 to $59,000
  • Initial investment – $50,000
  • Advertising fee – 0 to 6 percent
  1. Estrella Insurance

Estrella Insurance was founded in 1980 by Mr. Nicolas Estrella after a very successful career in the Life and Health Insurance industry. The first agency was opened in Miami, FL. and during the next 5 years the company grew to operate a total of 44 locations.

Estrella Insurance specializes in auto, homeowners, and commercial Insurance. They can also insure your business, boat, motorcycle or recreational vehicle etc.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required – $50,000
  • Net worth required        – $50,000
  • Investment – $49,950 to $84,000
  • Franchise fee – $25,000
  • Royalty – 1.0% to 1.5%
  1. Fiesta Auto Insurance

Fiesta Auto Insurance was launched in 1999 in Huntington Beach, California, to meet the growing demand for auto insurance among the underserved Hispanic and blue-collar communities of Southern California, and they began franchising in 2006.

Fiesta Auto Insurance has combined its two business models under one roof by adding tax service to its offerings. Combining the two services in 2010, Fiesta offers insurance services in several areas, including for automobiles, motorcycles and watercraft, as well as homeowners and renters insurance, and business insurance on commercial property, special events, and workers compensation.

Fiesta also offers tax preparation services, including IRS form preparation, audit assistance, and a Fiesta Visa debit card. In addition, many Fiesta locations offer money transfers, notary public service, life insurance, health insurance, check cashing and other monetary services. Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax Service is a one-stop shop for monetary needs.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid capital required – $15,000
  • Investment – $30,000 to $50,000
  • Franchise fee – $10,000
  1. Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate is consistently ranked among the Fortune 100 companies. This insurance company has been functioning since 1931 and it continues to be a proven leader in the competitive field of insurance and financial services. As an Allstate Exclusive Agent, you will have the freedom to run your own insurance agency, plan your agency’s future, and be rewarded for managing a high performance business.

Allstate Agency Owners are not required to pay any franchise or royalty fees because it is not necessarily a franchise opportunity. They will own equity in the business, build and earn repeat revenue from policy renewals.

Financial requirements

  • Cash Investment – $100,000
  • Investment Range – $100,000
  • Liquid capital required – $50,000