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12 Best Car Park Valeting Franchises [Cost Included]

If you love cars and enjoy making them look their best, you might be interested in starting a car valet parking business. Running a car valeting franchise unit is a great choice for entrepreneurs who’d like to start a scalable business.

Once you’ve made your initial investment and settled into the franchisee life, you can easily hire employees – and add more vehicles to your fleet, if you’re a mobile business.

When it comes to the car valeting business, buying a franchise has significant benefits over starting your business from scratch. The hardest hurdle to starting a business from scratch is the actual start-up requirements, like equipment, licensing, and practical training. A franchise opportunity streamlines the start-up process, so you can run your business with confidence.

Your franchise can broaden its car valeting services to include material restoration and repair, such as leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabric colour-matching. One of the biggest benefits of a franchise is the streamlined client-base. After all, what exactly are you paying for when you buy a franchise?

In part, you are buying the peace-of-mind that you have help. Also note that a franchise has standards and procedures by which franchisees are trained to uphold. The benefit of predetermined franchise procedures is that you don’t have to make them up from scratch.

Car valeting franchises provide extensive training to any new franchisee. And, immediately you are open for business, your franchise territory is protected from encroachment.

Howbeit, the most immediate benefit of franchising is that it comes with all your start-up equipment. A car valeting franchisee receives a van that is outfitted with all your gear.

A van will often include a generator, compressor, air hoses and retractors, heat guns, colour dye, graining moulds, and every other supply you might need. Nonetheless, if you are looking to venture into the automotive care industry by opening a car park valeting franchise, here are mobile car valeting franchises to consider;

Best Car Park Valeting Franchise Opportunities

  1. Waves

Waves has a network of more than 280 franchisees and is the UK’s fastest growing car valet franchise. Owing to its strong relationship with leading supermarkets like Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, Waves car washes are based in prime retail locations.

The franchise’s mission to ‘make customers smile’ sets it apart from the competition; Waves loves building long-lasting relationships with clients.

Note that you don’t need previous experience in the car industry to become a Waves franchisee. All the franchise asks is that you have good communication skills and a genuine passion for business. Once you’ve invested, you’ll need to find a suitable site with around nine parking spaces.

To help you prepare you for opening day, Waves provides intensive, hands-on training across all the aspects of your new business. You’ll also benefit from marketing support in social media, sponsorships and ad artwork.

  1. GeoWash

GeoWash is an ecological mobile car wash system that gives customers an innovative, 100% service-oriented, convenient and safe experience.

The simple concept behind GeoWash is using idle parking time while owners leave their cars to carry out other activities, such as shopping, working, entertaining, studying, etc. to provide a first class ecological car wash service, without moving the car from its parking spot.

GeoWash partners have access to the most comprehensive know-how and support package including; exclusive rights in selected regions, marketing and technical training with videos and all the tips & tricks, operations management training, international advertising, permanent assistance and support etc.

  1. Autoglym

Established in 1965, Autoglym has been in the business for over 50 years, and franchising for 23. This successful franchise sells valeting and car-care products for vehicle interiors and exteriors. Autoglym’s customers come in the form of valeting companies, car distributors and transport mechanics.

Note that this business is also a fully accredited member of the British Franchise Association, so investors and customers alike can rest easy knowing Autoglym is a trustworthy franchise.

You’ll benefit from the franchise’s decades of expertise when you take part in the Autoglym franchise training programme. After brushing up on your product inventory, sales, marketing, customer support and IT system knowledge, you can get started on your franchise journey.

  1. Clean Car Wash

This company is also a member of the car detailing and Valeting franchises industry. The Mr. Clean car care business has been around for over 30 years and is a regular household name. It prides itself on its unique Inside-Out Shine System that focuses on 7 specific areas of a car to give it a consistent cleaning. Mr. Clean also recycles and filters the water it uses for cleaning vehicles.

  1. EcoWash Mobile

EcoWash is a waterless car washing system that was established in 2004. Note that this company is one of the few automotive cleaning providers that utilize waterless washing system that was still yet unpopular then. It was also a global leader in mobile car washing.

After a few years of inception, EcoWash converted into Nanotek, with a new focus of utilizing liquid polymer nano- technology. It has since then expanded into providing a professionally designed, waterless washing system that not only lifts off dirt and debris but also provides a protective layer.

  1. Autosmart

This franchise is known to sell automotive products for the upkeep of vehicles, including deodorisers, maintenance products, hand cleaners and paint. Autosmart was founded in 1979 and launched its franchise model in 1999. Over the past 35 years, the company has established 150 franchise units across the UK.

You’ll work with a customer base comprising many different organisations, from car dealerships and valet services to hauliers, vehicle rental firms and coach companies.

Franchisees get training in sales, marketing and other aspects of the business, as well as ongoing support once the franchise unit has been launched. Investors initially enter into a five-year contract, which can be renewed for periods of up to 30 years.

  1. DetailXPerts

DetailXPerts stands out among other eco-friendly mobile car detailing and valeting franchises with what they call a triple bottom line philosophy: people, planet, and profit. The company strongly values preserving the planet and customer service.

With its patent-pending steam cleaning technology, they clean 15 vehicles with only 2 gallons of water. DetailXPerts treats all of their franchise owners like family.

  1. Autovaletdirect

One of the longest-running mobile car valeting franchises in the UK, Autovaletdirect has been in business for more than 30 years. The automotive franchise provides franchisees scope to earn up to £1,000 a week! Franchise owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds and Autovaletdirect offers a bespoke training programme to suit each individual franchisee.

When you join the car wash company, you will benefit from full induction training, on-site support when you launch, a 24/7 national call centre, branded work wear and a protected territory.

9. Fast Shine

Fast Shine is the first on-site car wash, which uses only high quality eco-friendly materials and certified work specialists. This unique company occupies a new niche in car washing services; however, several main directions are being developed:

  • Washes on car parking (business centres, shopping centres, housing estates, parking near malls, etc.)
  • Car wash for corporate clients (car fleets of the companies, various road activities and state. Institutions)
  • On-site car washes (can be ordered by phone or via mobile application)
  • Sale of car care products
  • Detailing and Valeting (car care – nanoceramics, antirain, dry cleaning salon, etc.)

10. Superior Wash

Superior Wash is a mobile fleet truck washing company. It was founded in 1989, and has expanded through the United States and Canada, now washing more than 47,000 vehicles per week system-wide. Superior Wash is headquartered in Oakland Park, Florida.

Boasting of over 25 years of truck washing experience, Superior Wash has expanded in experience and commitment to excellence. Superior Wash is an experienced leader in truck washing services industry and they offer satisfaction, safety and pocket friendly fees.

11. Wash My Car

Wash My Car is a mobile car wash franchise that washes and care for cars on the spot where they are parked. Wash My Car prides itself as an ecological mobile car wash service and a green franchise. This car wash franchise promises its franchisees 60 percent profitability in a short while, and exclusivity in their city within a radius of 20 km.

12. Fleet Clean USA

Fleet Clean USA is renowned as one of the car detailing and valeting franchises that primarily focus on fleet washing. The key personnel that establish the company in 2009 have worked in the car washing industry for years. The company values quality control and customer service. It also strives to reduce its environmental footprint with water reclamation, biodegradable detergents, and more.