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4 Best Valet Trash Franchises to Buy [Cost Included]

It is reported that over 40 million Americans live in apartment complexes, and this simply means that about 20% of the population will continue to walk their trash to a dumpster. Aside from that, the demand for this sort of housing is expected to keep growing, as reports have it that the country will require extra 4.6 million apartments by 2030 to meet the demand.

Have in mind that the average trash produced by each person in the United States is around 1,300 pounds every year or around 4 pounds daily.

Valet trash services ensure that apartment dwellers won’t have to walk their trash to a dumpster since they pick up the trash at an affordable price. The services these businesses offer have become increasingly popular in the last few years, with property managers garnering around $150,000 annually from a 1,000-unit portfolio.

Valet trash services are particularly meant for multi-family housing units since tenants will have to place their garbage outside their doors in pre-provided containers that are then picked up and moved to a bigger dumpster on or off the property. Businesses in this field provide five-nights-per-week doorstep trash and recycling collection for these housing facilities.

Best Valet Trash Franchise Opportunities

  1. Accelerated Waste Solution

One of the well-known franchises in this industry, Accelerated Waste Solutions provides willing entrepreneurs with a viable platform to capitalize on two amazing services: apartment valet trash and junk removal. Have it in mind that these two enterprises infused into one are supported by patent-protected apps.

It has proven to be an executive model that will ensure you meet your entrepreneurship goals. Right from 2008, AWS has been renowned as a national leader in the niche of Waste Removal & Recycling.

  • Liquid Capital: $50,000
  • Net Worth: $150,000
  • Total Investment: $135,050 – $288,700
  1. First Valet Trash

Renowned as one of the very first businesses to venture into the front-door trash service industry for apartments, this is indeed a viable Franchise to consider.

Over the years, they have grown within the valet trash industry to establish a system of operation, documentation, and processes, which continuously pleases their ever-growing client base. Aside from that, they offer willing entrepreneurs every resource they need to thrive in this segment!

  • Only On request
  1. Junkluggers

If you are eager to make a name for yourself while playing a more meaningful role in your community, then this is the franchise to consider. Note that this business helps local customers get rid of junk and find good homes for those unwanted items.

With this viable time-tested franchise system and energetic support team, you will most definitely achieve success owning this environmentally conscious business.

  • Liquid Capital: $100,000 – $200,000
  • Net Worth: $100,000
  • Franchise Fee: $50,000
  • Total Investment: $98,110 – $359,290
  1. Doorstep Details

The primary objective of this organization is to enhance the lives of residents while improving the bottom line for property management and developer ownership.

DOORSTEP DETAILS is a well-known Franchise in the valet trash industry and you will most definitely learn from specially-trained, uniformed, licensed & insured valet trash porters, who already see to the needs of thousands of apartment residents across the U.S.

You will also benefit from their innovative latest advancements in technology, and supported by duly committed experts, as well as, the award-winning AWS Management Team!

  • Only On request

Steps to Open a Valet Trash Franchise

Different franchises will have varying requirements to purchase them, it is imperative you understand and follow them to the letter. Nonetheless, here are general steps to keep in mind.

  • Pick the right franchise

This is the first step towards acquiring a franchise. We all have different business objectives and no two Franchise models are ever the same. Owing to that, it is imperative you take your time to find the appropriate Franchise that suits your personality, goals, budget, and intended audience.

  • Reach out to the franchise

Once you have found the ideal Franchise for you, it is then time to reach out to the franchise and request the franchise disclosure documents (FDD). This document contains vital data regarding the franchise opportunity, such as its market position, financials, contractual obligations, or even the support it provides to the franchisee.

  • Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

This is a very important part of the process. Once you have gotten the FDD, it is important you go through it and understand its content.

Ensure to analyze information such as the franchise fees, ongoing royalties, territorial rights, and training programs, as well as any guidelines or obligations noted in the document. Consider working with an experienced attorney to ensure you fully grasp the terms and conditions.

  • Sign Franchise Agreement

If after the steps noted above you feel the franchise is ideal for you, this is where you agree to the terms and put pen to paper. Ensure to take everything into consideration before making this decision because the franchise agreement is what legally binds you to the terms and conditions of purchasing the franchise.

  • Attend Franchise Training

Have it in mind that a good number of franchises provide training to new franchisees to ensure that they can get familiar with the way the franchise operates. Most often, franchisees will have to learn about their business model, operations, promotional strategies, and other vital aspects.

  • Set Up and Launch Your Business

This is the last step towards acquiring a valet parking franchise. Depending on the franchise, you might be expected to acquire a facility, equipment, and many other things necessary to effectively manage your business. Don’t forget the importance of putting together a well-tailored marketing plan that will ensure that you can effectively reach your intended audience.

Immediately your valet trash franchise is up and running, focus on managing day-to-day operations, and make sure you deliver quality service and sustain client relationships.


Valet trash services are particularly meant for multi-family housing units. Tenants will have to place their garbage outside their doors in pre-provided containers that are then picked up and moved to a bigger dumpster on or off the property.

This is a viable industry and acquiring a franchise will give you some yardstick to attain success in this line of business. Nevertheless, ensure to do your research and pick the franchise that aligns well with your needs.