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List of Equipment Required to Open CrossFit

CrossFit is a multidisciplinary sport that makes use of functional movements to produce very engaging workouts. According to expert opinions, this workout inculcates a wide range of exercises, such as Olympic lifting, calisthenics, free weight exercises, long-distance running, sprints, and even swimming.

Owing to that, you will have to purchase certain pertinent equipment to open this gym. While this endeavor will prove to be lucrative when started and managed well, note that it comes with its own challenges and will take good effort, from getting certified to selecting the ideal location and everything in between.

So regardless of how you choose to get into the business, you will want to get the essentials and ensure you are up and running quickly.

List of Equipment Required to Open CrossFit

  1. Barbell sets, weights, and dumbbells

You will most definitely need a full set of weights and dumbbells when you’re looking to open a CrossFit gym. It is important to purchase a complete set of weights to ensure that your customers have a wide range of options during workouts.

For your weights, purchasing a barbell set with bumper plates is recommended to ensure that they don’t cause damage if they’re dropped. Aside from that, you will also need the following for your weights and barbell set:

  • Flat benches
  • Incline benches
  • Squat racks
  1. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are one of those equipment clients tend to look out for in CrossFit boxes. They are renowned amongst business owners as one of the easiest weights to move around, can be stored easily, and are also ideal for combining weights with body strength.

CrossFitters will need to take part in a wide range of kettlebell CrossFit workouts that put the whole body through its paces during their WOD. A valid alternative for cardio, kettlebell workouts tend to produce similar benefits to HIIT training. Kettlebells are also a recommended substitute for barbell workouts.

  1. Quick-release collar

Quick-release collars have proven to be efficient and ideal especially when compared to standard spring collars. One of the primary reasons for this is that it enhances the safety of your CrossFit gym. They tend to lock to the bar more securely than spring collars.

If for any reason one of your members drops the barbell while performing CrossFit workouts, the quick-release collar won’t come off due to the strong grip of the runner inner. Aside from that, quick-release collars are more convenient to use and won’t scratch up your bar sleeves.

  1. Pull up bars

Pull-up bars are a very important component of any CrossFit boxes and will be utilized regularly during all manner of workout sets. Owing to that, it is recommended you purchase a long-lasting option. Try to invest in pull-up bars that will support the weight of your largest clients.

  1. Ring sets

Aside from the fact that they are known to help develop strength through the lats, ring sets are also utilized for building upper body strength.

They get to the traps, scaps, and pecs while also supporting the stabilizer muscles. Unlike the pull-up bars that are quite fixed, ring sets require your members to create stability using their own strength. You would also want to take into account the material used to make them; steel, wood, or plastic.

Steel rings are quite solid but can be quite slippery when hands get sweaty, and can easily cause injury if they swing towards someone.

Plastic ring sets are more comfortable on the skin, and if you ever lead outdoor classes to mix things up a bit, plastic rings are resistant to water and moisture if they get left out in the rain. Wooden rings are the ideal option for beginners to CrossFit as they offer a better grip against sweaty palms.

  1. Abdominal workout machines

Abdominal workout machines make core workouts easier to complete, and there is a variety to choose from. Ab coasters mainly target the lower core while Roman chairs make sit-ups more challenging.

Ab rockers are also a common piece of equipment for abdominal workouts and they reduce strain when exercising. The main focus of the workout dictates which abdominal workout machine you’ll need to use when leading classes in your CrossFit box. 

  1. Plyometric boxes

A good number of WODs require CrossFit members to utilize plyometric boxes. Box jumps are ideal for improving explosive strength, speed strength, and vertical jumping power.

In addition, they can help with boosting endurance, strength, and coordination by training the body’s stability and mobility. Since members will have to work all the leg muscles along with the core, it’s a conventional bodyweight workout.

Explosive plyometric training will help you lose between 800 and 1,000 calories per hour, and as such, it is a wonderful tool for weight loss workouts.

  1. Medicine balls

Medicine balls or heavy balls are a mainstay in CrossFit workouts. Combining exercises with medicine balls such as mountain climbers, overhead squats, and a wide range of core exercises, coupled with wall balls, is a valid option for WODs (workout of the day).

Medicine balls tend to differ in weight, but 20 lb. is an ideal weight for many CrossFitters. However, purchasing a wide range of sizes is ideal for individuals who are looking to make progress and want more of a challenge as they get more accustomed to workouts.

  1. Jump ropes and speed ropes

They are known to be an ideal option when it comes to warm-ups, and what makes them even more attractive is that they’re relatively cheap.

There are a wide range of brands that you can purchase for a wide range of prices too. Depending on your budget and the skill level of your members, it is recommended you go for something that is aimed at an intermediate level.

  1. Climbing ropes

You would want to add this to your CrossFit gym because there are one of the best tools for improving upper body strength and core strength. A very valid part of any CrossFit workout, climbing ropes guarantee a massive array of exercises.

Climbing ropes are constructed from manila hemp or thick nylon. For CrossFit, manila hemp ropes are the ideal choice because they fray far less than their nylon counterparts, and this will mean replacing them less frequently.

Keep in mind that the length, or height of climbing ropes, will vary and will depend on the height of your CrossFit box’s ceiling.

  1. Rowing machines

This has proven to be a valid way to combine cardio and upper-body training. Without a doubt, rowing machines ensure that gym-goers can get a full-body workout. Exercising up to 80% of your muscles, rowing machines guarantee the platform to make some decent cardiovascular gains.

With a wide range of motion, it’s one of the most impressive equipment for a CrossFit box. They are an expensive purchase though, as such consider buying the right one because it is really important.