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How to Open Blue Coast Savings Consultants Franchise [Cost, Fees, Requirements]

Blue Coast advisors assist businesses in reducing expenditures and identifying unutilized economic advantages such as real estate perks. Blue Coast franchisees can sell their services from anywhere and they seem to be the perfect opportunity to venture into the consulting sector and begin your own enterprise.

Blue Coast Savings is your fast track to consultancy services, an enterprise in which you assist your customers to focus on saving funds while earning profit for yourself every month and throughout the year. Many business practices necessitate you to persuade customers to pay for goods or services; however, as a Blue Coast Savings Consultant, your customers only pay for outcomes.

As a Blue Coast Savings Consultant, your task is to leverage the company’s industry-exclusive Business Savings Assessment Technology to measure aspects of possible cost reductions.

Blue Coast specializes in providing exceptional education and encouragement. It is a procedure that starts with coaching and educating, progresses to advertising, and concludes with a network of support of National Account Managers to assist you in responding to customers and managing your company.

This is indeed an enterprise for experts with strong integrity and character traits who would like to start a managerial consultancy firm but wouldn’t want to deal with tedious back-office tasks, obligations, or the expenses associated with it.

Cost, Fees, and Requirements to Open a Blue Coast Savings Consultants Franchise
  • Total Investment: $22,900

Benefits of Blue Coast Savings Consultants Franchise

Blue Coast’s fully – integrated plan was designed to keep Professionals at the highest level at all times. Here are the advantages of this franchise.

  1. A Diverse Income Stream

  • Programs for reducing expenses
  • Advanced Tax Incentive Assistance
  • Initiatives for Asset Recovery
  • The nation’s biggest portfolio of Business Savings services
  • Digital and technological tools
  1. Back-office resource center

  • Digital Database Marketing System.
  • Assessment resource for electronic business savings calculators.
  • App is only available for your Smartphone or tablet.
  • Bill Ripkin’s personal website and BSA tool can be found on your website.
  • App is only available for your Smartphone or tablet.
  1. Training

  • Live video instruction is available.
  • In-Person Workshops – Discover how to get beyond gatekeepers.
  • Mentoring programs are available.
  • Excellent closing desk assistance (national account management desk).
  • Several hours of video-based schooling.
  • National Salesforce Training – Freely create your own national referral system and “salesforce.” Sub Advisor support is offered.
  • Regional Advanced Training Events in Person
  • Individual and group instructional classes are available.
  • Regular Webinars and E-learning Opportunities
  • A group of experts will assist with initial client briefings and much more.
  1. Marketing Materials and Tools – “SMART Marketing” Programs

  • Pre-arranged office visits made available by a third party.
  • Blue Coast Exclusive My Marketing Assistant Program is now available in your App.
  • Direct Marketing.
  • Back Office Tracking Support Program in its entirety.
  • Training and the Sub Advisor program
  • Portfolios of marketing assets and presentations
  • Scripts for Cliffhangers and Surveys
  • Earn While You Learn – Blue Coast specialists will assist you in presenting to your clients.
  • Marketing Designers.
  • Continuous customer service.
  • and a lot more

Steps to Apply for Blue Coast Savings Consultants Franchise in 2023

If you are financially eligible, adventurous, and eager to learn, then adhere to the instructions underneath to acquire a Blue Coast Savings Consultants Franchise.

  1. The application procedure

To purchase a Blue Coast Savings Consultants franchise, go to their website. It should be noted that there is a simple application process available via contact information limited to people calling within the United States.

The franchise applicant is steered through all the application procedures during the chat. Another alternative is to follow the link on the “contact us” button, which will take you to an interface of the system where you can easily communicate with the corporate entity.

  1. Examine the FDD thoroughly

Franchisors are legally required to supply a franchise disclosure document to prospective franchisees (FDD). The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a legally binding document that divulges details regarding the brand. It should be provided at least 10 days in advance of the signing of the contractual relationship. Keep in mind that this contract is generally irreversible, so you must understand the terminology before signing.

  1. Obtain all necessary licenses and permits

You should not make the mistake of thinking that the documentation is finished when the FDD is signed. It isn’t. Before you begin, you must apply for a business license. If you need a state permit, they can guide you to the relevant authority.

To discover the regulations you’ll need to incorporate, go to the Secretary of State’s website of your state. In addition to a title and a designated director, the website would have to include instructions on how to structure articles of incorporation.

  1. Make an office space

After that, it’s essential to focus on your call center. Make a part of the house or condo exclusively for your enterprise. A deeply committed office is required in order to meet the criteria for a home office tax break. If you operate in your residence, perhaps in the kitchen, you won’t be able to claim a home office tax reduction since the space isn’t utilized on a consistent and exclusive basis for employment.

  1. Obtain your customers

You can’t depend entirely on your brand name to bring in customers. You must do the majority of your own advertising. Attempting to find a customer base isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Begin with family members and friends, and prepare your dining room table pitch.

After which make a decision about which industries you would like to enter. Consult the human resources department if you’re trying to collaborate with a financial institution. You might also organize neighborhood fun events and use your social media platform to spread awareness.


Blue Coast’s cleverly designed, low-cost Savings Consultant Package provides you with the mentoring, equipment, and systems you require to become economically secure in today’s competitive business environment. If you are real about establishing your own business, fill out and send an application online.

Following the submission of your proposal, a representative of the Blue Coast selection committee will contact you to conduct an individual meeting and respond to questions you might have regarding Blue Coast Savings Consultants Advisor program.