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How to Open Footprint Flooring Franchise [Cost, Fees, Requirements]

Footprint floor is a cutting-edge franchise design that is reshaping the sector. It is a workforce corporation that specializes in floor installation rather than the selling of flooring products. Operators visit with clients, accomplish a setup valuation, and reserve the job on the footprint floor; franchisees then oversee 10-99 contract workers who accomplish the laborers and utilize their time as the client’s main contact person.

Footprint floor provides a turn-key alternative for many seeking to enter the home service sector, including the assistance and training operators require to be successful. Footprint floor is a firm that installs flooring. It was established in 2008 and began franchising in 2013.

This firm reinstates hardwood, laminate, vinyl, stone, and tile floors.  It is among the leading floor installation businesses in the United States, with more than 100 locations. Operating a footprint floor franchise could allow you to offer assistance to your neighborhood.

Aside from the businesses, this involves inserting backsplashes, staircases, and baseboards. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with flooring resellers in order to achieve the best quality installation for every one of your flooring services.

You would be involved in both small and large developments, such as home improvements, refurbishments, and fresh development.

Financial Requirements for Footprint Flooring Franchise

  • Initial franchise fee – $68,000
  • Construction and leasehold improvements: $25 – $150
  • Furniture and fixtures: $50 – $1,000
  • Equipment: $0 – $5,000
  • Franchise starter package: $1,480
  • Computer, software, and point of sales system: $0 – $3,000
  • Service vehicle: $300 – $4,000
  • Start-up marketing: $2,000 – $4,000
  • Insurance deposits – 3 Months: $50 – $150
  • Travel for initial training: $500 – $5,000
  • Professional fees: $300 – $1,000
  • Licenses and permits: $0 – $2,000
  • Printing, stationery, and office supplies: $50 – $500
  • Additional funds – 3 months: $5,750 – $17,750
  • Royalty: The higher of 6% of gross sales or the required minimum monthly royalty
  • Brand development fund: Not presently billed
  • Franchisee-directed local marketing: $750 for every month as well as about $750 per month for every extra territory.
  • Local and regional advertising cooperatives: As agreed upon by cooperative members, no more than 2% of monthly gross sales
  • Technology costs an average of $250 per month, along with a fee per worker
  • Managed website services fees: Presently $500 per month
  • Contact center: Close to 3% of monthly gross sales, presently 2% of monthly gross sales, with a $150 monthly minimum.
  • Customer service and refunds: Depends on the situation
  • Annual conference fee: The then-current conference fee, not to exceed $1,000
  • Additional employee initial training: At the time, the training fee was $500 per individual per day
  • Additional training: The then-current standard rate for every trainer, and sometimes any expenses incurred by the franchisor. The present daily rate is $300
  • Fee for operations manual replacement: $500
  • Noncompliance reporting fee: $150 per occurrence
  • Interest: 18% per year from the due date
  • Audit: The cost of the audit
  • Quality assurance audit: Exact expenses racked up by the franchisor
  • Management service: Presently $200 per day, + expenditure
  • Collections: Exact charges, costs, and expenditures
  • Transfer: 15% of the original franchise fee in effect at the time of transfer
  • Renewal fee: 10% of the original franchise fee.

Steps to Apply for Footprint Flooring Franchise

The term of the footprint flooring franchise agreement is 7 years from the day of territory establishment or the compromise of the time frame of the established territory if the franchisee purchased the established one. If all criteria are fulfilled, the original contract allows for successive 10-year renewal terms. If you would like to put money into this franchise, the following are important steps to consider;

  1. Verify that you possess sufficient cash to engage in the franchise: at least $75,000 in available capital and an individual net worth of at least $250,000. In the United States, the amount of investment to start a territory varies from over $78,505 to $113,030. The franchise fee ranges between $68,000 and $179,000. You will obtain a 6% royalty fee on an ongoing basis.
  2. Visit the footprint flooring franchise website to learn more about investing, and then become a franchise owner.
  3. Give it your best shot to decide if you want to start investing in footprint flooring, which encourages multi-unit ownership and manager-run territories. The corporation is continually searching for hands-on managers who can provide and receive instructions, as well as hire and motivate employees.
  4. Fill out the request carefully on the website, or call 1-800-555-1234 if you have any questions. Note that your application will contain private, background, occupation, and financial details, including assets, liabilities, and monthly expenses. You will additionally be queried about the areas in which you would like to open a franchise, as well as inquiries about your business experience. The application will be evaluated after it is sent in. An interview may be scheduled.


Footprint floor is massively growing and seeking interested individuals to assist the company brand. The firm provides a minimal upfront outlay, making it possible for franchise owners to get established without spending a fortune.

Footprint floor supplies franchisees with the complete guidance and assistance they need to promote their business, in addition to the freedom to engage autonomous subcontractors as necessary. This even allows for the company to ramp up or down, avoiding needing to eliminate staff throughout slow periods.