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How to Open Combo Kitchen Franchise [Cost, Fees, Requirement]

A Combo Kitchen franchise is a cooking establishment that deals exclusively in meal prepping and distribution. The business was established in 2020 and started franchising the following year. It currently has more than 150 units across the nation.

Combo Kitchen provides a broad range of foods, such as Asian, Mexican, and Peruvian dishes, among others. It is indeed a franchise ghost kitchen with internet delivery and ordering options. Ghost kitchens also referred to as virtual, shadow, or cloud kitchens, are specialist meal prep and cooking centers that lack dining areas in order to allow for take-out and order delivery.

Restaurant owners can avoid the expensive cost of renting a retail location, indoor development, fixtures and décor, if they do not include dine-in assistance. Restaurant owners can concentrate on the most essential part of the business by lowering operational costs and optimizing operations.

Combo Kitchen is an innovative food service idea that uses ghost kitchens to sell a wide range of foods. Since their cuisines are a representation of the populations they serve, every Combo Kitchen site is unique. Hossein Kasmai, a franchising specialist, established Combo Kitchen.

Mr. Kasmai has satisfactorily turned more than 400 concepts into credible franchise stores, such as Poké Mahi and Tacomoli, via this enterprise. Hossein’s capacity to identify possible business concepts and put the money into their accomplishments demonstrates that joining The Combo Kitchen is indeed an ideal financial choice that can generate effective outcomes.

Established restaurateurs are invited to join the Combo Kitchen Network of concepts. Benefits include the opportunity to establish various places, enhanced brand recognition, and footfall to iconic sites, the capacity to fine-tune your company through the analysis of franchise reviews and connect directly to flexible purchasing power.

Since Combo Kitchen doesn’t really need costly property leases, franchisees benefit from the low investment and quick build-out.

Financial Requirements for Combo Kitchen Franchise

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $500 – $32,000
  • Initial Investment: $3,250 – $357,500
  • Net Worth Requirement: $32,000
  • Cash Requirement: $32,000
  • Royalty Fee: 10%
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 1%

Steps to Open a Combo Kitchen Franchise

It is essential to remember that joining the Combo Kitchen restaurant chain is not an assurance of success, but instead a road map that can help you get there.

Nevertheless, if the economic fundamentals, abilities, and devotion are ideal, becoming a Combo Kitchen franchisee could be lucrative. Owning a Combo Kitchen franchise is a great task that usually works when made after careful consideration and research.

  1. Due Process

It is critical that you undertake adequate research to ascertain if purchasing a Combo Kitchen franchise is a good business decision for you. If you are serious about owning a Combo Kitchen franchise, gather all the details you can from Combo Kitchen and find a competent expert who has expertise in helping people buy franchises.

It’s also worth noting that you might find it useful to improve your knowledge of the terms associated with franchising. Furthermore, make sure that possessing a Combo Kitchen franchise aligns with your abilities and lifestyle goals.

  1. Combo Kitchen Franchise Disclosure Document

You must thoroughly peruse the Combo Kitchen Franchise Disclosure Document. You will make a few phone calls with Combo Kitchen’s franchise team while analyzing the Franchise Disclosure Document prior to being permitted to speak with Combo Kitchen franchisees.

Once you are permitted to contact Combo Kitchen franchisees, make sure to talk with at least five or eight franchisees. Many franchisees will indeed be forthright about Combo Kitchen.

  1. Sign and pay the Initial Franchise Fee

You must now sign your licensing agreement, implying that you have accepted the conditions of the contract and the FDD. Around the same period, you’ll pay the corporation your initial franchise fee, and then prepare to open your Combo Kitchen franchise.

  1. Participate in Initial Training

Combo Kitchen will offer you and a member of your support staff an extensive orientation program at the corporation’s head office, where you will learn the ins and outs of running your store. You’ll be joining a group of franchise system specialists, and this is an excellent chance to ask any questions you have.

  1. Begin Your Own Business

You’ll eventually be able to unlock your doors! Of course, the firm’s assistance does not end here; visit their information and certification page to find out more regarding all of the continuous assistance you can rely on.


Combo Kitchen is searching for licensees who are committed to exemplary performance, and brand growth. The best person for Combo Kitchen is industrious, prompt, tactical, and tenacious. If you have a dogged spirit of brilliance, establishing a Combo Kitchen franchise could be a fascinating option for you.

Combo Kitchen is intended to run from a small facility specializing in delivery dining. The Combo Kitchen franchise help group will help you in ensuring an appropriate build-out and long-term operational accomplishment.