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How to Open Crushr Franchise [Cost, Fees, Requirements]

Crushr is a waste management firm that offers mobile dumpster crushing solutions to enterprises in order to boost dumpster efficiency. Scott Dennison who started as a Papa John’s franchisee established the business in 2016. Crushr has continued to expand, and it presently has a chain of more than 50 locations in the United States. It started franchising in 2018.

As a franchisee, you will be in charge of delivering the Crushr service in your neighborhood. Crushr might be a good match for you if you’re searching for a money-making opportunity with minimal startup costs. By 2022, there will be 51 Crushr franchises operating in the eastern quarter of the United States. Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, Georgia, Missouri, and Texas are among the states that have franchises.

Advantages of Investing in a Crushr Franchise

As of 2016, Crushr has already been drastically reducing trash in open-topped dumpsters. His 30+ years of franchising knowledge in multiple roles and sectors of the economy has given him a different outlook, enabling him to comprehend not just how to construct a profitable franchise, but also how to establish a high-profit business concept.

  1. Benefit of Equipment

Crushr’s disruptive technology is evolving the sector by providing Business Owners with a portable, patent–protected, and privileged production contract that distinguishes them from the competitors in the market. Specifications of the Crushr vehicle:

  • 23 feet long
  • 24,000 pounds
  • Compact
  1. Support

When a franchisee joins Crushr, they receive continuous assistance in the areas of operational processes, customer acquisition, and advertising, as well as bi-monthly sales calls from Crushr’s National Sales Director. They also have direct connections to the company’s strategic approach and help desk, which will assist Holders in getting ahead of generating prospects.

Crushr creates all publicity and promotions resources, and the home office team can assist Franchise Affiliates in developing a strategy depending on the resources or any other information they bring to the table.

  1. Partnership

Crushr’s Franchise Owner is an energized, self-starter with previous enterprise ownership expertise and a back story in sales and marketing. Anybody who is customer-focused and thinks outside the box might very well blend in with this simple and profitable idea.

Have in mind that to gain full capacity in their specific locations, franchisees ought to be enthusiastic about offering outstanding service to their neighborhood. Individuals with a strong business and sales background who can utilize their community relationships are most likely to become viable Crushr Franchise Owners.

  1. Cost-cutting equals more business

Crushr’s patent-protected tools remove air from waste and enhance haul weight, lowering monthly transporting costs by 50-75% and general waste removal costs by 15-30%, ensuring customer retention. Enterprises select Crushr to gain the most value for the money, and they’re captivated already after one setup.

Crushr is also good for the environment. Crushr efficiently decreases the quantity of diesel fuel used in the industry by eliminating round trips to the dump site, which minimizes CO2 emissions. With this profitable mobile brand, trash is smaller than what might normally go into the dump site, and by trying to starve the landfill; they are assisting to preserve the earth!

Financial Requirements for Crushr Franchise in 202

  • Liquid Capital: $200,000
  • Net Worth: $450,000
  • Total Investment: $111,675 – $318,325

How to Apply for Crushr Franchise

Starting a Crushr franchise entails a series of steps that culminate in your franchise offering services at a customer’s location. There are some additional factors and steps to take into account when contemplating this franchise. They include;

  1. Training

If you are interested in becoming a Crushr franchisee, you should complete your training.  It is crucial to highlight that the home study portion of the learning supplement is designed to help a franchise owner understand the course and advance through it more quickly.

At the conclusion of the course, a competence assessment is awarded, and after acquiring a competency rank of more than 80%, the franchise owner is granted a license of authorization in the Crushr franchise business.

  1. Leasing of Equipment

It should be noted that having the proper waste reduction tool is essential for success in this industry. Crushr provides a framework for every franchise owner to lease-purchase quality, industrially rated, environmentally friendly waste reduction equipment.

To offer sturdy, long-lasting tools, the company has chosen a renowned producer in the commercial waste reduction equipment industry. It should be noted that even if no eligible financing is available, the franchise owner may lease-purchase the required components.

  1. Account Assessment and Acceptance

It should also be noted that every franchise owner is responsible for determining which accounts are beneficial for their franchise. When the account is ascertained to be beneficial, a New Account Authorization form is authorized to record the authority to service as well as any fees to be paid upon this new account.

It should be noted that franchisees have the option to reject any account for service by simply selecting the decline box on the New Account Authorization form.

  1. Beginning of Accounts Service

After completing the required pre-opening processes and other preparatory guidelines, the franchise owner will be prepared to start servicing accounts. All franchise owners are required to proclaim their steadiness and sincerity to their patrons and concur to handle their accounts with the highest possible standard on a timeline decided by the client on a consistent basis.

  1. Guaranteed Financing

Remember that as a Crushr franchisee, you are assured approval into any funding provided by the company. It is significant to mention that the sole qualification required is that you join as a franchisee and maintain good standing with the franchise system.

As the company introduces new initiatives, the various funding options may alter.  Crushr currently offers in-house funding of the franchise fee (minimal down payment necessary), new account fees, leased hardware acquisitions, and other solutions.

This in-house funding is accessible to all licensees who acknowledge it according to the parameters of the Crushr Franchise Agreement.


Possessing a Crushr franchise is a wonderful way to effect change in your society, thanks to its minimal start-up expenses, solid business model, and increasing demands for its offerings. Prior to making an investment in any money-making opportunity, conduct your own studies and proper research.