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How Much Does It Cost to Open Bonus Building Care Franchise?

Founded in 1996 by Arleen Cavanaugh, Bonus Building Care has grown rapidly to become an industry leader in the commercial cleaning franchise industry. Bonus Building Care was established on decades of commercial cleaning experience with the intention that every business was once a small enterprise.

That the business is an opportunity and should be affordable to everyone and, most critically, that with a proven and unique business plan you can succeed. Note that the commercial cleaning industry in the United States is exploding with growth. According to reliable reports, “janitors and cleaners” will be one of the top two growing areas of employment for the next decade.

In the world of commercial cleaning franchises, there are many choices. Even though some other commercial cleaning franchise companies charge a premium for their services while delivering less, Bonus Building Care offers you a unique platform to start small and grow extensively.

In the business world, after the owners of a building turn on the power and arrange for security, janitorial service is the next item on their agenda. No building can seek tenants until the power, water, security and janitorial services have been obtained.

Additionally, janitorial services are also a part of many tenant leases. As a Bonus Building Care commercial cleaning franchisee, you can position yourself to enjoy the opportunities this fast expanding market has to offer. Indeed, every industry has strengths and weaknesses, but the continued stability of the cleaning industry makes owning your own commercial cleaning franchise a wonderful choice for success.

Have it in mind that the commercial cleaning segment of the cleaning industry is more predictable and constant than carpet cleaning businesses, maid services and other specialty cleaning businesses.

In a commercial cleaning franchise, you will be aware of the amount of your contract’s total at the end of each and every month; this offers you the opportunity to project your future months’ gross billings with some degree of certainty.

This company offers adequate support from being with you on the first night of cleaning on each new account, to doing your invoicing and collecting, providing a 24 hour answering service and hotline for your customers, advancing funds on work completed but not yet paid on, equipment leasing, insurance programs to meet your business insurance needs plus so many other support systems not mentioned.

Financial Investment Required to Open Bonus Building Care Franchise

  • Initial Investment: $9,020 – $41,919
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $7,500 – $7,500

How to Open a Bonus Building Care Franchise

Have it in mind that opening a Bonus Building Care cleaning business starts with a progression of measures which end in your franchise rendering service at client premises.  All pre-opening steps are outlined in the franchise agreement, and all must be completed before any service to clients can take place. They include things like opening a checking account and successfully completing the Bonus Building training etc. Here are other steps to have in mind when considering this franchise.

  1. Training

If you are looking to become a franchisee with Bonus Building Care, you must successfully complete training and the other pre-opening steps before you are eligible to provide services on any client’s premises.  Note that the home study section of training complements and strengthens the hands-on part of the training and it is organized to let a franchisee understand the course material sooner and progress through it at a faster pace.

A proficiency examination is meanwhile given at the end of training, and after obtaining a more than eighty percent proficiency rating, the franchisee is awarded a certificate of authorization in the Bonus Building Care franchise business.

  1. Equipment Leasing

To be effective in this business; it is pertinent to have the proper janitorial equipment.  Bonus Building Care offers each franchisee the platform to lease-purchase quality, commercially rated, earth friendly janitorial equipment. The franchisor has selected a leading manufacturer in the commercial janitorial equipment industry to provide durable, long lasting equipment.

Note that with no qualifying financing, the franchise owner is allowed to lease-purchase the equipment needed to provide superior and efficient services. All the payments are deducted from the franchisee’s revenue each month and can be found on the detailed and easy-to-read Monthly Revenue Statement.

  1. Account Evaluation and Acceptance

Also note that each franchisee is expected to decide which accounts are desirable for their franchise. Once it is determined that the account is desirable, a New Account Authorization form is expected to be signed to document the right to service and any payment of fees on new account or accounts.

Have it in mind that a franchisee may refuse any account by simply checking the decline box on the New Account Authorization form.  However, there are many different types of accounts in the commercial cleaning marketplace, and each franchisee must evaluate their skills and preferences to determine which accounts they wish to pursue and which accounts they wish to decline.

  1. Commencement of Service to Accounts

Once the mandated pre-opening steps have been taken and other preliminary procedures completed, the franchise owner will be equipped and ready to begin service accounts. All franchisees are mandated to pledge their dependability and honesty to their clients and agree to service their accounts, without fail, to the best of their ability on a schedule determined by the client.

  1. Guaranteed Financing

Have it in mind that once you become a Bonus Building Care franchisee, you are guaranteed acceptance into any financing offered by the company. Note that the only qualifying you need to do is become a franchisee and remain in good standing with the franchisor.

The the financing programs presently offered by Bonus Building Care include in-house financing of the franchise fee (small down payment required), new account fees, leased equipment purchases and other services. This in-house financing is available company-wide to all franchisees as they choose to accept it within the limits of the Bonus Building Care Franchise Agreement.


Note that most Bonus Building Care franchise owners start part-time while also keeping their regular jobs. They work evenings and weekends, setting their own times. As their business grows, many then decide to go into it full-time. Others have started full-time while others keep it only as an extra income. One of the wonderful things about this business is that you need no previous experience or training.