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How Much Does It Cost to Open Dustless Blasting Franchise?

Do you want to start a paint stripping business by buying Dustless blasting franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Dustless blasting franchise.

Dustless Blasting is a kind of wet abrasive blasting that totally removes paint, corrosion, and coatings from a variety of surfaces including metal, brick, and wood. Dustless Blasting has many benefits ­— primarily the reduction of dust, allowing jobs to be completed in a wide range of environments with minimal containment and cleanup costs.

For its quality, ease of use, and continuous improvements over the years, Dustless Blasting is renowned as the benchmark in mobile blasting systems.

Dustless blasting is a “Mobile Paint Stripping” business, and people are always willing to pay good money for this service. Mobile paint stripping and cleaning is one of the simplest business models available. You clean and de-paint things, in exchange for money.

Starting a new business will be challenging, and there are plenty of things to learn, but this business as a whole is fabulously simple. The heart of this business is the Mobile Dustless Blasting machine. This machine is an entirely self-contained package that gives you everything you need to start working.

While this machine isn’t cheap, it’s far more affordable than the vast majority of businesses. This machine is the only major tool you’ll need to start making money. If you don’t have the startup capital you need at hand, Dustless Blasting has small business startup loans available to suit your budget.

Financial Requirements and How Much It Cost to Open a Dustless Blasting

First, it’s very necessary to clear the fact that Dustless Blasting is not a franchise. But, when you start a business with Dustless Blasting, you enjoy the benefits of a franchise, with none of the drawbacks. When compared to a traditional franchise, starting a business with Dustless Blasting equipment is extremely affordable. This is because the business is mobile; there is no brick and mortar building to rent and no property taxes to pay.

It’s a simple business that can be run by one person, from anywhere. You won’t have to hire, train, and babysit a lot of employees. Howbeit, you still benefit from the millions the company spend on national advertising. But unlike a franchise, you will truly own your business. You’re free to make your own decisions, set your own hours, and keep 100% of the profits.

Since Dustless Blasting is not a franchise, there is no franchise fee and it does not require any royalties. Also, with Dustless Blasting, you won’t need to buy any inventory. However, you will need to purchase consumables like blast abrasive and Rust Inhibitor.

All this depends on how much work you do, but if you blasted for 10 hours a week or 40 hours a month, those consumables would cost about $2,000 per month. However, in that same month you would make around $12,000, based on the nationwide average of $300/hour.

Dustless Blasting also offers free hands-on training at the company’s facility when you come to demo or pick up a machine. The company’s online Academy is a great resource for continued training and more in-depth resources, and of course, it’s always free.

Meanwhile, whether you’re franchising or starting a business with Dustless Blasting, you will need to register a business name. This varies based on your state, but the basic cost of filing for a Texas LLC certificate of formation is $300.

You also might need a contractor’s license depending on your scope of work and what state you are in, but again, this cost varies by state. Lastly, business insurance is a cost that will need to be factored in.  This can vary by state and level of coverage.

How to Get or Open a Dustless Blasting Business

With Dustless Blasting, you have the unique opportunity to start a business for as little as under $50,000. To start this business, you just have to visit the company website and fill the interest form. The information you have provided will be used to provide you information, such as equipment price list.

Your choice of equipment although will depend on the type of jobs you want to tackle. All the company’s machines are capable of the same process, but they offer various sizes that are appropriate for many different jobs, from small hobby projects to large industrial jobs.

The most popular machines for starting a business are the DB500 Mobile XL and the DB800 Mobile XL. You will then be offered a hands-on training at the company’s facility when you come to demo or pick up a machine.

As time goes on, you may find yourself focusing on one particular kind of blasting and specializing in it, that is, finding your niche. Your niche may arise naturally from your interests, experience, and connections. By becoming the established expert in one particular area, you can create a source of permanent and reliable work.

The opportunities to make money don’t stop after you have removed all the old coatings, rust, and grime for your customer. Use the auxiliary air ports to power paint guns, air tools, and more. This means that you can offer sealing, priming and/or painting services in addition to blasting — and charge a premium for doing so. After all, this makes you a one stop shop for your customers.

Pricing in this business varies significantly throughout the country, so it’s important to base your prices on your area. Also note that it doesn’t matter how good your services are if potential customers can’t find you. Good marketing is significant to the success of any business, and mobile paint stripping and cleaning is no exception. It is the single best way to get customers, grow your business, and make more money.

Although Dustless Blasting is not a franchise, you still get some of the perks of a traditional franchise, like brand recognition. You get to benefit from the millions the company spends on national advertising campaigns that give your service a trusted name.

If you start to get more business than you can handle, scaling up is simply a matter of buying another machine, teaching someone how to use it, and sending them off to do the jobs you can’t do. The blasting part is simply manual labor and does not require rocket science. You pay someone an hourly wage to blast, and you keep the profit. This business will easily scale as much as you need it to.

  • Conclusion

Dustless Blasting is not a franchise. There are no fees or royalties, ever. You basically own your business and are free to make 100% of the decisions and keep 100% of the profits. You still get some of the benefits that come with a traditional franchise, like brand recognition and pre-made marketing materials.

Entrepreneurship indeed is a learning process and a journey of discovery. You don’t need to know everything to take the first small step, and when starting your own business, oftentimes, the best way to learn is by doing. Dustless Blasting offers you the tools and information, all you need to do is to start.