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How Much Does It Cost to Open One Day Doors and Closet Franchise?

Do you want to open a door installation business by buying One Day Doors and Closet franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a One Day Doors and Closet franchise successfully. One Day Doors and Closet have made changing doors and closets easier or more affordable in the United States.

The company patented 3D measuring technology and made it possible to replace clients’ old interior doors and closet organizers for 30-50% less than other home improvement stores and contractors.

By leveraging digits measuring down to 1/1,000th of an inch, the company can cut and fit new doors precisely to existing jams and create custom closet designs through 3D CAD systems. According to the company’s website, it is the best ‘whole home improvement’ anyone can make, for the cost, turnaround time, and the overall improvement throughout the home.

One-of-a-kind Business Built off a $5 Million Model Store, One Days three-step business model of marketing, sales, and installation features little to no competition, a large, untapped market, revolutionary 3D measuring technology, and a strong sales and marketing has enabled their model store to reach $5-6 million in annual sales. And it’s allowed many of the company’s dealers to hit a $1 million annual run-rate within their first month of business.

Using the company’s proprietary sales and marketing plan, every dealer sells a homeowner a house package of doors and organizers. The measure-tech quickly measures each door using One Day Doors and Closets 3D measuring device.

The measurement files are then uploaded to the factory’s robotic automation where each door is custom made to fit, painted, and then shipped to the dealer. The same dealer quickly installs each door by just screwing them in, which doesn’t require traditional installation by highly skilled and paid carpenters. The company’s business model is quite easy: You get in, get out, and get paid.

Note that One Day is not a franchise so there are NO Franchise & Territory Fees or Royalties. All you need is your capital that goes straight toward launching your business. And you’ll have more flexibility to run your business compared to those restricted by lengthy FDDs. It simply means you get the benefits of a franchise without being in a franchise!

According to the company, the most successful dealers are those with a sales and marketing background and are willing to work hard in a new, exciting market. You are expected to have at least $80k liquid capital and be able to devote full time efforts to the business.

Note that no construction background is required. And you can easily reach the company to learn more about their technology, training, and support and you could be on the ground-floor of the next multi-billion-dollar industry.

Financial Requirements of Opening a One Day Doors and Closet Franchise

  • Minimum Cash Required: $100,000
  • Total Investment: $80,000

Steps on How to Open a One Day Doors and Closet Franchise

  • Ascertain that you have the financial capabilities to become a dealer with One Day Doors: a minimum of $100,000 in liquid funds and a minimum personal net worth of at least $80,000. The total investment is $80,000.
  • Navigate the company’s website for information on investment and becoming a company dealer.
  • Take a look at the territory map of North America to find where you would most like to start your One Day Doors business. The company has markets in various regions in the US but will notify you of new markets when they become open.
  • Take your time to decide if you are an ideal owner and would like to begin your investment in One Day Doors. The company always wants hands-on leaders who can take and give direction with skills in recruiting and motivating a staff.
  • Carefully complete the application at the website, but note that your application will include personal, background, employment and financial information, such as assets, liabilities and monthly expenses. You will also be asked about the areas you prefer to start a business and questions related to your business experience. After submitting the application, it will go through review. An interview may follow.


One Day Doors & Closets is the largest company of its kind, offering homeowners superior selection and service in new door and closet organizer systems.

By leveraging patented technology, projects that normally take 1-2 weeks, involve messy construction in and around the home and cost the homeowner several thousand dollars, are transformed into a simple, convenient process, completed in a few hours, with no onsite construction, at a cost that is 30-50% lower than home improvement stores, contractors, or handymen.

This is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to invest in the home improvement industry. It comes with more freedom and every other thing good for a successful modern business.