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How Much Does It Cost to Open Jamba Juice Franchise?

Do you want to start a smoothie bar by buying Jamba Juice franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Jamba Juice franchise and their requirements. Jamba, Inc. through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Jamba Juice Company, is a global healthy lifestyle brand that inspires and simplifies healthful living through freshly blended whole fruit and vegetable smoothies, bowls, juices, cold-pressed shots, boosts, snacks, and meal replacements.

Jamba’s blends are made with premium ingredients free of artificial flavors and preservatives. For more than 25 years, Jamba Juice has been a popular place for Americans craving freshly blended smoothies, juices and other healthful products made with real fruits and vegetables.

Why Buy Jamba Juice Franchise?

Jamba Juice is presently accepting both single- and multi-unit franchise partners. These new Jamba Juice partners will have a unique opportunity to be among the first to deploy the concept’s new store design, characterized by new technology, digital menu boards, modern colors and contemporary elements.

Aside the new store design, franchise owners are also encouraged to consider Jamba Juice’s new drive-thru format, which creates greater accessibility and convenience. Available territories include: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as most of the eastern seaboard from New York down to Florida.

Financial Requirements and How Much Jamba Juice Cost

If you are thinking of acquiring a Jamba Juice franchise, below are 48 fees to have in mind, according to Jamba Juice’s 2019 FDD;

1. Initial Franchise Fee: $35,000

  • In every Jamba Juice Store, you’re expected to pay an initial franchise fee of $35,000 when you sign your Franchise Agreement.
  • Jamba Juice participates in the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program. For qualifying Veterans or members of the Armed Forces, the Initial Franchise Fee is $20,000.
  • The Initial Franchise Fee becomes due and payable upon execution of the Franchise Agreement. If you sign multiple Franchise Agreements at the same time with a Multi-Unit Addendum to develop a set number of Stores, you’re expected to pay Jamba Juice all of the Initial Franchise Fees for all of the Stores that you commit to develop at the time you sign the Franchise Agreements with a Multi-Unit Addendum.
  • Jamba Juice will not refund any part of the Initial Franchise Fee, including if you fail to develop any of the Stores by the deadlines set forth in a Multi-Unit Addendum or if any Franchise Agreement(s) subject to the Multi-Unit Addendum are terminated.

2. Design Support: substantial support fee

  • Jamba Juice offers you online access to its standard schematic designs, decor, and layout plans. If you ask Jamba Juice to provide additional support in adapting its standard plans to your Store, it may charge you a substantial support fee.

3. Initial Training: $500 per additional trainee

Jamba Juice will provide its initial training program (“Initial Training Program”) to your Primary Contact, Manager, Director of Operations (if you operate or commit to develop four or more Stores), and any other individuals that Jamba Juice designates (the “Required Trainees”) at no charge.

If you would like other individuals to attend the Initial Training Program, you’re expected to pay Jamba Juice its then-current fee, which is presently $500 per additional trainee.

4. Opening Assistance: $5,000 for on-site support; up to $500 per trainer per day for additional on-site support, plus the trainers’ travel and living expenses

  • For your first Store opening, you’re expected to pay Jamba Juice a non-refundable fee of $5,000 for on-site support Jamba Juice will provide to assist you with the opening and initial operations of your Store.
  • If Jamba Juice, in its sole discretion, provides additional on-site training or assistance beyond the On-site NSO Support (at your request or because Jamba Juice determines additional assistance is necessary), you’re expected to pay Jamba Juice its then-current Additional On-site Support Fee, which is presently up to $500 per trainer per day, plus their travel and living expenses, including transportation, lodging, and meals.

5. Royalty Fee: 6% of Net Sales

  • Due Date: Presently, payable by the 15th day after the end of every Period, but subject to change upon notice to you.
  • Jamba Juice may require that all Royalty payments be automatically processed and debited via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system.

6. Advertising Contribution: 3% of Net Sales, which may be increased in Jamba Juice’s sole discretion up to 4% of Net Sales.

  • Due Date: Same as Royalty Fee.
  • This Advertising Contribution will be deposited in a fund for the advertising and promotion of the Stores, the Proprietary Marks, and the System (the “Ad Fund”).

7. Advertising Cooperative Contribution: an amount set by your Advertising Cooperative

  • Due Date: Same as Royalty Fee.
  • Every members of an Advertising Cooperative, whether a franchisee-owned, company-owned, or affiliate-owned Store, have voting rights on matters brought before the Advertising Cooperative for a vote, including matters relating to the amount of the required Advertising Cooperative contribution.

8. Local Marketing Obligation: every calendar quarter, you’re expected to spend not less than 1% of Net Sales on local market advertising

  • Due Date: Every calendar quarter.
  • You will determine the amount of funds you spend for individual local market advertising, subject to the minimum. You may also be required to spend additional monies for advertising under the terms of your lease or sublease.
  • Amounts you contribute to an Advertising Cooperative will be credited toward your required Local Marketing Obligation.
  • Once you fail to make the minimum advertising expenditures, Jamba Juice may do so on your behalf and you’re expected to reimburse Jamba Juice for its expenses.

9. Promotions: costs to purchase, lease, and install all materials necessary for promotional campaigns, including counter cards, posters, banners, signs, photographs, give-away items, loyalty cards, and gift cards. Jamba Juice may charge you its costs, plus a substantial administrative fee.

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • You’re expected to participate at your own cost in promotional programs that Jamba Juice establishes, which may be applicable to the System as a whole or to specific advertising market areas.
  • You also must participate in promotional programs your Advertising Cooperative establishes.
  • Jamba Juice may also mandate you to purchase some or all of these items from it or its affiliates.

10. EFT NSF Fee: Jamba Juice’s out-of-pocket costs and an administrative fee

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • If Jamba Juice drafts money from your account under its electronic funds transfer (“EFT”) or draft system, and there are insufficient funds (“NSF”) to cover the draft, Jamba Juice will charge you the return costs charged by its bank and an administrative fee to cover Jamba Juice’s costs of addressing the nonpayment.
  • This fee is in addition to interest on the amount due.

11. Interest: 5% per month or maximum legal interest rate

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • You’re expected to pay Jamba Juice or its affiliate’s interest on any amounts past due to Jamba Juice or its affiliates.

12. Late Fee for Reports, Financial Statements, or Tax Returns: $100 per day for any report, statement, or return that is late

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • You’re expected to pay this late fee if you fail to submit timely, complete, and accurate reports, financial statements, and tax returns when due.

13. Taxes: Jamba Juice’s cost

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • You’re expected to pay Jamba Juice all taxes (except Jamba Juice’s income taxes) it pays for products or services it furnishes to you, or on Jamba Juice’s collection of the Initial Franchise Fee, Royalty, and Advertising Contribution from you.

14. Additional Support/Consulting Fee: a substantial fee, presently up to $500 per day, plus travel and living expenses, including transportation, lodging, and meals

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • Jamba Juice may provide you with consultation services beyond the support services under the Franchise Agreement, and if you accept them, Jamba Juice can charge you a consulting fee.

15. Conference/Program Fee: a substantial fee, which will vary by program

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • Jamba Juice may charge you a substantial fee for any conferences, conventions, programs, or training sessions that Jamba Juice conducts. Jamba Juice expects these fees to range from $0 to $2,500.

16. Training Cancellation Fee: Jamba Juice’s out-of-pocket costs

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • If you fail to cancel scheduled training at least 14 days prior to such training or if you are not prepared to successfully complete training, Jamba Juice may charge you the cost of conducting the originally scheduled training (including any travel and living expenses incurred by Jamba Juice’s representatives) and may require you to pay an additional fee for rescheduled training.

17. Electronic Learning Management System: amount of fees. Jamba Juice estimates the cost will be $300 per Store per year.

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • Jamba Juice mandates you to implement an electronic learning management system that uses Jamba Juice’s licensed software in order to access certain training modules and instructional or other materials.

18. Rent: depends on the location and size of the space being leased; Jamba Juice estimates rent will range from $4,500 to $20,000 per month.

  • Due Date: First day of every month.

19. Relocation Fee: $5,000

  • Due Date: Before Jamba Juice signs relocation Franchise Agreement.
  • If you relocate to a new site, you’re expected to pay the Relocation Fee. If you relocate to a new site and extend the term based on your new lease, you’re expected to pay both the Relocation Fee and Lease Renewal/Extension Assistance Fee.

20. Sublease Fee: $200 monthly

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • Sublease fee is to compensate Jamba Juice for its administrative expenses and is in addition to any fees under the sublease such as rent, insurance, public utility charges, late fees, alterations, and improvements.

21. Lease Renewal/Extension Review Fee: $2,000

  • Due Date: Due and payable upon the execution of the lease renewal/extension by the landlord.
  • You’re expected to provide Jamba Juice, for its review and approval, a copy of any proposed lease extension/renewal for your Store provided such extension/renewal is for a period of one year or more.
  • Jamba Juice may, in its sole discretion, charge you the Lease Renewal/Extension fee.

22. Lease Documentation Fee: $500 per month (or partial month) until delivered

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • Jamba Juice may charge you this fee if you fail to provide it with a signed copy of any lease or a modification, amendment, or renewal of a lease within 15 days after its execution.
  • Note that this fee is payable for every month or partial month after the deadline, until you provide the documentation.

23. Transfer Fee: 50% of the then-current Initial Franchise Fee if it is a Control Transfer; if it is a transfer to a related party or a non-Control Transfer, 10% of the then-current Initial Franchise Fee

  • Due Date: At transfer closing.
  • Payable to Jamba Juice if you transfer any interest in your Franchise Agreement or Store.
  • A “Control Transfer” occurs if there is a transfer of
  • Any interest in the Franchise Agreement,
  • The Store or substantially all of its assets,
  • More than 20% of the ownership interests in you, or
  • Any interests that result in a change in control of your entity.

24. Renewal Fee: 10% of the then-current Initial Franchise Fee

  • Due Date: 30 days prior to expiration of 20-year term; before Jamba Juice signs the renewal Franchise Agreement.
  • You may only extend for one additional 20-year term.

25. Computer Systems Fee: a substantial fee, which will vary based on the services provided

26. POS System Support Fee: presently, $100 to $250 per month

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • You’re expected to remit this fee to Jamba Juice or its affiliate (or a third-party vendor approved by Jamba Juice) for software and hardware support for your POS System.

27. Back Office and Polling Software Fee: presently, estimated to be between $100 and $200 per month

  • Due Date: As incurred.

28. Credit Card Fees: equipment costs and set up fees estimated to be up to $1,000 per terminal. Transaction fees estimated to be from 2.5% to 5.0% of transaction amounts. Other fees may apply depending on the vendor used for credit card processing.

  • Due Date: As incurred.

29. Information Security and Compliance Fees: a substantial fee, which will vary based on the costs that Jamba Juice incurs

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • Jamba Juice mandates that you use vendors to provide security services that are consistent with PCI-DSS requirements, including a managed firewall, quarterly network scan, anti-virus/anti-malware software, and managed Wi-Fi.

30. Gift Card and Loyalty Program Fees: amount of fees

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • Jamba Juice may require you to participate in the Jamba gift card program and any loyalty programs that Jamba Juice designates.

31. Purchasing Program Fee: substantial membership fees assessed by the Purchasing Program

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • If Jamba Juice designates or establishes any purchasing and/or distribution cooperatives/associations/programs (“Purchasing Programs”), you’re expected to become a member and pay any membership fees assessed.

32. Ordering Support Fee: a substantial fee, which will vary based on the services provided

  • Due Date: As incurred.

33. Jamba App: $40 per month

  • Due Date: Same as Royalty Fee.
  • Payable to Jamba Juice or a vendor that Jamba Juice designates.

34. Online Ordering (Dispatch Delivery Order): $0.50 per order

  • Due Date: As incurred.
  • Presently, Jamba Juice does not charge this fee, but it expects to implement it in the future.

35. Network Security Service: $45 per month

  • Due Date: Same as Royalty Fee.
  • Payable to Jamba Juice or a vendor that Jamba Juice designates.

36. Music Service Subscription: $27 monthly service charge, plus tax and standard equipment installation fee of $195

  • Due Date: As invoiced.
  • Payable to Jamba Juice or a vendor that Jamba Juice designates.

37. Development Deadline Extension Fee: $2,500 per missed deadline

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • Payable once you fail to meet the Site Approval Deadline, Construction Start Deadline, or Opening Deadline, or if Jamba Juice grants you an extension to any of these deadlines.
  • Jamba Juice may terminate the Franchise Agreement if you fail to open by the Opening Deadline or if you fail to cure a default of the Site Approval or Construction Start Deadlines.

38. Non-Compliance Fee: presently, $25 to $500 for a single violation, but may vary based on the severity of violations, number of violations, and repetition of violations

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • Payable if you fail to comply with any of the Standards, in addition to any other remedies that Jamba Juice is entitled to pursue.

39. Failure to Comply With Standards or Law Fee: up to a $5,000 fee, plus Jamba Juice’s substantial expenses connected with any inspection, examination, or analysis of products

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • Payable if Jamba Juice’s inspection of products shows the products have been adulterated in any way or that your Store does not comply with applicable laws.

40. Repeated Inspection Fee:

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • If Jamba Juice or its representative inspects you as a result of your repeated or continuing failure to comply with any provision of the Franchise Agreement, you’re expected to pay Jamba Juice the cost of the inspection, including the travel and living expenses of Jamba Juice’s representatives.

41. Audit:

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • If Jamba Juice audits you and finds that you understated Net Sales by 2% or more, you’re expected to reimburse it all substantial expenses connected to the audit, review, or examination (including any substantial accounting and attorneys’ fees).
  • Jamba Juice estimates that the typical audit costs would be approximately $1,000 to $4,000.

42. Liquidated Damages: the average monthly amount of Royalty Fee that you owed Jamba Juice during the past 36 months, times the lesser of remainder of term of Franchise Agreement for 36 months

  • Due Date: Within 30 days of termination of your Franchise Agreement.
  • You’re expected to pay this fee only if the termination occurs after the opening date of your Store and you are not insolvent at the time of termination.
  • If less than 36 months have passed since opening and termination, the amount will be the average monthly Royalty Fee during the time between opening and termination, times the lesser of the remainder of term of the Franchise Agreement or 36 months.

43. Appraiser’s Fee: 50% of appraiser’s fee

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • You’re expected to pay this fee only if Jamba Juice elects to purchase your assets on termination or expiration of the Franchise Agreement and Jamba Juice cannot agree with you on the purchase price.

44. Indemnification: Jamba Juice’s cost

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • You indemnify Jamba Juice from certain losses and expenses under the Franchise Agreement.

45. Attorneys’ Fees: Jamba Juice’s cost

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • If Jamba Juice becomes a party to a proceeding on an agreement between Jamba Juice and you, and it wins, or if Jamba Juice becomes a party to litigation or insolvency proceedings for your franchise, then you’re expected to pay Jamba Juice’s substantial attorneys’ fees and court costs.

46. Reinstatement Fee: 10% of the amount of the then-current Initial Franchise Fee, plus Royalty Fees that would have been payable in period between termination and reinstatement

  • Due Date: Before reinstatement.
  • If Jamba Juice terminates your Franchise Agreement due to a health and safety default, you cure the default and want to be reinstated, and Jamba Juice agrees to reinstate your Franchise Agreement, you’re expected to pay Jamba Juice a reinstatement fee.

47. De-identification Fee: Jamba Juice’s actual costs, plus interest and an administrative fee equal to 15% of Jamba Juice’s actual costs

  • Due Date: On invoice.
  • Payable once Jamba Juice terminates the Franchise Agreement, you fail to de-identify the Store, and Jamba Juice makes the required changes on your behalf.

48. Insurance: amount of unpaid premiums

  • Due Date: On demand.
  • Payable only when you fail to maintain required insurance coverage and Jamba Juice elects to obtain coverage for you.

How to Get or Open a Jamba Juice Franchise

To acquire a Jamba Juice Franchise, you will need to visit, fill the necessary application and wait for the Company to access your application and then send the company’s FDD to your designated email account.

Once you have been approved to operate under the Jamba Juice Brand, you will be expected to acquaint yourself with the company’s standards of operation by making yourself available for the training provided by Jamba Juice. You will be expected to attend a 4-6 week training program alongside an operating manager or a general manger recommended by you.

In the training, you will be taught the day-to-day running of your Unit, and also be exposed to the process of leveraging on Jamba’s support center in the areas of real estate, marketing, IT and supply chain. The training will be held at Jamba’s certified training units which are located at different parts of the country. You will have the option of choosing a training center close to your immediate environment.

  • Conclusion

If you have decided to buy into the Jamba Juice Franchise, making money with Jamba Juice will depend on so many factors. The most important of all being the location that you have decided to open your store and also the effort that you personally put into your business. Meanwhile, have it in mind that Jamba Juice does not offer any form of financing for their franchisees, but you can seek the assistance of your financial advisor to help you with a loan.