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12 Best Pet Boutique Franchises [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start a pet boutique business franchise but you lack ideas? If YES, here are 12 best pet boutique franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. The pet products and services industry has really increased in popularity is recent times. This can be attributed to the estimate that 63% of households in the United States own a pet. And in addition, Americans spent about 40 billion dollars on pets and pet related expenses in just the year 2007.

Most pet owners treat their pets as a member of their family and will go to great lengths to try to keep them as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the best pet boutique franchises that you can buy in the United States.

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12 Best Pet Boutique Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

1. Petland

Petland has been in existence since 1967 and is a chain of stores that sell pets in addition to almost all pet related products. The pets that they have for sell can vary from store to store but can include, fish, birds, cats, dogs, small animals, and reptiles. The company strives to train its staff on a continuous basis in order to improve their knowledge on in-store animal husbandry systems.

This business has been offering franchise opportunities for the past 48 years and currently has almost 200 different locations.

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Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $280,000 to $1,034,000
  • Ongoing royalty fee – four and half percent.

2. Pet Supplies Plus

Pet supplies plus was founded in the year 1987 and started offering franchises in 1990. This pet boutique has a wide range of pet supplies such as food and items to support dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and small animals such as rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedgehogs, mice, and rats.

Most of the locations also offer self-serve pet washing stations or professional dog grooming services, including bathing, brushing, dental care, ear care, nail clipping, and flea treatments. Currently this business has 227 existing locations.

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Financial requirements

  • Total Initial Investment – $49,900
  • Ongoing royalty fee – 3 percent.

3. Pet Wants

Pet wants is one of the pet boutiques that pet owners who wish to spend lavishly on their pets can go to. The provide fresh custom-made pet food.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum capital requirement – $75,000

4. Dogtopia

Dogtopia was established in 2002 and has been franchising since 2005. Presently, there are 69 Dogtopia locations. Dogtopia provides dog daycare, boarding, grooming, retail products and spa services for busy dog owners who need support. Daycare and boarding services focus on training, exercise, and socialization. All caregivers have extensive experience and training for all breeds.

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Financial requirements

  • Total Initial Investment – $606,545
  • Royalty – 7 percent
  • Total start-up investment – $318,000 to $497,000

5. Pet Depot

This pet retail chain was founded in 1990 and since then spread to a dozen or so location within the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Financial requirements

  • Total financial requirement – $265,000 to $560,000

6. Splash and Dash Groomerie and Boutique

In addition to offering a monthly bathing and brushing plan, Splash and Dash groomerie and boutique also offers retail product sales. This business started offering franchise opportunities in 2009 and in order to set up a new franchise with them, you will need to have requisite knowledge in the industry.

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Financial requirements

  • Total financial requirement – $50,000 to $150,000

7. Three Dog Bakery

This franchise offers fresh-baked pet treats and food in more than 30 retail locations. In order to get a new franchise with three dog baker, you will need to have good interest in the business including some levels of training.

Financial requirements

  • Total financial requirement – $150,000 to $350,000

8. Woof Gang Bakery

This business specializes in the retail of pet food, pet-related supplies and pet grooming as well. Woof Gang Bakery Dog Franchise is mostly located in the South-Eastern part of the United States, with many of those locations being in Florida.

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According to their website; “At Woof Gang Bakery, we know that pets are a part of our families, our faithful companions and they bring us great joy. We’ll help you show your love and appreciation for their unconditional affection and devotion.”

Financial requirements

  • Contact the company

9. Ruffin’s Pet Centres Inc

With over three decades of experience, Ruffins’s Pet centers Inc. has developed a full line pet store concept.

Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $96,000
  • Net worth -$150,000
  • Liquid cash – $35,000
  • Royalty fee – 4%
  • Ad Royalty Fee – 1%

10. Earth wise pet

This business specializes in the sale of pet food and supplies, with a focus on natural foods and green, recyclable products. They opened their doors for business in 2005 and started offering franchise opportunities in 2008.

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Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $233,000 to $568,000
  • net worth requirement – $250,000
  • liquid cash requirement – $75,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee – 6%
  • Ad Royalty Fee – 1.5%

11. Silver Pet Prints

This unique business makes individual pieces of jewelry that show you pets unique paw print on the front and their name on the back. This can be quite a special way to show love to your pets. Silver pet prints was founded in 2013 and started franchising that same year. The Initial Investment for this business ranges from $18,500 to $22,300. Subsequently, you will have a pay a royalty of 10%

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Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $18,500 to $22,300
  • Ad royalty fee – 10%

12. Bens barketplace

This business provides health food and snack for pets. According to their website, the benefits of their product include increased energy levels, cleaner teeth, fresh breath, healthy skin, lustrous coat and a lean muscular body. Their product are produced by certified nutritional experts and are of top quality.

Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $188,550 – $360,550
  • Net worth – $100,000
  • liquid cash – $70,000
  • Ongoing royalty fee – 3 percent
  • Ad royalty fee – 2 to one percent.