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How Much Does It Cost to Open Succentrix Business Advisors Franchise?

Succentrix Business Advisors over the years have tried, tested, and created a fresh and comprehensive franchising model for the next generation accountant that is cloud-based and interconnected. This system enables easy business management while also creating a timeline for success.

Succentrix Business Advisors has established a package that is innovative and comprehensive. Included in the model is state of the art cloud accounting and payroll software, as well as top-tier professional tax preparation software.

Note that a well encompassing ongoing professional training and support from a team with over 100 years experience in franchise operations, accounting, payroll, income tax, and traditional & digital marketing solutions make this model an ideal option for any willing entrepreneur.

Also note that the Succentrix Business Advisors model offers the franchise owner a unique platform to begin their practice quickly and inexpensively with a foundation of solutions that are efficient, effective, profitable, and competitively priced.

Also have it in mind that every solution is designed for the franchise owner to take a leadership role and support their clients in finding individual real-time solutions that fit their needs.

With Succentrix Business Advisors at the core of your business strategy, you are free to do what you do best, which is to assist your clients grow and enjoy a unique business model.

The ideal candidate for a Succentrix Business Advisors franchise is a highly motivated individual, with an entrepreneur spirit. The candidate must have an accounting background with a basic understanding of taxation.

A worthy candidate should possess excellent communication skills and enjoy meeting the public. The candidate is also expected to be willing to follow the Succentrix systems and have a deep drive to build a successful business.

Financial Requirements of Opening a Succentrix Business Advisors Franchise in the United States

  • Initial Investment: $37,100 – $48,700
  • Net-worth Requirement: $50,000 – $100,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement: $25,000 – $50,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $21,900 – $21,900
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee: 7%

How to Start a Succentrix Business Advisors Franchise in the United States

There is nothing as unique as joining an ever growing industry. Succentrix Business Advisors has established a package that is innovative and comprehensive. Included in the model is state of the art cloud accounting and payroll software, as well as top-tier professional tax preparation software. So, if you are interested to join this moving train through Succentrix, below are steps to take.

  1. Submit your information

The first step with acquiring a Succentrix Franchise is to visit the company’s website and submit your request and information. Then you will get a call from one of the company’s representatives and have the opportunity to speak to one of the current Succentrix™ owners. The company will also give you details on their free one-hour webinar presentation.

  1. Hire a Franchise Consultant

Irrespective of the amount of information available online, the company enlists the help of a franchise consultant to help guide you through the process. Just like a real estate agent is a good ally when acquiring a home, a franchise consultant has industry-specific knowledge and can relate possibly complicated topics (including aspects of franchise agreements and disclosure documents) to you in a more understandable way. A franchise consultant could also potentially keep you from experiencing pitfalls that may happen without their expertise.

  1. Attend a ‘discovery day’

A discovery day is an in-depth meeting between the company and one or more potential franchisees. Note that it can take place at a local outlet of the franchise, but will most likely happen at the company’s corporate office. The franchisees in attendance will enjoy presentations about what Succentrix can offer in terms of support, and can ask questions. If done at the corporate office, a tour of the different departments and introductions to franchisee training and support personnel are common.

  1. Speak to other franchisees

Also, within the FDD provided by the company is a listing of all current franchisees in the system. Take your time to find a few that are close to you and pay them a visit. Are they satisfied with the Succentrix support? Is the reality of running a solar business in line with prior expectations (financially and otherwise)? There’s no better teacher than someone in the middle of franchise ownership.

  1. Find a suitable location

Succentrix delineate certain parameters for your territory in the FDD and franchise agreement. In addition, the company also helps with site selection. In fact, Succentrix will have to approve your location before you can move forward.

  1. Sign the agreement

Unlike most franchisors, Succentrix may offer you a chance to negotiate terms in the agreement. However, it is a good idea to seek counsel from a lawyer or a franchise consultant to find the best solutions for your particular situation. But just keep it in mind that Succentrix success in the industry is based upon a proven system and consistency of the brand.

  1. Obtain all necessary permits and insurance

Regulations tend to vary by state, city, county, etc. Nonetheless, Succentrix will offer you background knowledge of the permits and insurance needed to operate their business system. However, it’s a good idea to check with local authorities to ensure compliance.

  1. Hire staff and attend training

One of the most enticing aspects of franchising to those wanting to open a business is the training component. Succentrix offer training twice a week, a combination of classroom and practical experiences, to at least the franchisee and another manager. A copy of the franchise operations manual is also typically presented at this time.

  1. Open your franchise business

Before opening, you will need to alert potential customers to their new marketplace option. Succentrix defines a strategic process for signage, ads, and other initiatives to be performed. Estimates for these initiatives will usually be a part of the start-up costs quoted in the FDD.


According to the company, their guiding principle is helping people to help people and they understand that serving others’ needs is without doubt the truest measure of success. This is the company’s way of giving back and improving economic conditions for small businesses. As the franchisor, it is up to Succentrix Business Advisors to teach, train, nurture, and support each office owner.