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7 Best Teeth Whitening Franchises [Cost, Fees]

First, note that this is a high demand industry. The personal care industry makes on average $40 billion a year in sales. With online purchases being 3.1 percent of the share and physical location going in at 96.9 percent in shares, this is a huge industry to break into.

In the United States, as we become more conscious consumers, natural products are becoming strong sellers. According to reports, natural products are expected to grow by 7-9 percent through 2022. Therefore, the industry has a great opportunity to grow even more, which means your business will be able to flourish.

Another ideal reason to launch a teeth whitening business is that this is a great business model for success. Pricing with a dentist would be $450-650, with the cost at a beauty salon going for about $75-200. Low investment packages will have everything you need in order to set yourself up correctly.

Additionally, with teeth whitening being such a versatile service makes it a great addition to your existing business in dentistry or cosmetics. If you are already working at a dentist’s office, this is a great place to up sell teeth whitening services.

If you are a distributor then it is a great way to add to your business. If you own or work at a salon, it is a great add on service to include. If you’d rather run a home business then you can sell home kits as well. The possibilities are endless for where a teeth whitening business could fit in.

Another very crucial factor to consider when it comes to the psychological aspect of sales is that 96.9 percent of people buying personal care products want to do so in person. This is because they want to interact with a person who has expertise with the product. So establishing a human connection is imperative when closing the product sale with them. People trust people with valid information and expert advice.

Have it in mind that doing this line of work is rewarding for both parties. You are promoting self confidence and helping someone achieve that through your line of work while making a living for yourself. Note that when people come into the office, they’re often stressed from their day-to-day life and how confident they feel about themselves. As an entrepreneur in this field, you are giving them an opportunity to leave your office relaxed and more confident.

Nonetheless, when a customer visits a spa for a teeth whitening service, they are likely looking for more than just the actual act of whitening their teeth. Most often, they are looking for an overall experience which may include spending some time in a relaxing, quiet place.

While it is never a good idea to rule anything out, businesses that compete in this niche also offer other varieties of products or services to customers.

As you consider your franchise options, make sure to think about what you want to provide your customers, and how teeth whitening fits into that overall picture. Howbeit, here are top teeth whitening franchise opportunities to consider in the United States.

7 Best Teeth Whitening Franchise Opportunities and Their Cost


In 1995, Steve Smith founded his first tanning salon in New Orleans, and in 1996 began working as a franchisee. Over the next few years, Planet Beach has expanded into hundreds of locations around the world. In 2004, Smith decided to move the Planet Beach brand from a tanning bed to a modern spa, a spa / UV hybrid.

The presented list of services will satisfy the desires of even the most demanding customers. Massages, LED face masks, hydration therapy, dry heat saunas, teeth whitening, weight management systems, self-tanning, UV therapy and more ensure a steady stream of satisfied customers.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial investment: $104,300 – $248,900
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $39,950
  • Royalty Fees: 6 percent

2. Liptak IT

All of the Liptak IT professionals are thoroughly trained in dental practice, and the company conducts ongoing education to make sure everyone within the organization stays current with dental technology—from office networking and digital x-ray support to practice management software training. Liptak even offers an automated file backup solution that is ideal for dental.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment: $60,700
  • Total Investment: $60,700 to $73,400

3. ATC

This facility provides the most qualified healthcare professionals. ATC’s hiring process guarantees facilities and hospitals with necessary healthcare professionals to meet human resource challenges. The franchisor handles all the back office operations of your business.

This includes floating of the payroll for all the Healthcare associates that are working in the field on assignment, processing all the necessary payroll taxes and expenses associated with those Healthcare Associates, invoicing the clients and taking care of all the collections. ATC Healthcare manages all the necessary professional insurances required for the Healthcare Associates.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment: $100,000
  • Total Investment: $134,970 – $262,170


The company was established by Allison and Marty Langenderfer in Denver, Colorado in 2005 and has been franchising since 2007. Over the years, the number of outlets has grown from three in 2012 to 42 (10 more than 32 in the previous year). Spavia is a premium business built around a respected name. The company is focused on self-improvement of both customers and owners.

The company provides spa services to clients using only organic products that are organic, paraben-free, and all-natural while conserving energy in their work. The chain offers a wide range of services, including massages, body treatments, facials, teeth whitening, eyelash extensions, waxing, mineral cosmetics and lessons, and sunless tanning.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial investment: $353,251 – $700,820
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $49,500
  • Royalty Fees: 6 percent


Established in 2007 in Minnesota and Minneapolis, Massage Retreat and Spa offers massage services along with a variety of spa services delivered by professional and licensed therapists in an upscale environment.

Therapeutic massage sessions offer improvements for a small fee using add-ons such as cold stone therapy, hot towel therapy, mango foot scrub, deep muscle relaxation, and aromatherapy. Coupled with massage, other services are offered including eyelash/eyebrow dyeing, waxing, facials, and teeth Whitening.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial investment: $319,475 – $480,655
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $45,000
  • Royalty Fees: 5 percent


Ideal Image is a renowned national health care centre providing clients with a full range of facial and body care services from laser hair removal to Botox, teeth whitening, and facial fillers, Cool Sculpting fat reduction and restorative anti-aging facial services. Ideal Image leverages the most advanced technology and services to deliver long-lasting natural results that help people demonstrate their self-confidence.

Ideal Image employs highly trained skin, face and body medical specialists who develop customized treatment plans consisting of FDA approved / approved gentle treatments that provide natural results without the need for invasive interventions.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial investment: $694,485 – $1,347,858
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000
  • Royalty Fees: 7 percent

7. Whitening on Wheels

Becoming a partner means a having a career that allows you the freedom to choose. You can work full or part -time. You decide when, where and how hard you want to work and how much you want to earn. Best of all, you are building a future for yourself, not creating wealth for someone else. Most people feel fortunate to find only one of these qualities in a career.

As a Whitening On Wheels Partner, you don’t have to choose, you get it all. It is also not multi-level, nor is it a franchise. This means you get to keep all the money that you earn. WOW provides all of the products, training, marketing and customer support you’ll need to start making money fast, and have fun while doing it.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment: $59-$3,729