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Financial Investment Advice

Few years ago, i received a financial investment advice from one of my mentors and today, that advice is the best financial investment advice i have ever received. Why? The reason is because that advice changed my financial life. Do you want to know what that advice is? Then read on. In today’s world; where information overload abound, many still remain average because of lack of the right information.

If you turn on your T.V, radio or log on to the web, you will come across thousands of financial advisers churning out investment advice daily. Anyone can wake up tomorrow and offer advice. Even your next door neighbor can offer you some incredible financial advice, hot tips or inside information. But the sad news is that all advice are not equal; and majority of advice offered is worthless.

The world is filled with fast talking financial advisers but unfortunately; over 90% of financial advisers, financial planners and brokers don’t know what they are doing. And even if they do, they don’t practice what they preach. I have seen stock brokers that don’t invest their own money in the stock market; they simply feed fat on clients and investors.

Now tell me how such a broker will offer a tangible investment advice. I have received tons of financial and investment advice; both solicited and unsolicited. I believe you share this same predicament with me. Some of the most popular financial advice I hear every now and then include:

The Most Popular Financial Investment Advice

  • Go to school so you can get a good job.
  • Stocks is the best investment
  • Buy now and hold; Invest for long term.
  • Mutual fund is the best low risk investment.
  • Live below your means.
  • The more specialized you have, the more secured you are
  • Avoid risk.
  • Stay away from debt. Debt is bad.
  • Save for the rainy day.
  • Don’t carry all your eggs in one basket; diversify.
  • Don’t diversify; focus.
  • Hedge funds are too risky.
  • Don’t take risk. Turn your money over to a fund manager.
  • Avoid real estate investments. They are capital and management intensive?

This list of advises goes on and on. But it’s sad to say that of all the advice I have received; only few have profited me tremendously and one of such good financial advice is this:

“Don’t live below your means. Expand your means” – Rich Dad

Of the few advice that have profited me financially, I want to share with you the best financial investment advice I have ever received. And if you must know, this advice was offered to be by my business mentor; “Robert Kiyosaki.” Now what was his advice?

The Best Free Financial Investment Advice

“First invest in building a business. When your business produces enough cash flow, then you can begin investing in other assets.” – Robert Kiyosaki

I really thank Robert Kiyosaki for giving me this piece of advice. It’s the best investment advice I have ever received and this single advice has made me millions. This advice is the reason why I tag “starting a business” the best investment opportunity with the highest return on investment. So when I am asked the question: What is the best way to invest money? My answer is usually this:

“First invest in yourself; then start a business.”

Most people respect Warren Buffett and George Soros as great stock investors; but the truth is that stock investing did not make these men billionaires. These men became billionaires because they built mega businesses and used this business as leverage to invest in other businesses.

Today, I see many individuals going against this simple advice. I see millions of people trying to get rich by investing, using a part of their salary. The sad truth is that they are not going to make headway because they can only acquire limited assets using their salary.

Everyday, I see people having their investment portfolio wiped out in their bid to make a kill on the stock market. The problem with these individuals is that they are investing alone against well structured businesses with millions of dollars.

The Best Free Financial Investment Advice

“First invest in building a business. When your business produces enough cash flow, then you can begin investing in other assets.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Ever since I received this financial investment advice, I have concentrated my efforts on investing in building a business. And through my business, I have made couple of investments with pre-tax dollars and the banks are willing to lend me money because they can see my business system in operation. Now I am not a tax strategist or a financial adviser so it’s better you consult one for better understanding on investing with pre-tax dollars.


The most important point I want you to remember is that building your own business is the best investment you can invest in because of the leverage it offers. Yet, it’s the riskiest investment because of the high rate of failure. When you build a business and your business begins to generate cash flow, then you can invest in other businesses and assets with ease.

Apart from the financial leverage your business offers, you can leverage its brand in the acquisition of assets. Brand leverage is the reason McDonalds’ own the most expensive real estate properties in the world.

Lastly, you can leverage the competence, intelligence and professionalism of your business team to reduce your investment risk. Investing with a team will also put you ahead of individuals who try to invest alone.

So whether you are interested in investing in stocks, real estate, commodities, precious metals or business startups; first invest in building your own business because it pays in the long run. Please consult your financial adviser, CPA or tax strategist to get advice on the best possible ways to take advantage of the tax loopholes in business.