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How to Invest in Graphene – for Beginners

In recent times, one of the most thrilling inventions of the past decade has been graphene. This is a simple double dimensional sheet of pure carbon atoms. The production of graphene was transformed by two scientists at the University of Manchester. They later went ahead to win the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. This was thanks to the likely implications of the nano-material.

It is worthy to note that graphene is the strongest material ever exposed. It is 100 times stronger than diamond, and 200 times stronger than steel. In addition, it is astoundingly flexible, and more conductive than copper- this is in terms of heat and electricity. Graphene has some great attributes that is changing the world with its implications on the world of electronics, energy storage, telecommunications, health care, renewable power, as well as telecommunications.

Investing in graphene is not easy, because nearly all the people who wield the power to deal in it are privately owned companies, and as such you can deal with those who are doing it as small and young start up businesses. This includes the pure-play graphene companies that are based in the united kingdom.

If you are really determined to invest in graphene and do not know how to go about it, then respite is here as there are winning tips on how to invest in graphene. What really does it entail to invest in graphene? Here below are the tips.

6 Profitable Ways to Invest in Graphene – for Beginners

1. Research

If you do not know much about graphene, then becomes really necessary that read up all that you can possibly lay your hands on about this profitable venture. As a matter of fact, it is a money spinner that isn’t known to all and that might soon get so saturated. It is for that reason that you have gone to go on a researching spree. You can use the Google resource on the internet to pull this one off. You can also consider asking experts to help you get along. Do ensure that you ask as much questions as you want.

2. Invest In Pure Play Companies

In the United Kingdom for instance, there are pure play graphene public companies. Most of them develop and market carbon materials under the HDPlas brand. The company currently focuses on graphene, CNTs and zinc nanomaterials, and also developed metal-free graphene-based inks. You may consider investing through these public companies, as they have been adjudged to be better than the private owned companies. This is because you are sure to get good returns on your investment.

3. Invest in Graphite mining companies

You may also want to consider investing in companies involved with Graphite – which is in reality a chance of graphene sheets. As stated earlier, graphite is used today in many applications and is already an amazingly booming market. Investing in some of these companies is also a good way to invest as they are -planning to start graphene production. Some of these companies include; the Bora Bora resources company which is based in Australia. It is a graphite exploration company with a suite of high grade graphite projects in Sri Lanka. The Focus Graphite Company based in Canada which is a mid-tier junior graphite mine developer and technology developer company, amongst others.

4. Invest Indirectly

You can also consider investing indirectly in graphene by buying shares in a company that owns or holds a stake in a graphene company. One such company is POSCO. It is a public company that holds some shares of another US based company that develops and markets xGnP – Graphene Nanoplatelets (flakes).With such an investment as this you are sure to get good returns on your investment. Folks who have followed this path in investment have got good tales to tell.

5. Invest through Nanochem

What is the Graphene Nanochem all about? It is a UK based company that holds the private license to a process known as Catalyx which uses a catalyst to extract graphene from biogases (such as methane). This process can readily mean low-cost graphene production. They are also developing graphene-enhanced lubricants for used in the extraction of shale gas. The company main asset is the Malaysian specialty chemicals group. If you are keen on investing in graphene then you may consider using this process.

Are these steps a guaranteed way to invest in graphene? You bet it is as folks who have gone through this means have had only successful stories to tell.