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How to Add Money to Cash App Card?

So you finally got your Cash App card and now you’re ready to run amok with it. We can relate, but hold your horses for now – you can’t spend something that isn’t there!

Luckily, we’ve got your back and prepared a nice and easy guide on how you can add money to your Cash App card in just a few seconds. Like every other function of Cash App, it only takes a few simples steps that will take no time.

In this article we’ll show you how to:

  • Add your bank account to Cash App
  • Add money to Cash App card
  • To check your balance and see if everything’s in order
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Before we move on to practicalities, however, let’s familiarize ourselves with Cash App as a whole in case you’re new to it. If you’re here for the guide only, feel free to skip the next part and find out how to add money to Cash App card.

How to Add Money to Cash App Card?

Can You Add Money to Cash App Card in Store?

Enough about the fun facts, let’s get to business!

The instructions that you’ll find in this article are aimed at transferring money from your bank account into your Cash App card, but there is another alternative – you can add money to your Cash App card in-store.

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More specifically, you have an option to visit a CVS store and add money to your Cash App card through a cashier. In this case, the most obvious choice would be Walmart, as it’s easily accessible no matter where you’re based.

How to Add a Bank Account to Cash App?

Although it is possible to add money to a Cash App card in a store, generally the easiest and fastest method is to do it by transferring money from your bank account into your Cash App account. Naturally, the first step to accomplish this is by adding your bank account to Cash App.

So, let’s get started!

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The first thing you’ll want to do is open your Cash App. As you get to the home screen, you’ll want to tap on “My Cash” which is displayed on the lower left.

When you get there, you’ll notice your balance, “Add Cash”, “Cash Out”, and other features.

In this step, you should tap on “Add Bank”, which will present various banks to choose from.

Cash App is known to support debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, but feel free to use a search bar in case you can’t see your bank among the displayed options.

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After adding your routing number and account number, you will be ready for the next step – adding money to Cash App card.

Before you can add money to Cash App card, you need to add your bank.

The last thing of this step that you might want to be aware of is that you do have an option to modify or remove a linked bank account in case you made a mistake or changed your mind.

To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to your Cash App home screen and choose the Banking tab
  2. Pick a bank account
  3. Click on the 3 dots
  4. Depending on your needs, choose Replace Bank or Remove Bank
  5. Follow the instructions from Cash App
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How to Add Money to Cash App card?

So, you’re halfway done and it took what… 2 minutes? Less? Don’t worry, this part is even easier as you don’t have to carefully type in your information.

Just like before, what you’ll want to do is go to “My Cash” through the home screen, where you’ll find the function called “Add Cash” – very straightforward, right?

As you choose “Add Cash”, you’ll get to set the amount of money you want to add, and once you’re done, tap on “Add Cash”.

To make it official, you will be asked to confirm the transfer using your Touch ID or your personal PIN code. Voila!

Choose "Add Cash" to choose the amount of money to add to Cash App card.

Your Cash App card is officially ready for money spending!

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But stick around and we’ll show you how you can check your balance and make sure that everything is in order.

Checking Your Balance

This is the easiest of the easy navigational actions that you can take.

All you need to do is go to your home screen and the balance will be right at the top center.

Before or after you add money to Cash App card, you can easily check your balance.

In addition, you can download your transaction history as a CSV by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to from a computer
  2. Select Statements in the top-right corner
  3. Choose Export CSV

That was it!

If you didn’t choose a different spot on your computer, you will be able to find the file in your downloads.

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One thing to remember, however, is that monthly statements are ready in the period of 5 business days of every new month.

Other than that, you are good to go!

We’re certain that after trying it out, everything will come to you naturally, and we hope that this article was helpful.

Cash App Interesting Facts

Would you like to know more about the company that provides the service to you?

So you decided to use Cash App instead of similar app alternatives and we’re sure that you have your reasons for it.

While we won’t cover everything there is to know about Cash App below, here are 4 interesting facts about Cash App that might surprise you more than you think.

1. Cash App’s Developer Square, Inc. Supports Bitcoin

It all started in 2017, when Cash App introduced the feature of buying Bitcoin through the app.

Fast-forward to 2020, and not only was the feature to buy stocks introduced as a complementary addition but the developer of Cash App, Square, set aside $50 million from their total assets in Bitcoin. It was due to their strong belief that bitcoin has great potential to become a widely-spread and beneficial future currency.

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In other words, if being able to easily trade Bitcoin and stocks is important to you, you won’t regret using Cash App.

2. Cash App Supports ACH Direct Deposits

ACH, also known as Automated Clearing House, is an electronic network that is meant to process transactions of low value with the possibility to make multiple transfers and lower fees. ACH was initially meant to replace check payments back in the 1960s.

What does this have to do with Cash App?

The concept highly complements the very creation of Cash App, thus as of 2018, Cash App supports ACH direct deposits that are most commonly used for tax refunds and paychecks.

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3. Cash App Will Integrate a Tax Filling Service

Speaking of taxes…

To make the Cash App even more functional and fulfilling to you, the user, Square has made a recent acquire of Credit Karma Tax, which is a tax-filling service that you can fill independently.

Apparently, Cash App really thought this through.

4. The Founder and CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey, Was Inspired to Create Square Thanks to His Friend’s Struggle

We wouldn’t have cars today if someone in the past didn’t come across certain daily struggles in terms of transportation. However, people in the past dared to think that there must be a faster way and now there is.

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The exact same saying can be applied to Square, Cash App’s developer, as it was created after Jack Dorsey was able to relate to his friend’s struggle of being unable to complete a sale of $2,000 due to him being unable to accept credit cards in 2009.

Happy hunting with your new card!