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How To Delete Cash App Account?

Deleting the Cash App Account in 10 Easy Steps!

Why Would Someone Delete Cash App Account?

Just as everything in life has a lifecycle, so it seems in the virtual world of apps. Only that in the virtual world, the apps’ life cycle is as good as the user values the app. When the user is tired, they wield the power to delete the account and uninstall the app. Today in our guide, we look at how to delete a cash app account.

Even though there are many advantages of using a Cash App for instance: One gets a free virtual debit card to use with Cash app, can buy, sell, deposit, or withdraw Bitcoin, get instant discounts with Cash Boost, buy and sell stock commission-free, and sign up with one’s existing banking card. There are those who want to close and delete their Cash App Account.

One can delete their cash app account due to several reasons. Some of the reasons are due to death- as part of removing digital presence online. One has been scammed. Or that you no longer need the app, or have found a better one. Or using the app is a pain in the neck as some reviews show from users online.

Difference Between Deactivating a Cash App Account, Deleting a Cash App and Deleting a Cash App Account

Deactivating a cash app account is a temporary measure; where one stops the account from being active but a given period. However, the account details are still intact and can be reaccessed by activating the given account.

Deleting a cash app is not the same as deleting a cash app account. Deleting a cash app is the same as uninstalling it from your mobile phone. Let’s say someone removed/uninstalled a Facebook app from their phone. The Facebook icon disappears from the phone, right? However, were you to use another mobile phone with the Facebook app, you would still access your account if you did log in with your password and user name.

All you would need is to fill in your account details and access your account. So is the same thing with the cash app, you can delete it, but the account is still active… or accessible. As such, deleting the Cash app should not be confused with deleting the Cash app account as seen in some reviews online.

Things to Consider Before Deleting a Cash App Account

First, do not delete the app. This step should come last. Second, it is good to note that you can not delete the Cash app account if it has any money. If you have any money/balance in your Cash App, you should transfer it to another account; in this case, the one officially linked to the Cash app.

Please, download your Cash App account transactions history. Once the cash app is deleted, you will not have any access to the information if need be for reference in the future.

Remember to cancel the subscriptions and other monthly billing as well.

Armed with the knowledge on the difference between deleting a Cash app, deactivating a Cash app account, and deleting a Cash app account, let us now move on to how to delete a Cash app account.

Steps to Follow in Deleting the Cash App Account

Step 1:

Tap the Cash app icon to open it and log into your account if not yet.

sign into cash app

Step 2:

Ensure that your balance is zero. If you have any money, you will have to transfer it to the bank account linked to your Cash app. Or you could withdraw it if you want.

cashapp zero balance

Step 3:

You will see an avatar or encircled head of a person in the top right corner on your screen. Click on it.

Step 4:

A menu with various items will appear. Scroll down until you see ‘Support’. Tap or click on ‘Cash Support’.

cashapp support
Tap on ‘Cash Support’

Step 5:

A screen appears with the title message-‘How can we help you?’. Now in the list that appears, scroll until you see the term ‘Something Else’. Then tap on ‘Something Else’.

cashapp support
Tap on ‘Something Else’

Step 6:

You will see another list, keep scrolling until the bottom where you will see the words ‘Account Settings’. Tap on the words ‘Account Settings’.

cashapp account settings
Tap on ‘account Settings’

Step 7:

We are almost there, scroll down the list that has appeared until you see the words ‘Close my Cash App Account’ – This should be the third last from the bottom of the list. So please tap on the words ‘Close my Cash App account’.

close my cashapp account
Tap on ‘Close my Cash App Account’

Step 8:

Another screen will appear with the title – ‘Close my Cash App Account’. You will have to read what is written — information detailing what happens when you close your Cash app account. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to close the account. Tap the word ‘Confirm’ at the bottom of the screen.

delete cashapp account
How To Delete Cash App Account?
Tap on ‘Confirm’

Step 9:

A new screen appears titled ‘Confirm’ and at the bottom is the word ‘done’. Under the title confirm, is a message that reads as follows; ‘Your Cash App account has now been closed. You have been signed out of all sessions, including this one and you will not be able to log in unless you create a new account.’

How To Delete Cash App Account?
Cash App is now closed

Step 10:

Tap next, and a screen appears titled ‘Signed Out’ with the following information; ‘You need to log in again to continue using Cash’.Then there is the word ‘OK’ in green. Tap the word ‘OK’, and that’s it. You have just deleted The Cash App from your phone.

How To Delete Cash App Account?
You will be signed out from the Cash App

Verify That You Have Deleted Your Cash App Account

If you followed the steps above, then the account is successfully deleted. However, sometimes errors happen, and the Cash App account may not be deleted. You can verify that you have deleted your Cash App account by trying to log in with your user name and password again.

Deleting the Cash App

Finally, now you can delete the Cash App. All you need to do is to uninstall it. Press the Cash App icon on your android mobile phone or mobile device for some seconds on the home screen. Depending on the mobile phone type – a trash-can appears, and all you have to do is drag the Cash App icon inside it.  

On the iPhone, press the Cash App icon, then the delete checkbox appears, tap it to get rid of the Cash App.

In conclusion, to recap, we hope that following the ‘How to delete Cash App Account in ten easy steps’ has been helpful. Remember if you are having trouble deleting the Cash App to ensure you have no money in your account, it should read zero balance. Also, download and save a copy of your  Cash App account transactions if you need them in the future. Once the account is deleted, you cannot reaccess the information.