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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and the third largest in the united kingdom. Now, to the top business opportunities in Glasgow, they include-:

1. Mobile gaming center

Children and young adults love their video games very much. Now imagine that they could get to play hi-tech games without leaving their areas. As a mobile gaming center operator, you would make money from giving people access to entertainment and games easily and conveniently.

A good thing about the business is that you wouldn’t need to pay for a rental space or overheads because your van would be your office and you can also be the driver as well as the operator of your business.

2. Bakery

Residents of Glasgow love pastries especially fresh, delicious bread. If you love cooking and pastry making, this may be a very good business opportunity for you. You can also supply pastries and desserts to dinner parties, weddings and other ceremonies.

3. Gymnasium

You could also consider starting a gymnasium or a fitness training center where people can train, exercise and get fit. Gymnasiums and fitness training centers are not just for athletes; a lot of people don’t mind paying good money to allow them access to fitness equipments so that they can stay fit and healthy.

4. Movie Theatre

A movie theatre is also a very good place for people to relax, hang and catch up on the latest flicks. Movie theatre/ Cinema operators make money from film ticket sales and sales of refreshment items and snacks.

5. Meat Production and Packaging

Another business idea is to start a meat production and packaging business to serve residents of Glasgow. You can supply your products to grocery stores and supermarkets or even run a mobile meat delivery service.

6. Real Estate

Real estate is also a very good business that you can do in Glasgow. You could purchase old properties; renovate and then sell at a profit. You could also build office blocks or shop spaces for rent.

7. Laser Hair Removal Business

Although you may need some special training and a license to start this business, it is one of the trending and profitable businesses you could do in Glasgow because there aren’t so many competitors and laser hair removal services is in hot demand.

8. Mobile Vehicle Repair

With this business, you would be able to rescue countless numbers of vehicle owners whose vehicles suddenly break down or refuse to work. If you want to make more money, you should consider approaching companies with fleets of vehicles, so that you can offer them fleet management services so that you can be in charge of handling all their vehicle repair and maintenance services. The best companies to target for this are haulage and logistics companies.

9. Pest Control

You could also consider starting a pest control business. This service is useful for everyone; including residential and commercial property owners and people with large warehouses. You would help to control and remove pests like rats, roaches, bedbugs, fleas and a host of other annoying pests.

10. Event Planner

Although there are lots of event planners in Glasgow, you could still create an event planning business that would stand out in Glasgow, which you would make a lot of money from. Your business would revolve around helping people to plan events and getting paid for it.

You could either choose to go into corporate event planning or social event planning. While the former involves planning annual general meeting, seminars, product launching and similar activities for companies, the latter involves planning social events like weddings, dinners, birthdays, fashion shows and other related social activities.

Tips on How to Select a Good Business Opportunity

  • Suitability

Businesses are different and while one business might be capital intensive, the other may be labor intensive. If it’s a labor intensive business, you have to ask yourself

Do I have the strength and energy to run this business?” “Am I healthy enough?”And if it’s a business like consultancy that requires professional expertise and intelligence, you also need to consider if you really have those things before you go into the business.

  • Competition

Before you go into any business, you have to consider the level of competition the business already has. If for instance, I tell you that starting a coffee shop is the best business in Glasgow, then you must go back and look at the number of coffee shops which already exist in Glasgow.

You can visit some of them to actually observe how well they are doing in terms of demand and supply. If from your investigations, you find out that the competition is too stiff, then you might be better off finding another business to do, except if you have got a really good strategy up your sleeves to defeat your competitors.

  • Capital

Your capital is also very important. If furniture making is a good business in Glasgow and furniture making costs $10,000 to start and you only have $1,000 then it is pointless to consider furniture making except you have access to alternative funding.

However, if you really do have a passion for this business, your best bet would be to find a smaller niche within the business which would be cheaper to start. For instance, you could consider furniture remodeling and then gradually build your business until you can afford to start your own furniture making business.

  • Passion

You also need to have passion for whatever business you decide to do. It must be a business that you love or else, you would grow tired of it quickly.