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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Manchester

The type of business you decide to do has a lot to do with the level of success you would achieve. When it comes to doing business, you cannot just go with the trend, you have to choose wisely. Here at ProfitableVenture, we make choosing a business opportunity easier by bringing you hot business opportunities and showing you how to start them. If you currently live in Manchester or you are considering relocation to Manchester, here are some smart business ideas you could choose from-:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Manchester

1. Risk Reduction Consultant

Business is full of risks; from loss of profits to loss of assets and employee theft. There’s always something that could go wrong with the business which would affect output and consequentially, revenue.

Although most companies buy insurance policies to help counter the effect of these risks, many business owners are beginning to realize that insurance is not just enough; and that steps must actually be taken to identify some of the risks that the business may be exposed to and then try to reduce them. A risk reduction consultant helps to identify some of the inherent and potential risks of a business and then suggest effective strategies for risk management.

2. Body Detox Consultant

In spite of the fact that our bodies are very powerful organs that can function on their own, sometimes they need extra help with certain things; things like detoxification. The foods that we eat, drinks we consume and sometimes the air we breathe contain a whole lot of toxic materials which affect the body which is why there is a need to regularly detoxify the body to prevent diseases and illnesses.

Becoming a body detox consultant is one of the smartest businesses that you can do because you would find an impressive number of people who desire to stay healthy and disease-free who would like to patronize you in Manchester.

3. Elderly Care

Elderly care is a simple enough business that rakes in a lot of cash. It involves taking care of senior citizens in Manchester. Now, some people mistake elderly care to mean being an adult nanny or maid and are quick to turn up their noses when this business is mentioned but it is not so.

There are many things that you could do for senior citizens like plan their vacation, file their taxes, arrange their insurance, organize healthcare programs for them, mobile grocery store for adults, mobile cloth store for adults and a dozen other services that could be rendered. And who says you have to be the one who renders these services? You could have a team of senior care assistants who would handle the field work while you handle the planning and organization aspect.

4. Retirement Planning

Even though some people who are close to retirement age look forward to it, some are scared of it because they really don’t know what the future holds especially on the financial side. This is where the retirement planner steps in- a retirement planner helps to organize and plan a comfortable, happy and healthy retirement for people for coming up with effective strategies to handle their welfare. If you are someone who likes to work with adults, this is a really good business opportunity for you.

5. Stock Photography

When you go on websites or blogs, you see some beautiful pictures that arouse your curiosity and make you want to explore the websites or blogs more. Where do you think these pictures come from? Very few people organize a photo-shoot just so they could have content on their website; ain’t nobody got time for that. What most people do is look for stock photographs which they buy and use.

Now, there are a lot of free stock photo websites on the internet but the problem with free stock photos is that you could get sued for intellectual property theft or even have the same picture used by you on gazillion other websites, it’s free after all so anyone can use it.

So, to avoid problems of this nature, people prefer to buy stock photos. You don’t have to be a photographer to run this business; you can outsource the photography aspect. What you need most is a website to sell your photos.

6. Self-Published Cookbook

Yes, you can make money from publishing your own cookbook and here is how-Amazon has a publishing platform known as Amazon Kindle Publishing; on this platform, you can publish your e-book which would be bought by millions of amazon users. Selling your book as low as $2.99 per copy, you could make as much as $1,000 per month if you can come up with a very superb cookbook that would attract a lot of buyers.

7. Vehicle Wrap

Businesses need publicity especially cheap ones that would not eat excessively into the profit of the business. One way to get such is by wrapping the company’s vehicles with the company’s brand name, logo and pictures. You must have seen some of such vehicles about town and it’s not too late to join in and make some money for yourself from helping companies wrap their vehicles too.

8. Auto-glass repair

A broken windshield is an unfortunate thing that could happen to anyone. However, no one likes to carry a broken screen around and sadly, not everyone can afford a replacement. This is why auto-glass repair is a lucrative business in Manchester. The only challenge you might have is how to get word out and inform people of your new business; as soon as you create the necessary publicity and awareness for your business, there is no limit to how much you can make.

9. Trash Transformation

You have probably heard of some of the recent concerns of environmental specialists about wastes and some of the risks it exposes our planets to. One particular item that is giving people concern is plastic. Plastic takes several years to decompose; sometimes up to a thousand years but sadly, plastics are what we have chosen do develop our one-time-throwaway culture.

However, it’s not a hopeless situation as some of these waste materials could be converted into useful items. For instance, i once saw a house built of plastics (and no, I’m not kidding). I also know that waste could be converted into bio-fuel that can be used to power engines and for cooking as well. By going into trash transformation business, you would not only be saving your planet; you would also be engaging in a business that would enjoy governmental support.

10. Health Food Store

There are dozens of food stores around Manchester but there aren’t many health food stores and you will agree with me that an increasing number of people are looking for ways to stay healthy by eating good food. A health food store where people can get fresh, healthy food is not a bad idea at all.