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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Liverpool

You can buy business ideas, pay researchers to help you find out what the most viable business opportunities are and read business newspapers and blogs to find out profitable business ideas but you can never buy the wisdom and experience needed to run and manage a business profitably.

Why am I saying this? The reason is because I want you to succeed in any business you choose to do. A lot of entrepreneurs make one very common mistake when starting a business; they do not get trained! Look, I know you went to business school and you are very smart; that’s true.

There’s absolutely no doubt about that but you have to agree with me that someone who didn’t go to school at all and just went for some years of training in a particular business line could start a business and defeat another who spent several years in college. That’s the power of practical.

In college, they don’t teach you the practical aspects of running a business and even if they do, what you learn is little compared to the challenges you my face. So, whenever you grab a business idea; a viable business that you can do, get someone to train you on the practical aspects of the business. This is very crucial to your success in any business. Now, let’s look at 10 viable businesses that you could do in Liverpool.

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Liverpool

1. Sports Training Facility

Liverpool is known for its love for games and sporting activities especially football. There are so many young kids and raw talents out there that need to be discovered and brushed up so that they can go professional.

This cannot be done without the right training facility and sporting equipment. A lot of parents are willing to part with sizable amounts of money to get their talented children the right training to enable them become professional sports players.

I guess you are already thinking “But I don’t know the first thing about sports?” Well, who says you have to? There are so many sports trainers out there looking for jobs; just set up your sports training school, equip it with the right facilities and hire trainers to manage the practical aspects for you. It really is as simple as that.

2. Money Lending

Ever since the recent global economic recession that flung a lot of people out of work, people have learnt not to rely on paid employments. A lot of people want to set up their own businesses that they could have control of and can always bank on.

But the first problem most aspiring entrepreneur’s face is the problem of capital. This is where money lenders have roles to play and money to earn of course. As a money lender, you would lend money to people who need it to set up businesses, people who need money to meet urgent needs, payday loans and so on and in turn, you would receive interests on any money you lend out.

3. Corporate Training Services

Serious companies and business owners know the importance of training. They know that to succeed and remain in business, they must continue to upgrade the knowledge and skills of their employees. The business world is an ever-changing one and there are new skills to be learnt daily.

This is why companies hire corporate training experts who can develop training modules and organize training programs for their staff. When you start this business, you don’t need to wait for clients to come to you, you can always send out proposals to companies and if it’s brilliant enough, you would definitely get a few invites.

4. Haulage

The haulage business is a very wide business with several opportunities. You could start a construction haulage business which focuses on helping to convey building materials; you could start a moving service for corporate and individual clients or a merchandize haulage business. There are really so many haulage business opportunities that you could start in Liverpool.

5. Directory Publishing

I know that there are a couple of directory publishers in Liverpool but you don’t have to worry about that because yours would be slightly different. Your own directory publishing business would be an online one. A lot of business owners know the importance of having a strong internet presence and that’s why they would patronize you.

6. Security Outfit

These days, you can never have too much security with robbers, gangsters and terrorists lurking everywhere. You can use this situation to your business advantage by setting up a security outfit for commercial and private establishments. You could also kick things up a notch by selling security gadgets and equipments like spy cameras, pepper sprays and a lot of other things.

7. Smartphone and Tablet Repair

Everyone owns a smartphone or tablet these days and smartphones repair and servicing is a little different from the repairing regular phones. You can set up a special repair Centre for smart phones and tablets repairs. More people would be encouraged to patronize you if they know that you are a specialist in smartphone and tablets repairs.

8. Home Renovation Services

A lot of homes in Liverpool were built in the 80’s and 90’s. These homes are starting to need some kind of upgrade and facelift to be able to conform to the standards as well as the increased comfort that homes built in this century offer. This is exactly what home renovation experts do, they help people remodel their homes to make it more habitable and beautiful.

9. Garage Sales Organizer

A lot of people have stuffs they don’t need in their homes. Stuffs that they have barely touched in years yet these stuffs occupy a lot of space. The space it occupies is not even the problem, the problem is that these items could be sold to other people who need these items and would be ready to part with good money for it. As a garage sales organizer, you would make some commission from helping people organize successful garage sales in order to dispose of items that they do not need.

10. Cooking gas retailing

Lastly, you could consider starting a cooking gas sales business. This is a very lucrative business because in almost every home in Liverpool, you are sure to find a gas cooker.