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How Much Does It Cost to Open Nandos Franchise in UK?

First and foremost, Nando’s does not offer franchises in the UK and they don’t have any plans to franchise in the United Kingdom in the future. Internationally, franchises are only available in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

Note that the UK arm of Nando’s is run by a private equity company, owned by a South African family. Rather than offering new Nando’s franchise opportunities, Robby Enthoven, who manages the UK operation, has focused on improving what the brand has to offer.

However, if you want to get involved with Nando’s in the UK, you will either have to enter as a manager or work your way up from a member of staff to be a manager. You can also try and join as a regional managing director. In this position, you will manage up to 12 different branches while getting top-class support from other Nando’s staff.

Nando’s chicken has its roots in Portuguese and African cuisines. Portuguese settlers in Africa created the piri-piri marinade using local hot peppers and they are a favorite in Portuguese restaurants around the world. The inspiration for Nando’s came in 1987, when Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte, a Portuguese national, ate in a South African restaurant called Chickenland. They loved the chicken and bought the restaurant for 80,000 Rand.

The restaurant was renamed after Fernando’s firstborn son and it started going from strength to strength. In 1989, the chain had three restaurants. Two of these were in South Africa and one of them was in Portugal. A few years later, the chain was bought by Capricorn Ventures.

Presently, there are more than 1,000 Nando’s restaurants across the globe. It has branches in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, to name but a few. While successful in these countries, it has not matched the same banana level of cultural entrenchment anywhere else but in the UK.

One thing that sets Nando’s apart from the countless fried chicken joints that you find on the high streets across Britain is the quality of its food. Nando’s chicken is ethically sourced and well-prepared, featuring spices not found on other British menus. This has made it a favorite of more than a handful of celebrities.

In addition, there is the fact that in modern, multicultural Britain, almost everyone can eat at Nando’s. It doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or Christian: you can happily eat chicken. This gives it an appeal that crosses cultures and age range. You can customize the chicken however you want, too. Not a fan of spicy food? Then get the mild or extra mild chicken.

Aside from the fact that the service is of high-quality, they also are affordable and when you factor in their bottomless soft drinks, you can see why it’s a favorite of families, students, and singletons alike. Nando’s marketing is also masterful. The red color scheme reflects the spices used in the chicken, while the handwriting-style font on their menus projects an image of friendliness.

The rooster used on its logo is an emblem of Portugal and their secondary font is that used on road signs across South Africa. Nando’s also makes smart use of celebrity endorsements. The Nando’s black card, which gives you unlimited chicken and soft drinks, has been awarded to Ed Sheeran, with other members rumored to include Greg James and David Beckham. As a result, they get increased mentions and free advertising.

Financial Requirements for Opening Nandos Franchise

The cost of opening a Nando’s franchise varies and depends on the location and size of the store.

  • South African locations: About $20000
  • Other locations: £750,000 up to £800,000 of capital, Initial franchise fee of £40,000.

Steps to Open a Nandos Franchise

If you are dedicated and passionate about opening a Nando’s franchise, then you are expected to check their official website for the necessary information. After checking their website, you will see a list of the countries in which you can open their franchise, if your country is mentioned then please visit the country’s website.

Their team members respond to all franchise inquiries through their website. Detailed steps to acquire this franchise include:

  1. Determine the amount you have to invest in a Nandos franchise. This financial evaluation includes totaling your personal net worth and your available liquid assets.
  2. Arrange your financial information and income tax records and meet with a business lender to prequalify for a franchise loan.
  3. Choose the desirable geographic location for your franchise restaurant and research the markets for fast food in these areas using business resources, including newspapers and magazines
  4. Request a copy of Nandos corporate franchise information and the disclosure document by using the request form on the corporate website. Examine the details included in this paperwork. Some countries also require separate disclosure statements.
  5. Carefully complete the corporate application and wait for an invitation for an interview. During the waiting period, Nandos corporate officers evaluate your financial assets and conduct background checks.
  6. Participate in an extended interview with the corporation representatives and participate in a restaurant experience to evaluate your ability to take charge of a franchise operation. If you have a prior restaurant or fast-food management experience, this requirement may be waived. This interview determines your franchise qualifications.
  7. Hire an attorney with franchise experience to evaluate the franchise agreement and the disclosure statements for potential problems.
  8. Select the site for your franchise restaurant and negotiate the purchase of the franchise with the Nandos.
  9. Write the corporate-required marketing plan for your restaurant and develop a business plan for your new store. Nandos corporate representatives help guide in developing these plans.
  10. Submit the site registration for your restaurant and pay Nandos the required funds for the site evaluation. Corporate representatives assist with completing the registration request.
  11. Apply for your franchise loan and build your restaurant.


Nando’s franchise is currently not looking for new franchise holders in the United Kingdom. Just like it was stated above, any individual or startup can open their franchise of Nando’s in South Africa, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia. You can get all the relevant information on their official website.

Immediately a franchise holder has been permitted to commence operation of their own restaurant, only then they can open their franchise. The Regional Support Team of Nando’s keeps an eye on all your activity in the initial days.