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9 Best Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

Frozen yoghurt is made from a combination of fresh milk and yoghurt, giving this delicious treat its unparalleled tang. There is indeed no limit to the flavour combinations, coupled with a choice of fresh and dry toppings. A lot of frozen yoghurt franchises operate a popular self-serve approach, allowing customers to experiment with flavour combinations. This level of flexibility is more or less appealing to the modern customer.

Frozen yoghurt contains healthy bacteria that benefit the digestive system; you’re less likely to feel bloated after a frozen yoghurt than you are with traditional ice cream. Have it in mind that with extra calcium to bolster bone health and lower fat and calories than ice cream, frozen yoghurts are the go-to for the health-conscious.

Frozen yoghurt franchises are the ultimate low-maintenance businesses. Indeed, you are expected to keep the machine clean, but there is little preparation involved; meaning greater profit margin. Taking out a franchise on an existing frozen yogurt chain is good, but a well established chain oftentimes is proven, has a refined system of operation, and provides a higher rate of success.

One of the benefits of offering additional core menu offerings such as smoothies, juices, and juice cleanses in addition to frozen yogurt is having multiple revenue centres under one roof. So instead of selling 200 cups of yogurt each day to make a profitable business, a juice bar may only need to sell 50–60 cups a day. Also, they are in a better position to compete with neighbouring and competing yogurt brands by lowering their price point.

Howbeit, whether you decide to open a frozen yogurt franchise in UK or a juice bar franchise that sells yogurt, the selected brand should be able to provide a detailed business plan, training, on-going support, product development, assistance with marketing, marketing collateral, site & lease negotiation assistance, and purchasing power.

It is also imperative that your selected frozen yogurt business keeps up-to-date with what is obtainable in the market, so it can remain relevant and interesting. Note that having a good and comfortable atmosphere is also a necessity to having a profitable frozen yogurt shop. Seating is a plus as most guests would prefer to sit down and enjoy their yogurt.

Additionally, always remember that the management and team members greatly contribute to the atmosphere as they are more or less tasked with creating a positive guest experience. So, a proper and robust training program should be a strong consideration of the brand. The ideal way to analyse a brand’s guest service program is to simply visit several of their stores and rate your guest experience first-hand.

As per estimates, the frozen yogurt industry in the UK sells products of up to £40 million in a year! It is therefore a wonderful time to tap into this trend and make a profitable business out of it. Properly spelt out below are some prospective frozen yogurt franchise options that you should consider if you wish to be a part of this trend.

9 Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. Baskin Robbins

The ideal candidate for Baskin Robbins should have an experience in negotiating and sourcing real estate in a given market. The franchisee they are looking for should have an experience in Multi-unit Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and in the retail and/or food service, one who has a long term strategic vision for developing the brand.

To be one of them, you will need to have least £11,000 minimum investment for a 10-year term and at least £100,000 liquid assets for single store investment. You also need to pay an advertising fee of 2%.


  • Franchise Investment: £500,000
  1. FreshBerry

FreshBerry is a unique frozen yogurt franchise that is doing great business in the market. The franchise fee for a FreshBerry franchise is £20,000 per store. On top of this, there is a royalty fee of 6% on the gross sale, excluding the sales tax.

The FreshBerry team helps its franchisees, in setting up the store. They assist fully in the architecture, construction, as well as, the site procurement of the store. As a franchise, you also receive marketing support to help flourish your business. The FreshBerry franchise term is for a minimum of 20 years.


  • Franchise Investment: £20,000
  1. Heavenly Desserts

This company has been franchising since 2017 and now has over 35 + successful franchise stores and 5 company owned stores with all doing well. Heavenly Desserts is an aspirational brand, beautifully & innovatively designed & customised to the area it operates in.

This company has nationwide and international opportunities available right now and will open 15 stores per year. The franchise fee of £17,500 plus VAT gives you access to a proven business model. In addition to desserts made on the premises, Heavenly Desserts provide speciality coffees and other delicacies.


  • Franchise Investment: £17,500
  1. Yogland

Yogland is a healthy dessert and espresso store. The company offers so many flavours of frozen yogurt with no added sugar. The company also offers a vegan diet to cater to the newer and more environment-friendly trends of the world.

The company also provides a comprehensive training and support system. All you need to do is head up to their website and fill up the franchise form, and they will get back to you with additional information. Under their franchise package, you can choose between opening a store or a mall concession concept.


  • On Demand
  1. Treatz

All their stores are sleek, modern, warm and comfortable. What separates Treatz from the competition is that customers can relax and enjoy a premium product and service every time they step into Treatz stores. By deciding to become a Treatz Franchise family member you will reap the rewards of a successful business system, a popular brand identity and a thoroughly experienced and dynamic team whose job is to help you grow and succeed.


  • Franchise Investment: £99,000
  1. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is the biggest self-serving frozen yogurt retailer in the world. The reason why Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is so popular is because of their all-inclusive menu. Not only do they offer 120 flavours of frozen yogurt, they also have much gluten free, dairy free, vegan, soy-based, halal certified options with no added sugar.


  • Franchise Investment: £100,000.
  1. Spoon Street

They are a multi award winning, independent frozen yogurt chain based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Their aim is simple; they want every customer to have a fun, creative and delicious experience. With multiple flavours of Frozen Yogurt, sorbets & gelato and over 40 toppings available, customers are in control to create their cup exactly the way they like it!

With a Spoon Street franchise you have a great opportunity to build a successful, high income business. To help make your business a success they provide an award winning business model, a strong brand, and all the training and support you need.


  • Franchise Investment: £119,000
  1. Smoothie Factory

Smoothie Factory is a wholesome retailer, selling frozen yogurts, fresh juices, fruit smoothies and other similar fresh food items. The Smoothie Factory has franchises in over 20 countries, all over the world. The minimum investment required for a Smoothie Factory franchise is £238,030.

In addition to the initial investment, there is also a royalty fee of up to 2% for master franchisees and up to 4% for unit franchisees. You also get a complete training and support package from the Smoothie Factory team to help you set up your business.


  • Franchise Investment: £238,030
  1. Shakeaway

Shakeaway is primarily a milkshake brand. However, it also offers a wide range of smoothies, yogurts, and other products, all made from fresh fruits. Note that you can invest in a Shakeaway franchise with a minimum investment of £50,000.

As a franchisee, you will receive assistance in finding the right location, marketing, staff selection, as well as complete training for you and all your employees on how to run a successful food business. Shakeaway also provides its franchisees third-party funding support.


  • Franchise Investment: £76,000

Frozen Yogurt franchises are doing great in the market. With new environmentally supportive diets like veganism being provided by a good number of brands, frozen yogurt is a healthy choice for all. This is a good time to venture into this sphere of the food industry.