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7 Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

Buying an ice cream franchise is no doubt one of the easiest routes to follow if you want to own an ice cream business in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, this is a thriving and fast-growing industry in the UK. Statistics show that the United Kingdom’s ice cream market is worth an estimated £1.1 billion per year, and is continuing to grow, and indulgent luxury brands like Simply Ice Cream are at the forefront of the market.

Natural ingredients and product innovation have really been at the heart of the brand’s growth over the last few years, with high street supermarket Waitrose being one of the brand’s customers. Interestingly, the United Kingdom comes tenth in the top ice-cream consumers of the world, with an estimated 7 liters consumed per person annually.

Having said that, if you are interested in owning an ice cream business via franchising, here are ice cream franchises that you can buy in the United Kingdom.

7 Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. Love Brownies

Love Brownies, established in 2009 currently has 20 franchise outlets all across the United Kingdom. Love Brownies is an award-winning business with delicious recipes. Indulgent and spectacular, Love Brownies’ brownies are handmade in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. With a range of rich, tempting flavors to entice any palette, these multi-award-winning delights take center stage in every franchise.

When coupled with exceptional customer service, the Love Brownies experience is guaranteed to put a smile on every face. From those looking to spoil someone special, to people just wanting to give themselves a well-deserved treat, these thoughtful and delicious brownies are just perfect.

All the brownies are gluten-free, and there is also a range of decadent vegan brownies slices, meaning everyone can indulge. Whether taking some home from a grab and go kiosk, or enjoying the full experience in a bright, modern, and vibrant café, Love Brownies are irresistibly delicious.

Financial Requirements

The Love Brownies Café

Customers can watch the world go by in the Love Brownies retreat – a full café-style fit-out with a modern twist. The retreat is bright and airy, with friendly faces serving a range of treats.

Perfect for: High streets, small towns and town squares

  • Franchise fee: £25,000
  • Package fee: Approx. £75,000 dependent on premises, size and condition

The Love Brownies Grab & Go

Where chocolate connoisseurs can grab a gift or bite to eat in the café on-the-go.

Perfect for: High streets, shopping centers, retail/business parks and small-town car parks

  • Initial franchise fee: £25,000
  • Package fee: Approx. £25,000 dependent on premises, size and condition

The Brownie Kiosk

Day shoppers always have their eyes peeled for a unique gift, the Brownie Kiosk with sweet treats is the thing to catch their eye.

Perfect for: Transport hubs, high-traffic areas, department stores and university campuses

  • Initial franchise fee: £17,500
  • Package fee: £20,000

The Brownie Day Tourer

In the Brownie Day Tourer, whisk your stock off to a festival, food event or local market where people will be working up an appetite.

Perfect for: Festivals, food events and markets

  • Initial franchise fee: £17,500
  • Package fee: £15,000
  1. Simply Ice Cream

The founder and owner Sally Newell launched Simply Ice Cream in 2005 and it is now a multi-award winning luxury brand. The ice cream is handmade in small batches in the heart of Kent using only the best and natural ingredients.

No additives, preservatives, powders or syrups are used in the manufacturing process. The team at Simply Ice Cream spent months refining the model to ensure that with hard work and commitment they are presenting a strong brand and a solid business model for success.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved at the beginning of what is going to be a very exciting journey. If you love ice cream, want to be part of a luxury brand in a fast growing market, have a great work ethic and excellent people skills, then then this brand is for you.

Financial Requirements

Simply Ice Cream franchise has an upfront cost of £18,000 and you will need working capital of approximately £8,000. The franchise package includes:

  • Exclusive territory
  • Excellent earnings and profit potential
  • No royalty payments for the first 6 months
  • 5 year agreement with an option to extend
  • Full initial training and on-going support
  • Startup stock
  • Head office generated leads
  • Pre-launch marketing campaign
  • Personalized web page
  • Marketing materials
  1. Amorino

Amorino ice cream franchise was founded in 2002, serving a variety of different gelato and sorbet flavors whilst catering for the dairy-free consumer too. It boasts 170 locations in over 19 different countries. The UK only has branches in London and Leeds currently, but this offers the perfect opportunity to expand.

Financial Requirements

  • Liquid Cash: £200,000 per store
  • Initial Investment: between £30,000 and £150,000
  • Total Investment: £500,000
  1. Sprinkles Gelato

Sprinkles Gelato began as a family-run business in 2012. It dishes up everything from gelato made by hand, waffles, crepes, sundaes, cakes, milkshakes and coffee. Its chains are perfect for a wide audience, from families with kids who want their weekend treat and parents who need their coffee, to teens looking for an after-school pick-me-up and natter over a milkshake. The sweet and sugary franchise now extends to over 16 locations across England, so there’s plenty of scopes to develop the brand.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Personal Investment: £100,000
  • Startup Cost: £300,000
  1. Baskin Robbins

The Baskin Robbins UK franchise comprises of more than 150 stores around the UK and it’s expected to expand further. The international franchise offers every sweet treat you can imagine on its menu, from its famous ice cream in a variety of flavors to milkshakes and sundaes. The US franchise is always looking to expand itself internationally.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Franchise Fee: £11,500
  • Minimum Invest Per Unit: £100,000
  • Advertising Fee: 2 percent
  1. Creams Café

The retro Americana-style café began its development in 2008 and offers a sweet fast-food style menu to its customers. The Café boasts healthy alternatives and even a vegan menu. Its Pop-Art-style design and marketing aims to reach its target teen audience but is also a great spot for a family day-out to treat the kids. The franchise of over 85 stores is a unique opportunity to start your own ice cream franchise that reaches out to a modern audience and keeps up with the trends.

Financial Requirements

  • Total Investment: £500,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee: £14,950 + VAT fee for each unit
  • Royalty Fee: 5 Percent
  • Marketing Fee: 1 Percent
  • Advertising Fee: 2 Percent
  1. Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs is a long-standing brand that was founded about 61 years ago in 1960 by Reuben Mattus. The company made its way from its first store in New York, to ending up expanding to the UK in 1990 with the first outlet in Leicester Square. Haagen Dazs uses the finest luxury ingredients to stand out and make its name in the market as a definite leading ice cream franchise. The franchise boasts 800 outlets internationally but is always looking for more.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Personal Investment of £23,000 and a total of £119,000