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7 Pest Control Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

This term, pest, refers to common and unwanted insects and small animals that inhabit households and buildings and carry germs and diseases of all kinds. These unwanted insects and small animals are very difficult to get rid of. According to reports, the notorious plague which wiped out half the population of London was spread by rats, which are one of the most dangerous pests found in houses, hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings and offices.

Some other pests that live among us are roaches, spiders, mice, termites, fire ants, snakes, silverfish and other creepy crawlies. Since these annoying creatures are dangerous and so hard to get rid of, people tend to seek professional help to get rid of them. Unfortunately, pests are found in most of the houses and buildings in the UK, but they are controlled to some extent with the help of pest control services.

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The UK pest control franchise market performance is closely linked to population density and environmental conditions. Due to the nature of service pest control franchises offer, their performance isn’t impacted by economic conditions as much as other markets.

The UK pest control industry as a whole is growing about 6% a year, despite economic downturns. This growth is contributing to a market value of close to £350m and experts anticipate this growth to continue and potentially increase even further.

Starting your own company from scratch especially in the pest industry is always a risk, but becoming part of an already established franchise network provides you with the security of knowing that you are part of a successful business model.

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Franchising has also allowed entrepreneurs to be their own boss, dictate their own hours, or even work from the comfort of their own homes. Franchising also provides entrepreneurs with the added benefit of training, support and financial assistance.

While reports may not accurately state the level of profitability, have it in mind that there are enough reasons to consider buying pest control Franchises. Pest control franchises are consumer-facing service franchises, meaning that you can expect a great deal of support from customers if your franchisor has a name-brand that’s well-known. Also note that this is a specialty service business. So, you can expect much less competition in your territory, as the barrier for entry is quite high.

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Pest control franchises are required in all demographic areas – from the high streets of London to rural Wales. Notably, it is much easier to base your business model on bulk contracts from institutions, organisations and businesses if you operate in a densely populated territory.

Since you will be required to visit the work site, you don’t need to spend heavily on renting a prime commercial location. (You will however need to speak to the local council regarding the storage of chemicals and pesticides.)

Indeed, acquiring a pest control franchise means that you get to enjoy all the benefits that come with franchising, in addition to the brand value – marketing budget, ready-to-deploy know-how, staff training, and assistance with necessary certifications, customer support and troubleshooting. Here are top pest control franchise opportunities in UK;

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7 Pest Control Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. Whelan Pest Prevention – £16,995 (plus VAT)

Established over 15 years ago, Whelan Pest Prevention operates across the UK and has become a well-known name in pest control. Over the years, the company has successfully developed a range of techniques and products to protect property, food and health in the best and most environmentally friendly way possible.

Services include wasp control, bird proofing, commercial contracts, flea control, rodent control and more. The company also provide household maintenance, drain and sewage spill clean-up, loft clearance and asbestos removal. Whelan Pest Prevention offers a 24-hour hotline for customers to get emergency services when they need it.

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The franchise opportunity requires a low start-up cost, offers a central and local website, branded work wear, a large exclusive territory, and credibility to use the Whelan Pest Prevention brand. The company’s products and services continue to be in demand and franchisees will also receive the first five month’s lease of the van paid.


  • Franchise Investment: £16,995 (plus VAT)
  1. Pestforce – £16,500 +VAT

Pestforce is the largest and most successful Pest control Franchise in the UK. You should consider taking the plunge to become your own boss with this company, and enjoy both hugely exciting and lucrative adventure. With their track record of providing industry leading franchise support, training and expertise, new franchisees first attend a comprehensive training program tailored to teach them pest control, business and marketing.

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This takes the format of classroom, practical and then buddy-ing an existing franchisee. The company’s aim is to get you out in your territory earning by Week 4, and then work with you on your continuous personal development.


  • Franchise Investment: £16,500 +VAT
  1. The Pest Company – £18,295

Established by brothers James and Steven Mills, each of whom has over 20 years’ experience in the pest control industry, the Pest Company is a dependable and trustworthy organisation that can always be counted on to deliver excellent results with professionalism and affordability.

With experience dealing with infestations in a wide range of buildings, including sensitive areas such as schools, hotels and restaurants, The Pest Company is able to service domestic, commercial and industrial clients. Have it in mind that the quality of the service they deliver has seen

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The Pest Company grow into one of the UK’s leading infestation removal companies. They achieved this quality of service by priding themselves on both innovation and attention to detail, ensuring a swift response that both eradicates the issue at hand, and accommodates the needs of their client.


  • Franchise Investment: £18,295
  1. Orkin – £75,000

Orkin was established in 1901 and now has over 2 million customers in the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, South America and Mexico. Orkin offers you the opportunity to join a proven and successful organization as a licensed franchisee in your own exclusive territory.

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With Orkin, you can become part of a multi-billion dollar industry serving the world’s largest hotel chains, food processing companies, retail chains and fast food restaurants in an industry that continues to experience steady growth, even during economic downturns.


  • Franchise Investment:£75,000
  1. Fantastic Pest Control

This company has been going for 7 years as part of Fantastic Services. It was an exciting time when they spread the word across the UK about their high-standard pest management services for domestic and business clients alike. You will be instantly recognized from day one without the struggle and efforts of promoting your business.


  • On Demand
  1. Prokill Pest Prevention – £15,000

Established in 2006, Prokill is one of the leading pest control companies in the UK. The franchise leverages the most effective and up-to-date methods of pest control to help companies in a wide range of industries such as food, manufacturing, commercial, offices, retail, facilities management and hospitals.

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The Prokill franchise also offers its services to domestic customers. The Prokill franchise also offer ad hoc services to both domestic and commercial clients as well as two supportive contracts to customers.


  • Franchise Investment: £15,000
  1. PGH Beegone

The PGH Beegone franchise is an amalgamation of two already established brands: PGH Pest Control & Prevention and Beegone Live Bee Removal. The multi-award-winning companies were established in 2008 by Peter Higgs with the support of the Prince’s Trust and Peter was delighted when they hit the million-pound turnover milestone in 2019.

PGH Pest Control & Prevention is an expert in its field – serving homes and commercial properties. Note that the company’s mission to identify, control and exclude pests is at the heart of everything it does.

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Moreover, a holistic approach is employed, so problems are dealt with and resolved while incorporating preventative work for a long-term solution, which ensures client value for money. The company tackles a wide range of pests, including rodents, insects, large animals and birds, and is passionate about reducing pesticide use.


  • On Demand

Each franchise opportunity in this market will offer slightly different services, but they all revolve around removing pests or pest proofing premises. This means you must be comfortable with working in an environment where pests exist. The other requirements for a pest control franchise opportunity are focused on your ability to run the business aspect of the franchise.