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9 Best Halal Franchises in UK in 2023

The term “halal” refers to actions and behaviors allowed by Islamic law, as explicitly noted in the Qur’an. When “halal” is mentioned in the same sentence as meat, it is focused on the method of slaughter.

Reports have it that halal and kosher meat are in high demand in the US and especially Europe, with numerous halal franchises offering customers a wide and encouraging range of products and services, including cosmetics and fashion, healthcare, travel & tourism, and financial services.

Halal foods remain a very viable part of Muslim cuisine. There are an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and collectively, they are expected to spend £1.5 trillion on food and drink by 2030. At a time when cultures are intermingling more than ever before, it’s not just supermarkets that are incorporating halal food.

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Restaurants are also beginning to accommodate the demand too. Owing to numerous food-supply scandals in recent years, there has been heightened eagerness to find trusted suppliers of halal meat products.

A good number of companies that have built strong reputations and loyal customers in this market have gone from strength to strength, and some are even more than willing to share their business models with new and willing entrepreneurs.

Owing to that, if you are looking to start a lucrative business and become your own boss, consider obtaining a halal franchise because it has the potential to offer you a strong start in the business world, coupled with continued success.

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Aside from the well-noted reputation and strong brand concept that franchisers offer you, they also offer you valuable training, help with locations and planning issues, support on food hygiene compliance, technical and marketing help, and equipment and products, all at lower rates.

Top 9 Halal Franchises in UK

  1. Tariq Halal

Note that when you align with this franchise, you get unrestricted access to their Halal suppliers coupled with a trustworthy reputation that has been tried and authenticated over the past 45 years. Also, note that they will provide extensive training on brand awareness to ensure their brand quality traditions live on.

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Have it in mind that having a Halal franchise in the UK can be a daunting task especially when you don’t have the correct infrastructure and procurement network. Note that one of the many benefits of partnering with Tariq Halal is the use of their well-tested line of operations that are known to be very well managed from sourcing to delivery.

Financial Requirements
  • Only On Request
  1. Rooster Shack

Note that this brand is well known as a fast-food franchise that provides top-notch peri-peri chicken, wings, wraps, burgers, shakes, and more from its fully halal locations. It was awarded the Good Food Award for Takeaways 2020 and is now looking to expand its concept across the UK.

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To become a franchisee with this company, you will need experience running your own business, most preferably within the catering industry, and must be willing to put in the hours to act as owner-operator at first. Note that this company is currently seeking individuals with the desire to grow their business into a multi-site empire over the long term.

Financial Requirements
  • Minimum investment: £120,000
  • Total investment: £185,000
  • Franchise fees: £17,500 +vat
  • Advertising fee:2%
  • Royalty fee:5%
  1. Loaded Burgers

Established in 2014, this company boasts of only providing high-quality, meaty, flavorsome burgers with a vast range of toppings to contrast the ‘sad’ processed patties of other establishments. To guarantee that all customers could enjoy their top-quality, flavorsome burgers, all the meat served is halal and approved by the Halal Food Certification.

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Financial Requirements
  • Initial Investment: £150,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement:£25,000)
  • Initial Franchise Fee: £15,995
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee: 6%
  1. Chicken Cottage

Note that this is a fast-food restaurant with the heritage and familiarity of a large chain but stresses the fact that it has more in common with an independent restaurant, especially owing to the team that works there and the values it was built on.

According to reports, the first Chicken Cottage restaurant was established in Wembley, north London in 1994 with an immediate aim to create a product with a unique taste.

Note that an easy-to-recognize logo and a strong brand identity meant it attained success almost quickly, despite a vast range of fast-food restaurants already in existence. The menu focuses on food that is fresh, enticing, Halal, convenient, and affordable.

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Financial Requirements
  • Minimum Investment: £60,000
  • Total Investment £200,000
  1. Favorite

Favorite Fried Chicken remains one of Britain’s largest fried chicken franchises and has been in the industry for over 30 years. Not only is all the meat served approved as halal, but in 1998 it was also the first UK food chain to declare a ‘GM Free Zone’.

This company offers a fully structured franchise system with a product menu and operational system to equal the best in the sector, whilst still maintaining an affordable cost for franchisees.

Financial Requirements
  • Minimum Investment: £100,000 – £ 180,000
  1. Thai Express

Have it in mind that this is a quick-service restaurant model that offers a takeaway service. In recent times, it has grown to include franchises that cater to increased customer demand and now offer halal options. The Thai Express system has been refined over the last 15 years to guarantee that interested entrepreneurs are joining a well-defined, easy-to-follow process backed by secret Thai sauces and trademarked dishes.

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Financial Requirements
  • Minimum investment: £50,000
  • Total investment: £150,000
  • Franchise fees: £15,000
  • Advertising fee:3%
  • Royalty fee:6%
  1. Camile Thai Kitchen

Camile Thai Kitchen is a well-established award-winning healthy online delivery restaurant chain situated in London. Boasting over 30+ restaurants in the UK and Ireland (and a pipeline of 20 more on the way), this is genuinely a top halal brand to consider.

Have it in mind that the home delivery of hot food is growing massively in urban areas, propelled by the rise of food aggregators like Deliveroo and Just Eat, coupled with people’s spending ever-increasing amounts of time online.

However, this brand is well-positioned to cater to this growing need and they have ambitious plans to grow further in London first, before venturing to other locations.

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Financial Requirements
  • Minimum Investment: £100,000 – £ 400,000
  • Total Investment: £200,000
  • Franchise Fees: £15,000
  1. Southern Fried Chicken

This is one of the best halal franchises to consider in the United Kingdom, especially owing to their global knowledge gained over the last 40 years.

After developing a pioneering licensed network of over 500 partners in the UK serving the unique Southern Fried Chicken taste to hundreds of thousands of customers every day, have it in mind that the FFS Brands Group shifted its attention to fully franchised operations in the 1990s, primarily to offer business owners the opportunity to own and manage single and multi-site restaurants in almost every continent.

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Presently, the focus has been on regional developers and master franchise partners to develop and expand the brand in a very exciting and rewarding way.

Financial Requirements
  • Minimum Investment: £100,000
  1. Caprinos Pizza Ltd

This is a young successful UK pizza delivery/takeaway chain with a very encouraging popularity growth in the market. Note that they remain one of the very few pizza brands offering a Halal menu across all their branches. They are well renowned for offering Italian American cuisine and menu items that are very suitable for adults and children.

They strive to provide an outstanding takeaway/delivery experience to their customers, with the sole purpose of exceeding customers’ expectations for quality and service while paying close attention to customers’ individual needs.

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Financial Requirements
  • Minimum investment: £85,000
  • Total investment: £95,000
  • Franchise fees: £5,000