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Top 20 Health and Safety Consultants in Birmingham

Health and safety consultants are known to carry out workplace visits to note potential hazards to the physical well-being of employees. They tend to work for a consulting firm and conduct on-site inspections at a client’s workplace.

Their job duties include obtaining observational data, interviewing employees, performing tests, analyzing data, and measuring risks. They make recommendations on how their clients can improve and incorporate the best approach to health and safety management in their industry.

Also, note that they provide a vast range of services to employers and organizations that improve the H&S standards of an organization while complying with the latest regulations of the system. According to UK law, it is the responsibility of employers to make available information and training to employees about safety requirements and risks involved at work.

Irrespective of the size of an organization, it is very pertinent to have proper health and safety processes in place. Note that having a health and safety consultant remains one of the most viable ways to meet all necessary health and safety standards.

If you are looking to work with health and safety consultancy services to help take care of everything for you, from policy creation to workplace audits, here are the top health and safety consultants in Birmingham.

Top 20 Health and Safety Consultants in Birmingham

  1. Rhino Safety

This consultancy firm works with businesses throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands region to ensure they comply with all current UK Health and Safety Regulations.

If you have a Birmingham-based business or are operating in the West Midlands, they can help you validate and guarantee safety and trust within your company. They will work to safeguard you from prosecution, fines, the potential loss of your business, and having to deal with the consequences of fatal accidents.

  1. Safety Forward

They are a Midlands-based consultancy that provides health and safety support to organizations in the private and public sectors throughout the UK.

Have it in mind that they provide affordable, practical, and straightforward solutions to a vast array of business establishments, from small local companies to national enterprises across many different sectors. They will also provide you with insights on the very basic workplace activity to more complex, dynamic risks.

  1. Guardian Support

Guardian Support is an Employment Law and Health & Safety consultancy firm based in the heart of Birmingham with years of experience and a vast range of satisfied clients across the West Midlands and most of the UK. Note that their professional HR & Health and Safety consultants boast of a very long list of qualifications and industry knowledge that will guarantee that your business remains compliant and that your employees are happy.

  1. Acorn Safety Services

This is a well-known Health and Safety Consultancy that offers health, safety, and CDM compliance services to clients scattered across the UK. Being a fully impartial company, have it in mind that the advice, guidance, and training you receive from them will always be in your best interests and will ensure that your business remains on the right side of the law.

  1. Safetywise

They are known to offer Health & Safety related consultancy services and training courses that ensure that their clients will attain legislative compliance under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. With over 10 years of industry experience, they represent some of the finest companies in the Birmingham area and not only construction companies, but fabrication & installation clients plus many other industrial, workshop, and office environments.

  1. WRM

This firm provides businesses with practical, pragmatic, cost-effective compliance solutions to suit their peculiar business requirement.

By leveraging comprehensive online technology, with their custom-built WRMonline management portal, they provide fast, reliable, and extensive support. The firm’s back-office staff boasts of a minimum of 8 years with the company, and some have the Nebosh General Certificate. WRM is registered with the Institute of Fire Safety Engineers and CIEH

  1. OJ Safety

They offer health and safety services in Birmingham and surrounding areas and can help you with all your safety needs to guarantee you stay compliant with everything, saving your company time and money.

Have it in mind that their retained safety packages will provide you with competent Health and Safety advice for a small monthly cost, coupled with all the necessary health and safety documentation needed to get your company in the place it needs to be.

  1. WorkNest

Work Nest tends to work closely with tens of thousands of organizations in the UK with one clear purpose: allowing employers to manage their workforce, workplace, and workflow effectively, efficiently, and compliantly. Their primary objective is to help you to run your business with complete confidence and comply with the law, while still attaining your commercial goals.

With a dedicated expert on the other end of the phone for practical guidance whenever you need it, you can free up time, do away with health and safety guesswork, and protect your business against the risk of fines and prosecution.

  1. Veritas Consulting

This consultancy firm provides a simple affordable compliance solution for businesses in Birmingham. They tend to provide an effective smooth blend of 3 key elements – to not only make your business totally compliant but with their simple compliance solution, they guarantee the whole process is as simple as possible. Veritas Consulting provides you with the solutions you need in an industry that seems to enjoy puzzling everyone.

  1. RDC Safety Limited

This is a multi-disciplined consultancy, offering unique solutions to its fast-growing nationwide client base which spans all industry sectors. RDC Safety Limited has the expertise and experience to fulfill and exceed all clients’ Health and Safety needs.

Have it in mind that their offerings are designed and adapted specifically to meet each client’s needs. They achieve this by working topenly and honestlynest way in order to develop practical safety solutions.

  1. Zebra Safety

One of the best options to consider, they offer a vast range of Health and Safety consulting services and specialize in effective, practical solutions that deliver a positive impact on your business.

Note that a full-time Safety Professional is most often not needed for a small to medium-size business; however, that level of competence is still necessary to guarantee your business is compliant with health and safety law from a moral, legal and economic perspective. Zebra Safety can provide short or longer-term solutions depending on your requirements

  1. DynamIQ Safety & Health Ltd

Well renowned as an industry leader, have it in mind that they provide very high-quality service. DynamIQ Safety & Health has the skills, knowledge, and experience to walk you through your Health and Safety duties.

They support your application by making available their H&S experts who will guide you through the process. They guarantee that if you follow their advice, they will get your organization accredited to an SSIP Member Scheme standard or your money back.

  1. AECOM

They are a team of well-trained Health and Safety professionals offering health and safety advice across all areas of the United Kingdom and covering all sectors in the construction industry coupled with other Health and Safety consultancy services. Note that this includes work with commercial clients, local authorities, healthcare providers, education institutions, and the residential market.

  1. FM Safety Consultancy Services Ltd.

Note that they are based in Birmingham and cover the entire Midlands providing a wide array of Health and Safety Support and training services. According to reports, their services range from consultancy and training to full outsourced agreements, where FMSCS can act as a ‘competent person’ within your company.

Whether an individual, SME, or larger organization, have it in mind that they have the expertise to support you and offer a tailor-made solution to fit your individual needs.

  1. Orbis Environmental & Safety

Founded in 2016, ORBIS has grown to become a top-rated consultancy, specializing in taking the load off your hands. Have it in mind that each project is assigned a Project Lead in the form of an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant that will be a Chartered Member of IOSH, as a minimum with over 10 years experience – therefore you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

  1. British Safety Services (BSS)

This is one of the well-known health and safety training consultancies both in the UK and internationally. Note that the health and safety trainers at BSS have helped the company to grow to become fully recognized as one of the best international health and safety course providers in the world.

Established in 1991, BSS is a leading accredited health and safety training company well noted by the major international awarding bodies including NEBOSH, Constructions Skills – CITB, CIEH, and IOSH.

  1. Safety Services Direct Ltd

They are professional health and safety consultants only employing chartered health and safety practitioners; chartered engineers and chartered environmentalists. Have it in mind that all their consultants are fully NEBOSH qualified and are IOSH accredited members with many years of onsite experience.

Therefore, they fully comprehend the numerous challenges faced when working on site. Also, note that they are an award-winning health and safety consultancy having been recognized by the federation of small businesses.

  1. McCormack Benson Health & Safety

They are customer-focused health and safety consultants that focus on supporting small businesses that cannot afford to employ a health and safety manager. Note that they make it an utmost priority to stand in for the owner or director who contracts their services. They are employed to argue clients’ cases against the HSE, environmental health officers, staff, your insurer, etc.

  1. JM Health and Safety Consultancy

Through their partnership with Risk Support Services Ltd – part of the JMG Group – they provide extensive support to clients in making Health & Safety manageable for your business.

Note that they strive to take the burden of Health & Safety away from you – in many cases, they will effectively become your ‘competent person’ in the eyes of the HSE (Health & Safety Executive). It simply entails that you can effectively outsource your responsibilities to ensure that you comply with the law.

  1. 3Spires Safety

This company offers health and safety services and supplies safety professionals to a range of different service sectors.

Primarily situated in the Midlands, United Kingdom & now most recently Portugal, they provide a comprehensive offshore and onshore HSE consultancy to numerous market sectors such as commercial construction, the wind energy sector, manufacturing, the marine sector, waste management, and have been working across several countries in Europe, UK, and the Middle East over recent years.

If you’re bothered about breaking the health and safety law in Birmingham and putting employees and members of the public at risk, consider any of these health and safety consultants. Regardless of the nature and size of your business, and whatever level of risk your activities create, working with any of the above firms will guarantee you fulfill your legal obligations and also save valuable time and money.