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9 Best Places to Scrap Car for Cash in Birmingham

If your car has been in an accident or any incident that has caused it to get damaged beyond repair or become too costly to repair, then you may have to consider scrapping the car. Note that scrapping your car after an accident remains one of the most notable ways to get back some of your expenses on the car.

Scrapping the car could also help you better afford a replacement. When looking to scrap your car, it’s pertinent to make sure it’s being disposed of at an ATF. An ATF is a facility that is permitted and licensed to dispose of waste motor vehicles (also referred to as End-of-Life vehicles or ELVs).

Have it in mind that taking apart vehicles without an ATF is illegal as some numerous hazardous components and fluids could be bad for the environment if not handled properly. In addition, only ATF-licensed yards can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

In the United Kingdom, without a Certificate of Destruction, the DVLA will likely believe that the car still belongs to you. If for any reason, the vehicle surfaces on roads again, you will still be considered the legally registered owner and may even incur costs as a result. If you are looking to scrap your car in Birmingham, here are the top places to consider.

Top Places to Scrap My Car for Cash in Birmingham

  1. Scrap My Car

This is one of the well-known DVLA-approved Authorised Treatment Facilities and car scrapping services in Birmingham. Well noted as one of the UK’s most established scrap car businesses, they offer incredibly competitive prices for end-of-life vehicles.

Note that their reputation has drawn in a vast range of networks of scrap car specialists and Birmingham scrap yards that can maximize the returns on every vehicle. They offer their services to customers throughout the Midlands and they can pay as a direct result of their expert contacts.

  1. Remove My Car

Founded in 2009, Remove My Car has over the years grown to become one of the leading scrap car networks in the UK. Have it in mind that this company has made scrapping of cars in Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Telford, or any of the surrounding areas a lot easier.

They are known to provide market-leading scrap car solutions and great prices. They also make arrangements for free collection of your unwanted vehicle at a time that’s most suitable to you. They will also provide you with a legally-binding Certificate of Destruction upon the successful recycling of your scrap car.

  1. Beeches Recovery

This company provides scrap car disposal services free of charge for customers throughout the West Midlands area. With this company, scrap vehicles are de-polluted, and this entails that wheels, tires, fuel, and fluids are removed before recycling.

They are also an Authorised Treatment Facility and they carry full accreditation including an environment license and waste carriers license for the safe disposal of End-of-Life (ELV) vehicles. They can also make arrangements to collect your vehicle at a time and date that aligns with your needs.

  1. Birmingham Autobreak Recycling Ltd

Aside from the fact that they offer professional services to all customers, they also offer advice to customers on how to legally scrap their vehicles following DVLA regulations.

Note that their site in Birmingham is an authorized ATF Centre (Authorised Treatment Facility Centre) where vehicles are Fully Depolluted and Recycled following Environmental Regulations. They also pay very good prices for Mot Failures, Accident Damaged, and Non-Runners. They also provide a Free Call Out for quotations on Insurance Write-Offs.

  1. ELV Recycling Ltd

Have it in mind that this company provides expert de-pollution services for all kinds of vehicles. They will always comply with all environmental regulations while carrying out the de-pollution process so that the scrap car won’t contain any hazardous substances, which can pose a threat to the environment or the people working on it.

With more than 10 years of experience in vehicle de-pollution, they are renowned as one of the most trusted scrap companies to work with in Birmingham.

  1. Neilsons Recycling Ltd

As a government-approved Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) located in between Coventry and Birmingham, this is one of the best options to consider when looking to scrap your car especially since they are accredited by both the DVLA and Environmental Agency.

Also note that they only employ the most qualified and professional staff, and are always seeking experts within their respective fields to maintain their leading standards in the industry. The company has also invested heavily in its online scrap car quotation system and this entails that you can pick up a fantastic quote on a vehicle that you no longer need in seconds.

  1. CarTakeBack

Well renowned for offering reliable service with authorized scrap car recycling centers across Birmingham, also have it in mind that they make selling your scrap car quick and easy. CarTakeBack saves you time by offering some of the best prices for your car in and around Birmingham, instantly.

They also offer free car collections with flexible times available. You can also choose to bring the car yourself and quote the reference number along to your local Birmingham branch to drop off any time. You will only need to input your registration number and postcode for a free quote that will last for seven days.

  1. Taroni’s of Birmingham

This is the most notable scrap yard Birmingham has to offer. Founded in 1952, this company has been recycling a vast range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for decades. They specialize in recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, scrap cars, and motor salvage.

They also provide the best prices for motor salvage, scrap metal, and scrap cars Birmingham has to offer. Reports have it that they deal daily with the public, businesses, local councils, and insurance companies, ensuring they are an establishment you can trust. They also offer instant payments for your scrap metal and scrap cars and first-class customer service.

  1. Car Busters

This is a small, family-run, scrap yard based in Rugby. Note that they have been providing car scrap services for years. People in Rugby, Birmingham, and Coventry are known to leverage the services they offer regularly. Have it in mind that they make the whole scrap my car service very easy to use with their well-developed quote generator.

You will only have to enter your registration number along with your postcode and the website will provide you a quote for your scrap car within a few seconds. Noted above are the best places to scrap your car in Birmingham.

However, by carrying out your research early, you can obtain a guaranteed quote when prices are at their most competitive. According to experts, the first half of each month is more or less the perfect time to secure this with your chosen scrap dealer.