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List of Private Label Tanning Products / Companies in UK

According to reliable reports, the global sale of private label in beauty and personal care has grown massively, rising by 1.4% in 2017, to reach USD12.8 billion. The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region remains the fastest (8.5%), followed by Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Although growth traditionally emanates from staple categories such as baby products, bath and shower or oral care, private label is now extending to more premium categories, such as colour cosmetics, skin care and even fragrances.

Note that these new demand shifts have brought the spotlight back on private label, creating more opportunities to secure consumer trust and interest. Even though the availability of private label products varies across BPC categories, over the past years product variety has evolved to target and fuel changing consumer demands, to leverage industry trends.

Indeed, the competitive advantages of private label brands are their price point and retail availability. The products are cheap and accessible to many consumers due to high availability through traditional grocery retailers, beauty specialists, and drugstores.

Even though grocery retailers offer private label primarily in food, home care, and personal care, some retailers such as Aldi have recently entered the beauty space by offering skin care and make-up products to their customers through its Lacura Beauty fantasy brand.

Since the products are imitative of the industry’s top-sellers, they are offered at unbeatable price points and claim to have all the key ingredients that are found in the leading brands, such as caviar extract, Q10 or charcoal.

Beauty specialists such as Sephora have had private label brands for years, but are always innovating and adapting product range to offer customers all the latest beauty industry top-sellers such as face masks, highlighters, eye-brow shapers, with attractive price points and packaging.

Note that all their product ranges and offerings allow consumers to mix and match their purchases with other more premium products available in their stores, offering the perfect balance of masstige and premium products in their consumers’ baskets. Presently, non-traditional players have also entered private label.

Apparel and footwear high street retailers have embraced the potential of owning their own beauty ranges. Retailers such as Zara have presently started a lipstick range only available online, which has been received very positively by its loyal customer base. Even online retailers such as Amazon are entering the private label beauty space following the launch of its make-up line, Find.

Private labels are also evolving to embrace new BPC industry codes. Have it in mind that with growing consumer demand for safety and transparency in products, the private label industry has had to adapt to remain competitive. In personal care, convenience will be steadily sought-after by consumers who are living busy lifestyles in urban environments. Note that adapting to demand for natural products will also be of the essence.

By offering low price points, convenience, and attractive packaging combined with quality ingredients, private labels in the UK will be able to remain relevant as they are going to become more of a threat to traditional, well-established brands.

Entering the Cosmetic Business is possible if you understand how it works and you establish clear goals. If you are looking to produce a line of Tanning Products and lotions in small quantities with your name on it, here are private label manufacturers to consider in the UK.

7 Private Label Tanning Products / Companies in the UK

  1. Group55

At Group55, quality comes first at and is embedded in everything they do. Be it product development, testing or contract manufacturing, their quality-first approach ensures excellence at every stage. They also never stop looking for better ways of doing things.

Whether it’s investing in new technologies and equipment or using creative chemistry to develop unique products, they see innovation as a responsibility to their customers. They also understand the importance of open, two-way communication and pride the company on the relationships that they have with customers and suppliers.

  1. BlackBird Skincare

This is a place that makes it easy to establish your skincare brand. They offer a large range of service under one roof that is designed to satisfy your needs. Note that their work will connect you with in-house talented creative designers, marketing specialists, genius engineers, savvy sales representatives, hardworking workers … anyone who needs great product and great work.

  1. Private Label Self Tan

They currently create and produce self tan ranges on a private label/white label basis for numerous well-known brands both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Their products have netted clients’ multiple 10/10 ratings and 5-star awards across all the major beauty magazines and newspapers so they are confident their private label self tan range is among the best available. They can offer you self tan products in a range of white label formats, including: self tan lotions, mousses, gels, and spray tan solutions.

  1. Spray Tan Direct Ltd

This company offers a range of professional products at affordable prices. Wholesale and Trade discounts are also available to professionals. There are many spray tanning systems on the market and the choice can be overwhelming. The good news is, no matter what your budget is, Spray Tan Direct Ltd has the right system for you.

  1. Welby

With over 25 years experience in the development and manufacture of innovative beauty and personal care products, this company has created a range of unique self tanning formulations, and now supply many of the major brands in this market sector. Welby offers contract manufacturing, product development and packaging solutions to self tanning product companies, wholesalers, spas, salons and retailers.

  1. Hub 7

They are experts in providing a streamlined professional private label solution for salons, individuals, companies and influencers who want their own brand of self tan products. They ship worldwide, including Europe, America, Australia, Scandinavia, Russia to name a few. This is a wonderful opportunity to stock and promote your own brand of tanning products.

Due to the success and experience they have developed over the years doing this, they offer products to salons, beauticians, retail wholesalers, bloggers, celebrities and any other business’ or individuals who wish to have their own private label product who can promote it themselves, gaining more exposure.

  1. Plantain Group

The Plantain Group manufactures high quality award winning natural skin care products, cosmetics, aromatherapy products and essential oils. They also create an extensive range of quality products to benefit your skin and have been supplying to retail and trade for many years. Unlike most competitors, there is no minimum order quantity for own brand, own label and private label

If you are building your own small business and would prefer to get into the beauty industry with your own line of skincare, cosmetics or hair care, then you need a product. You can seek manufacturers that have already done all that hard work for you. These Private Label companies will make the whole process easier and you can now focus on selling and advertising.