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List of Organic Coffee Bean Wholesale Suppliers in UK

As the world becomes more aware of the after-effects of chemical ingredients and the harmful processes many food companies use, organic has become more popular. When a product bears or comes with the “Organic” symbol, it emits both comfort and peace of mind to the consumer.

Have it in mind that when a coffee is certified organic, it entails that it was made without the use of chemicals and it contains no fillers or other ingredients – just the coffee. Organic coffee will also have the strongest, freshest taste, which is quite crucial to many people.

Normally, all coffee should be like this. But it is not, and it is up to the customer to make sure they are making the best possible purchase. Indeed, much of the best organic coffee can be found and bought easily; you only need to know what you’re looking for.

Most see “organic” coffee as coffee that was grown void of chemicals or pesticides. This is indeed correct, but there’s also more to it. If you want coffee that’s truly organic and the healthiest it can be, it’s imperative to research exactly where it comes from.

This is because various regions have different requirements before a soil can be termed organic. Some places require that the soil be chemical-free for 3-5 years to ensure all residues are gone. Others, however, only care about how that particular crop is treated. This means there could be some residual pesticides from previous crops.

You are also expected to consider pest control. A lot of these companies grow their coffee in the sun to maximize production, but this leaves it open to insects and other pests. This means they need to use something to control them.

But, if you use a company that grows their coffee in the shade – as it should be – this minimizes pests and you won’t have to worry about what they did to prevent them. The following are some of the best organic coffee bean suppliers in the United Kingdom. These companies can be trusted to harvest organically and supply coffee with the freshest, highest quality flavour in the market.

18 Organic Coffee Bean Wholesale Suppliers in the UK

  1. Coffee Plant

They specialize in pure Arabica coffees which are both organic and Fairtrade. They offer coffee plant supply retail and wholesale, and also have a busy coffee shop and an artisan roaster. They send coffee all over the UK and to nearby European countries. You can order online, or by phone.

  1. Owens

They are wholesale coffee suppliers, servicing businesses across the UK. Their 100% certified organic Fairtrade coffee satisfies a demand from an increasingly discerning, conscientious consumer.

Since they are committed to providing wholesale organic coffee beans, they have been able to offer extended choice to retailers and food service providers, which give you the opportunity to select the most suitable coffee for your customers. As wholesale coffee suppliers working alongside both retail and foodservice, they also provide a comprehensive full café service to support your business.

  1. John Street Beverage

This company has over 40 years’ experience in supplying coffee at wholesale rates to businesses all over the UK. As wholesale coffee suppliers in the UK, they are passionate about preparing and delivering the highest quality organic coffee at the best possible price. Thanks to their cutting-edge roasting, blending and packaging facilities, they can easily supply an extensive range of quality, fresh, wholesale coffee to coffee chains, hotels, and individual cafes at competitive rates.

  1. Limini Coffee

This is a wholesale coffee supplier and roaster based in West Yorkshire that specializes in wholesale coffee beans, barista training & commercial espresso machines. They are truly passionate about specialty coffee beans and they focus on supplying wholesale coffee beans to like-minded coffee people in the UK.

  1. Iron & Fire Speciality Coffee Roaster

This is a Shropshire based quality coffee roaster and supplier of freshly roasted coffee beans of the finest quality. Note that they only offer the best quality in-season coffee beans, including supplying organic coffee beans, fair trade coffee beans and rainforest alliance coffee beans hand roasted in-house in Shrewsbury. They deliver freshly roasted coffee across Shropshire, the West Midlands, Birmingham and also supply coffee and espresso machines UK wide.

  1. Northern Edge Coffee

Northern Edge Coffee is an independent coffee roaster and wholesale supplier based in the seaside town of Berwick upon Tweed. They specialize in roasting delicious, hand crafted coffee for both the retail and wholesale market and are dedicated to crafting high quality coffee. All their coffee are  fair-trade, organic, and supports rainforest alliance.

  1. Real Deal Roasters

This company roast carefully selected single origin coffees, selling these as well as a few choice blends. All their coffee is pure (no added flavours) some are fair trade and also organic. These coffees are so roasted fresh to order, ensuring they bring you the freshest coffee possible.

  1. African Organic Produces Limited

African Organic produce is registered in the United Kingdom with offices in Africa. With many years experience in the food industry, they benefit from highly specialized experts and consultants all over Africa. They recognize individual value, and support their suppliers and put their customers first to ensure customer loyalty.

Africa organic produce specializes in production, processing, and export of organic coffee from Africa to buyers from all across the world. Their product includes fresh and dried food, commodity and solid mineral resources that are well processed and of good quality.

AOP is working in partnership with well-known and qualified farmers throughout African countries with the purpose of showcasing, helping and training farmers to grow their products and make reasonable returns from their hard labour.

  1. Adams and Russell

This company combines premium quality coffee with value for money. They have a wide selection of beans, spanning a wide variety of flavours and roasts. From honey, chocolate, red wine, caramel and much more. Whatever you are looking for, they are sure you will find it. Note that they only hand roast beans in house and hand pack them to ensure ultimate freshness.

  1. Cloggs Coffee

They can supply as much or as little wholesale coffee beans to your business as you need and they guarantee that the product you receive is at the absolute pinnacle of quality and freshness. Whether you run a coffee shop, a restaurant, a bar or a hotel chain, your customers expect the very best coffee every single time.

Cloggs Coffee can supply coffee beans to cafes and coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels. They also sell handy little 250g bags of coffee beans and ground coffee to retail outlets. All wholesale coffee orders are freshly roasted and dispatched the same day.

  1. Round Hill

Round Hill is a speciality coffee roasting company based a few miles south of Bath in Radstock, Somerset. The company’s focus is to source, roast and supply exceptional coffee for the home brewer and wholesale customer. Their approach to coffee is to source the best seasonal harvest, only picking small lots from independent growers and co-operatives and always paying a premium for unique quality and character.

  1. Stokes Tea and Coffee

Founded in 1902, Stokes Tea & Coffee is a fourth generation, family run business that roasts splendid blends and single origin coffees for wholesale and retail customers. They source, blend, roast, pack and distribute all under one roof at their HQ in Lincoln using an eco-friendly ‘smart’ roaster.

For wholesale customers, they offer an award-winning service from product and machine supply to accredited barista training and even white labelling which includes creating unique and original blends specific to each customer and only to them.

  1. Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast, Edinburgh are an award winning Scottish gourmet coffee roaster with three cafés in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their coffees have been used in the world brewers’ cup, and their baristas regularly place as the top Scottish barista in the UK barista championships. Artisan Roast coffees are carefully sourced either directly with growers or with long term supply chain partners and their goal is to find unique, quality focused and vibrant tasting micro-lots.

  1. Slumberjack Coffee

SlumberJack coffees are Green Bean importers (direct from Farm) and contract roasters and packing specialists. Note that they have the potential for producing large volumes of your own branded products. The products supplied are coffee beans, ground and instant coffee in a variety of bag styles and weights. They can also supply instant coffee in resalable tins and have a range of compostable packaging lines.

  1. PureGusto Coffee

This is the most trusted wholesale coffee supplier in the UK. They are also one of the leading suppliers of their own exclusive range of PureGusto coffee from where you can buy fresh wholesale coffee beans. As wholesale coffee roasters, their job is to work with customers to serve exceptional tasting coffee.

Note that they enjoy working with coffee focused businesses and helping them thrive with exceptional coffee and support. Whether you prefer whole coffee beans or freshly ground coffee, PurreGusto selection of artisan coffees has something to suit your tastes.

  1. Horsham Coffee

Aside from wholesale supplies, they also offer free extensive barista training to give your staff the confidence and knowledge they need to get the best from the coffees they’ll be working with. If you are new to the world of specialty coffee, they can also offer you industry advice and support and supply you with the best coffee making equipment available, including espresso machines, grinders and filter brewing equipment.

They also offer a wide range of equipment from La Marzocco, Conti, Anfim, Ceado and Mahlkonig with flexible payment terms including lease options.

  1. Casa Espresso

Casa Espresso is Bradford’s first Micro Roastery and UK’s original Sanremo distributor. They offer small batch hand roasted coffees from ethical and sustainable coffee green importers. The company also offers free barista training and support.

  1. Doppiocoffee

Doppio Coffee is a coffee wholesale company that aims to build a bridge between roasters, coffee equipment manufacturers, and independent coffee shops. Each Doppio Coffee Warehouse is made up of a showroom, espresso bar, and workshop where coffee lovers, consumers, retailers, and wholesalers can see and touch equipment and accessories, and learn how to make coffee.

Indeed, organic is always the better choice. But you also shouldn’t blindly trust an “organic” label without doing some research into the origin and processing method. When in doubt, look for local coffee companies that can answer your questions. This way, you’re also supporting your community of small and family-owned businesses.