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6 Best Recycling Franchises in UK You Can Open

People are becoming more environmentally conscious today, and this is one of the reasons why new business opportunities are cropping up in the world of recycling. Without doubts, recycling in the UK has become a massive market, offering huge returns. In 2020, the estimated revenue of the industry was £21.2 billion.

It also boasts of different viable niches, and each of them comes with different levels of profitability. Starting a recycling business in the UK is a good idea. Aside from being a lucrative field with the potential to bring in substantial profit, this venture also benefits the environment.

Have it in mind that a lot of hard work goes into making this venture a success, and the field also has numerous competitors. But if you can work with a tried and trusted franchise, it is only a matter of time before you have a profitable recycling business in the UK.

Note that going down the Franchise route can be a life-changing experience. Buying a recycling franchise takes away the hard work of building a business from scratch. A good number of recycling franchises available in the UK already have a proven system in place that is designed to maximize revenue.

Note that having a proven system in place gets rid of the guesswork and errors a common business owner would ideally encounter. Since there is an established system in place, there is a higher likelihood of success.

Note that banks are usually very comfortable financing the purchase of a franchise because they already have a proven track record. In addition, when you buy a recycling franchise you are guaranteed ongoing support. After all, for the franchisor to be successful, they also need you to be successful.

Top Recycling Franchises in the UK

If you are eager to acquire a recycling franchise in the UK, here are top choices to consider;

  1. Junk Hunters

This company was set up in 2017 and since then, they have been providing efficient and environmentally friendly waste removal and recycling service for domestic and commercial markets in the capital. With years of experience in the waste disposal industry, they have genuinely built a reputable waste disposal brand. By joining Junk Hunters, you will not venture into the industry at the bottom step of the ladder.

  1. Ekko Waste Management

Renowned as an Ayr-based innovative and fast-growing recycling expert, this company provides glass crushing machines and collection services to the leisure sector. Currently, they are offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to share in their burgeoning fortunes by owning and operating an Ekko Glass Crush & Collect Franchise.

Ekko Glass Crush & Collect franchises are providing innovative answers to the problems associated with recycling glass. Its glass crushing machines reduce glass bottles to one-fifth of their original volume, and the residue, or cullet, is collected and sent for processing.

  1. Fantastic Services

With full training and extensive marketing support, this brand will help you start and grow a business that you can be proud of. Also, note that they will offer you all the tools and support you require to expand your Junk Collection business throughout your territory. With an increased demand for an easy and convenient Junk Collection service, Fantastic Services is suitably placed to help you meet the demand in your area.

  1. ACM Environmental

This is one of the UK’s leading waste management and environmental consultancies. ACM franchise owners are tasked with consulting with their clients to find inefficiencies within their waste and recycling stream, whilst also offering them a single point of contact for collection, recycling, and/or reprocessing of their commercial waste streams.

Note that franchise owners with this brand will have access to the company’s existing clients as well as develop their own contracts.

  1. Clothes Aid

This franchise offers willing entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their businesses with the help and backing of an experienced organization. Aside from the fact that the business produces good income and profits, have in mind that you will be part of a unique network that has massive social benefits.

Note that this unique business model provides an opportunity to achieve steady earnings, receive comprehensive business support, and benefit from the brand’s trusted, long-established brand (20+ years!).

  1. Recycling Your IT™

Note that this company provides IT Equipment Recycling services to small and large businesses, with their computer recycling processes being 100% eco-friendly. According to reports, they always strive to adhere to the WEEE directive and other best practices around IT Equipment recycling and disposal.

Recycling Your IT is known to only provide top services including certified and accredited IT Equipment recycling and data destruction. Their aim is to make IT equipment disposal easy and stress-free by making available complete traceability of assets, security of data, and documented proof for legal compliance.

Steps to Open a Recycling Franchise in the UK

It can be quite tricky to know where to start when thinking of buying a recycling franchise in the UK. To help put you through this, here are the steps necessary to open a recycling franchise in the UK.

  1. Carry Out Research

You have to make sure that your budget and values align with the requirements of the franchise. Consider speaking with potential business partners at events such as the British Franchise Exhibition, the National Franchise Exhibition, and Franchise Opportunities Live to get a comprehensive view of what is out there.

It is also important you approach the franchisor and obtain all necessary information that will help validate if the franchise is a suitable business for you. You should also reach out to existing franchisees to have a first-class view of what it’s like to be part of the company’s franchise network.

You might find that the opportunity features more problems in real life than on paper, or you might discover that it doesn’t align with your lifestyle, skills, or financial aspirations. If you can’t meet any in person, consider taking your research online.

  1. Attend a Discovery Day

A good number of franchises in the recycling industry will host discovery days for prospective business partners to give them a direct feel of the company and to enable them to meet the people who are in charge. Note that the franchise agreement is explained in detail on discovery days, and you would have the opportunity to find out exactly what the franchise requires of you and offers you in return.

This would also be a very good time to ask about the particulars of the set-up process, such as territory, funding, training, or recruitment.

You should also ensure you meet with the company’s leadership team, and when you’re talking to them, remember to keep a sharp eye out for potential problems; from weak managerial skills to outright scams. Don’t forget to look at the resume of the franchisor’s top management, because most often the people making the decisions have never owned a small business before.

  1. Find a Suitable Location

Have in mind that location is paramount to any successful recycling business. A good number of recycling franchisors usually allocate exclusive territories to their franchisees, but some franchisees can sometimes be left to find their own location.

Regardless, you must seek out a site that benefits from an encouraging customer footfall, like a high street or shopping center. This will, without doubt, require approval from the franchisor, but if you’ve chosen a site that’s well placed and suitable for the business, it will most certainly be approved.

  1. Secure Your Funding

A good number of people eager to invest in a franchise barely can afford to cover the entire investment cost upfront. Many lenders won’t mind offering up to 70 percent of the total investment cost, but this will depend on having a well-detailed business plan that proves you’re going to be a reliable franchisee.

You might find that your franchise has a comprehensive list of approved financial partners for the benefit of new franchisees, but you could also approach other lenders. Numerous lenders won’t mind supporting franchisees and can provide valuable advice if further funding is needed in the future.

  1. Read the Franchise Agreement

You must go through the franchise agreement again and pick out anything you are not very certain about, don’t agree with, or just want to know more about. Have it in mind that the franchise agreement is a legal document and once you’ve put your name to it, you are tied to it.

Consider going through the agreement with an experienced franchise solicitor, accountant, or lawyer. These experts will inform you of any suspicious elements in the agreement and make sure it meets the British Franchise Association Code of Ethics. This is a very crucial step because once you’ve signed, you are legally bound to the franchise.