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50 Best 3d Printing Business ideas You Can Start Today

3D Printing Business ideas

3D printing is one of the innovative moves into the modern era. It involves using futuristic technology to add layers of filament onto a design that can be found online or created from scratch, to gradually build into a unique model.

While a lot of people enjoy creating small figures or miniature models with their 3D printer, there are a lot of ways that the process can be used to make your routine easier.

Fashion, manufacture, and art have all been influenced by 3D printing, and have seen a great deal of developments within the last few years.

There has been a huge move towards making processes more streamlined, faster, and economical. Because of this, more research has been done into the effects that 3D printing can have on the future of production and manufacturing.

Waste products can be reduced, or even used to create new items thanks to the innovation and futuristic process that can be seen within 3D printing.

The healthcare industry has already proven beneficial to some of the latest 3D developments, and a lot of brands have begun to demonstrate its uses.

From prosthetics and custom dental plates, to bed frames and equipment updates, there are an increasing number of 3D printed products that are being used within healthcare and other fields.

Different 3D printer

There are a lot of ways that you can create a business for your 3D printed products, and it depends on what kind of market you want to generate. That is why it’s worth doing your research about what competitors are offering and what platforms they are using to sell their products.

Try to think of something that can be used, as that tends to be where the money lies. Some have tried to use 3D printing to create useful products such as bag holders or stabilizing products to make eating easier for those who suffer from tremors.

There is now a growing market for people suffering from disabilities, who could benefit from new inventions. Something that appeals to a lot of people is the accessibility of 3D printing, and the way in which the possibilities are seemingly endless. Being able to create something that is completely unique is already being explored by so many.

Some fascinating examples include reusable bag holders, keychains, small toys, and stacking paper trays. Whether you want to create your own product or start selling the things that you have enjoyed printing, this guide can help you to think about hitting the ground running with your business idea.

What is 3D Printing?

What Is 3D Printing

By definition, 3D printing is where a digital file is converted into a three-dimensional object. The design on the digital file is presented in a way that the 3D printer can process. It is then used to create the product. Reels of PVC or filament are melted so that they are pliable and easy to create layers that build up to create the design.

This is known as an additive process, because it involves building layers that act as thin cross-sections of the product until the design has been achieved. Additive manufacturing is also widely recognized as the opposite of subtractive manufacturing.

This is when a design or pattern is carved out of a larger material, such as a wooden slab or stone. Because of this, 3D printing is often considered to be a smaller, and more cost-efficient way of manufacturing. Only using the materials needed creates less waste per product.

Best 3d Printing Business ideas

20 3D Printing Ideas

There is a large amount of misconceptions surrounding 3D printing and how it can be used. A lot of people have already begun to use it as a means for creative outlet, and have even begun to create their own designs for small items that can make their lives easier.

Depending on the life you lead and what your priorities are, there are a lot of different ways that you can use 3D printing within your routine. These are some ways you can print something unique to hopefully inspire your next idea.

1. Gardening Tools

If you are a keen gardener, then you could 3D print some new tools. Be sure to use stronger PVC or other materials during the printing process if you plan on adding higher amounts of force to the tools. Small handheld shovels or even custom plant labels can be an interesting and unique gift to someone who is green fingered.

It adds a personal touch, and will make their garden stand out from anyone else’s. Another thing you could do is to 3D print a bird feeder that can sit in the backyard, on the front porch, or even hang from a tree.

A self-watering planter is another futuristic and exciting demonstrations of innovation and modern thinking that can be a perfect design for someone who spends more time out of the house.

2. Locks And Bolts

You can enforce additional security by printing your own sliding lock or bolt to keep a door firmly closed. There are a lot of designs available online to choose from, but the overall quality of a product is largely determined by the material that you choose to print it from. You can even find ones that allow you to fit a padlock for extra security.

3. Kitchen Utensils

Measuring spoons, cutting boards, decor, and reusable straws are all some great things that you can make with your 3D printer. Not only will these make your life a little easier, but you will have a completely custom product that no one else has.

Have a little fun with it and use different colors, or consider painting the end product. Make sure that you research heat resistance in the materials used if you want to make utensils for cooking, as they might be more likely to melt when exposed to higher temperatures.

You can, however, find an enormous range of designs for products that can be used in the kitchen online that aren’t used with hot foods. These include garlic presses, juicers, and tableware.

4. Coasters/Small Household Decorations

3D printing doesn’t always have to be functional, and there are some great ways that it has already been demonstrated as a form of artistic expression. Custom designed coasters and other small household decorations can provide a new lease of life to your home.

Not to mention, the way that different colors and materials can be used to create completely unique designs, patterns and even layered pieces of modern art.

5. Smart Device Stands

You can easily create your own phone or tablet stand to make it easier to watch videos. This is also a great use of 3D printing, because it enables hands-free multitasking that allows you to follow recipes, play games, or even speak with a loved one with less effort.

6. Flower Vases

This can be a great gift idea for the more experienced 3D printer user, and you can find plenty of interesting designs online. Vases take a little more effort to get right and successfully print, because they need to be high enough to hold plants without them drooping.

They also need to be watertight, which can require a little more work to be put in, especially if your printer is prone to slipping or making mistakes.


If you are someone who reads a lot and doesn’t want to ruin a book’s pages by folding them, then you could consider 3D printing a bookmark.

There are a lot of different designs available online, but you could create a custom design that has your name or a fun pattern on. This could make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for your friends if you want to give them something personal.

8. Paper Trays

Organize your desk and keep track of your paperwork with a simple tray design. There are even some that can easily be stacked on top of each other if you use a lot of forms or paper in your daily job.

9. Phone Cases

Not only will a 3D printed phone case protect your phone, but you can have a little fun with designs, layers, colors, and styles. Create something that is completely unique, or find some designs online that are easy to get to grips with to add to your business idea.

10. Card Holders

If you have a lot of business cards, or use multiple cards in your day-to-day life, then you could create an interesting design for a card holder. Place one on your desk in the office and see how much interest your colleagues show. This can be a good way to experiment with styles and even to see if there is a market for this kind of product.

11. Desk Organizers

Similar to paper trays, there are already a lot of different types of desk organizers being 3D printed that you can use for inspiration. However, something that is exciting and can make a custom system is being able to add different sized holders for frequently used items.

You could even consider creating a custom tool holder for more manual workers, or a desk organizer featuring deeper pen pots for architects and building designers who need a range of stationary.

12. Tableware

Another interesting product that has been designed and printed is tableware. This is an exciting way that you can make a custom item with your own design. Play around with adding patterns in layers, textures, and even varying the thickness.

You can start by creating a set based on your preferences to see how durable they are, and then create your business from there.

13. Small Toys

If you are someone who enjoys moving their hands, you might want to try using your 3D printer to create small toys that you can hold or fiddle with when you are trying to focus. Spinners and other movable small toy designs are another demonstration of innovative thinking within the modern era.

14. Model Figures

You could create small versions of your friends, family, or even celebrities in this way. Other examples of figures can be aircrafts, cars, or even fictional characters. This can be a great way to generate business and appeal to those with very particular interests.

15. Tools

Depending on the intended purpose of these, you can easily 3D print some pliers, a flathead screwdriver, or even some scissors. It might be worth researching how to make them as strong as possible and consider reinforcing them in some way, but they can be great makeshift tools for when you need them.

16. Cutlery

If you are short of silverware or have misplaced the ones you use regularly, you could print your own cutlery. This allows you to have a seemingly limitless supply of cutlery and has the added advantage of allowing you to customize them. These can be changed to your desired thickness, handle shape, or even add a textured pattern.

17. Water Containers

If you have a more high-tech 3D printer, you could create a water container business. This does, however, need a little more attention to make them completely water tight, and you might want to try a few different techniques to achieve the highest quality end result.

18. Spare Keys

Another use for 3D printing that can be very popular is for creating spare keys. These can be made after careful designing, and a honeycomb structure allows a strong product to be made without it snapping off in the lock.

19. Bottle Openers

These are some of the most frequently accessed designs for 3D printing, and there are many designs available online as a result of that. You can create something new if you choose, or add to a pre-existing design.

20. Ramps

Wheelchair users benefit from 3D printed ramps that can be found in different colors, textures, and patterns to allow for a completely custom experience. This can be something to build your business from, as there are fewer brands on the market selling 3D printed ramps.

How Does 3D Printing Work?

How Does 3D Printing Work

3D Printing Software

All 3D printed products begin life in a digital software that is able to convert one 3D object into another. There are a lot of different applications available online that can be used for this, but some of the more popular ones are Morphi, 3D Slash, Leopoly, and BlocksCad.

These are programs that can be used to tell the 3D printer what to do, and how to break the product design down into achievable layers.


The programs used for creating a design which will be fed into the 3D printer use a process called slicing. This involves digitally slicing the product into hundreds or thousands or layers before being able to print it. Slicing needs to be done so that the printer can understand the design and know what to print in any given layer.

Examples Of 3D Printing Products

The process of 3D printing has already been demonstrated within many industries, and while it is still being explored as a creative outlet, factories are able to manufacture modern designs within shorter time frames. This has been highly beneficial within a lot of different industries, because it has enabled more streamlined processes that have made for more cost and time efficiency.

Factory workers can supervise industrial 3D printers while ensuring a high quality product is produced on mass. These are some examples of how 3D printing has already been used within different industries.

i. Eyewear, Footwear And Furniture

The fashion industry is an interesting way that 3D printing has been demonstrated, and the use of different materials is a great way to create unique styles that are easier to produce.

Glasses frames require precision and skill to be correctly printed, which is why they may cost a little more than other 3D printed products. The main reason for this is due to the shape and size of the lenses that need to be fitted within the frames.

In addition, flexible and breathable materials have already been explored to 3D print some footwear designs. This could be the way forward for the fashion industry if the demand outweighs some of the initial costs. Some research is also needed to assess whether the quality of the products is compatible with traditional manufacturing methods.

However, this could be a way of using plastic waste to create something new, functional, and stylish. Modern technology is even at a place where you can use a comprehensive model of your foot to print a shoe that is completely custom to you and your support needs.

This can create maximum comfort and add a new dimension to the world of footwear. Some brands have already began using 3D printing as a way to create custom, sleek designs of furniture. From coffee tables to bed frames, it could be a more environmentally friendly way of using waste materials that aids a more conscious, sustainable future.

ii. Manufacturing Tools And Prototypes

This has been demonstrated on a mass scale, and the use of stronger materials means that tools can be made for manual work that are as durable as some that are handmade. Prototypes can also be made for new products that act as a useful visual aid during the research process.

iii. Dental Products

Because of the way that 3D printing can be completely custom, dentists have been using it to create retainers, brace frames, and other protective coverings for their patients. Another way in which this has been used to help people is the development of 3D printed hard palates.

These are fitted to individuals with cleft palate or other speech limitations to allow them to speak and eat significantly easier. It also makes the tongue easier to move around the mouth, which can help these people to produce speech sounds which are harder to say.

Therefore, they are more intelligible and less likely to be excluded from social circles. This is just another example of how 3D printing can improve someone’s quality of life, thanks to its integration with the healthcare system.

iv. Prosthetics

Moving parts that can be achieved by more complex 3D printers have enabled prosthetics to be created. This allows more room for people’s natural size variations, and can achieve a more accurate and secure fit of their prosthesis.

v. Architectural Models

A lot of projects have been aided by the integration of 3D models, and being able to upload designs onto the software used by printers can encourage architects to give their clients a feel for the end result before the project has even begun.

vi. Reconstructed Fossils

Historic models are fascinating, and it is important to protect as much of the world’s fossils as possible. 3D printing has enabled skeletons and other complex models to be completed, which helps scientists and historians get a better image of how prehistoric species lived.

vii. Replicas

Some people have gone as far as to create their own spin on popular branded items. Replicas of the iconic Lego brick are available, and more people are enjoying the creative freedom that comes with a 3D printer.

Business Strategies to Consider

Business Strategies To Consider

Before you begin to print your designs on a mass scale, try to consider the following questions in order to determine what kind of business you want to create, and where your priorities lie. There are also a lot of unique platforms that you can check out to see whether there is room for your business to grow, and how you can work on marketing your products. Make sure to check out some of the websites mentioned below.

Who Are Your Target Audience?

Think carefully about what kind of people you want to interact with, and whether you can see them using your intended product on a regular basis. Some people try to use their 3D printing to help disabled or elderly people to make their lives easier, while others might want to focus on the general demographic and provide something less specific.

Do your research in order to see whether people would make use of your product, and think carefully about the role of advertising if you want to reach an older audience.

Do You Want To Turn This Into Your Full-Time Income?

This is another important thing to ask yourself in the planning process, because it will determine how much effort and time you want to spend on the business.

Try to consider the extra time that you will spend creating an audience using social media or word of mouth, and try to be realistic about what your goals are for the business. Consider what you are passionate about and how much you can see your business growing.

It is also worth noting that when you do something like this as a full-time job, the orders will get more substantial, which means you will need to spend a lot more time printing products. Try not to let this overwhelm you, and consider investing in more accurate and reliable pieces of equipment in the long run if this is something you want to continue working on.

What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Etsy is a great online platform for small businesses, and it can be a useful resource when you are doing your research. This is because you are able to gauge what the market is like, and how similar businesses are creating an audience.

Another place to look for inspiration is Instagram, as that tends to be where a lot of small businesses will promote their products. Think about what competitors are doing well, and what you might decide to do differently if you had the choice.

Is Your Business idea Sustainable?

Environmentally- There are now other options of materials to print with other than PVC or filament. You can use recycled plastic, waste materials, or plant-based materials to be more sustainable. However, when you are considering making any of your primary source of printing, it is worth taking the time to compare prices.

Of course, we are in an uncertain period for the climate, and more people are making the move towards environmentally friendly materials. Try to compare your options carefully and decide what would work best for you and what you want your business’ philosophy to be.

Economically- Think about how your business will affect your long-term financial plans, and if it seems like a natural fit. Try to be realistic and consider what kind of prices you need to ask for in order to break even. The costs of supplies can be a lot when you are using 3D printing as a business.

You should also consider the additional amount of time that will be needed for you to create certain products. In order to build any business from nothing, you will need a loan to keep your head above ground financially. There are a lot of firms and banks that you can speak with, but it could be worth saving up for something like this.

Other Profitable 3d Printing Business You May Consider


A very profitable business you can venture into in this industry is production of jewelry and ornaments, there is an available market for the products especially if they are really beautiful and cheap.

With the possession of a 3D printer and a perfect understanding of how to use it, then you can start your own small business that manufactures fancy cheap but attractive jewelries. Once you can come up with hundreds of creative designs, your printer will readily churn them out in 3D; and you can sell to customers either offline or via the internet.


As kids we all love to have things we can play with, this toys keep children entertained and busy. If you are looking to start a 3D printing business, another area you can specialize in is the manufacturing of children’s toys and selling them. There’s a huge global market for children’s toys and they are always in-demand.

So, there’s no limit to the profit you can make. Since there is no ban of procreation, that is an assurance that all year round there will be an increase in the demand for these toys especially if you can think like a kid and come up with adorable designs that will grasp the attention of this small children.


Pets need distinct identification and most owners have identified the need for this unique and customized means of doing so. You can tap into this goldmine by printing their collars.

This is very simple idea with the right market, dog and cat lovers tend to spend a lot of money on their animals, and you have custom content too such as name and address of the dog including the contact details of the owner in case the pet get lost, plus allowing to choose their preferred shape, colors and fonts.


Although there are more competitors in this space with slight variations of user experience and business models. This is a perfect business idea for 3D printing, because content is unique for each user. Especially consider games like World of Warcraft, where people invest a lot of time in customizing and playing with their virtual character.

In that case they would be willing to pay much more than for equivalent figurine of mass production. There is a huge market as long as you can find games for which selling figurines is more profitable than other income (ads, in-app-purchases).


What can be so real like producing the figurine of their unborn babies’ months before birth? Some companies are now offering 3D printed fetuses as souvenirs for expectant mothers. WolfPrint, a 3D printing specialist, has become quite popular in Estonia, where it works with medical facilities that offer 3D ultrasounds in order to generate the data required to print figurines.

In the united states, 3D Babies offer four-inch figurines for $250 and eight-inch figurines for $550. Both can be generated from 3D ultrasound images or from newborn baby photos. All you have to do is to liaise with women and child care hospitals and meet with obstetricians to market your ideas. You are in for a jackpot if you can start this business soon.


Many of us are fed up with the one-size-fits-all ear buds that came with our phones and tablets. Apparently, you’re not the only one.

You can offer custom-fit, 3D-printed earbuds. The current market price as offered by Normal is $199, they’re not cheap, but the new technology allows a price point far below that of other custom headphones, which can cost more than $1,000.

Buyers photograph their ears using a Smartphone app, choose a color scheme, and have their headphones shipped as quickly as two days from time of order. Yes, people need to send photos of both their ears because of the differences everyone has between their two lobes, according to Normal’s FAQ. “You might be surprised how different your ears are,” the company explains.

“Ears are weird, really weird.” So weird, in fact, that most hearing aids are already being 3D printed. The process of scanning the ear and making molds for the eventual complete device used to take about a week, Kathryn Doyle reported for Quartz.

3D printing has reduced that process to a single day. Time to set up a new business as we all love listening to music and streaming videos aside making calls.


One of the industries that will benefit the most from 3D printing is the healthcare industry. Patients can now have body replacement parts such as prosthetic limbs and artificial teeth custom made for them within hours. If you are looking at rendering 3D printing services, you can specialize in that aspect.

The outlook for medical use of 3D printing is evolving at an extremely rapid pace as specialists are beginning to utilize 3D printing in more advanced ways.

Patients around the world are experiencing improved quality of care through 3D printed implants and prosthetics never before seen. With a sound background in healthcare products, you can join this rare and new business to earn a legitimate income for yourself.


As of the early two-thousands, 3D printing technology has been studied by biotech firms and academia for possible use in tissue engineering applications where organs and body parts are built using inkjet techniques. Layers of living cells are deposited onto a gel medium and slowly built up to form three dimensional structures.

This can be really medical and very complicated but with the right technology and expertise in place, it be achieved. One beautiful thing about this idea is that apart from making money, you will also be saving lives and making the world a better place to live.


3D printers are fast becoming very popular. And they will continue to be relevant for as long as they remain the most advanced printing devices technology has ever produced. You can take your share of the “pie” by starting a business that sells 3D printers. However, you must ensure that you have a well-defined target market before taking a plunge.


If you have a 3D printer or can afford to buy one, you can start a business that offers 3D printing services to businesses. Your target customers are manufacturing businesses that need to create 3D prototypes of a new product before starting its production.

Although some businesses will have their own 3D printers for this purpose, many others will prefer to use third-party services.


3D printable models may be created with a computer aided design (CAD) package, via a 3D scanner or by a plain digital camera and photogrammetric software. 3D printed models created with CAD results in reduced errors and can be corrected before printing, allowing verification in the design of the object before it is printed.

You can become a modeling expert with adequate knowledge in AutoCad and other modeling software, your services is needed not just by manufacturing companies but also in the construction industry by structural and civil engineers.


Companies have created services where consumers can customize objects using simplified web based customization software, and order the resulting items as 3D printed unique objects. This now allows consumers to create custom cases for their mobile phones.

Nokia has released the 3D designs for its case so that owners can customize their own case and have it 3D printed. You can into the mass customization of objects and items for individuals especially clothing as 3D designs can be employed in the production.


3D printing has can be adopted in the world of clothing with fashion designers experimenting with 3D-printed bikinis, shoes, and dresses. In commercial production Nike is using 3D printing to prototype and manufactures the 2012 Vapor Laser Talon football shoe for players of American football, and New Balance is 3D manufacturing custom-fit shoes for athletes.

3D printing has come to the point where companies are printing consumer grade eyewear with on-demand custom fit and styling (although they cannot print the lenses). On-demand customization of glasses is possible with rapid prototyping. Therefore, a good business venture to exploit is mass production of apparels and clothing.


The first pill manufactured by 3D printing was approved by the FDA in August 2015. Binder-jetting into a powder bed of the drug allows very porous pills to be produced, which enables high drug doses in a single pill which dissolves quickly and can be ingested easily.

This has been demonstrated for Spritam, a reformulation of levetiracetam for the treatment of epilepsy. So what this implies is that you can become a pharmaceutical producer with a 3D printer and the right combination of chemical.


Consumer grade 3D printing has resulted in new materials that have been developed specifically for 3D printers. For example, filament materials have been developed to imitate wood, in its appearance as well as its texture. Furthermore, new technologies such as infusing carbon fiber into printable plastics; thus allowing for a stronger, lighter material.

In addition to new structural materials that have been developed due to 3D printing, new technologies have allowed for patterns to be applied directly to 3D printed parts. Iron oxide-free Portland cement powder has been used to create architectural structures up to 9 feet in height.


3D printing can also be used to make laptops and other computers and cases. For example, Novena and VIA OpenBook standard laptop cases. I.e. a Novena motherboard can be bought and be used in a printed VIA OpenBook case. Open-source robots are built using 3D printers. Double Robotics grants access to their technology (an open SDK).

On the other hand, 3&DBot is an Arduino 3D printer-robot with wheels and ODOI is a 3D printed humanoid robot. You can therefore start a business of assembling computer by buying motherboards and printing the cases and other accessories. That will be a hit for you with the right marketing strategy.


In 2014, a man from Japan became the first person in the world to be imprisoned for making 3D printed firearms. Yoshitomo Imura posted videos and blueprints of the gun online and was sentenced to jail for two years. Police found at least two guns in his household that were capable of firing bullets.

Even this sound illegal and illegitimate you can start producing firearms but with the right certification and permission by the government, without this permission, it might end up as a jail term for you if caught.


A popular way to make money from 3d printing business is to create a blog where you share information on the intricacies of 3d printing ranging from the technology, equipment and usage.

If you can ensure your blog grows in traffic, you can start selling advert spaces to 3d printing services, 3d printing companies and 3d printers manufacturers. You may also create e-book and video tutorials as well as online courses on 3d printing which could be offered for sale on your blog. Blogging on 3d is one of the best lucrative 3d printing ideas for students.


Many people who do not have any experience of 3d printing have succeeded in exploiting the huge demand in this industry just by buying offering 3d printers for sale.

They buy and sell industrial 3d printers and related accessories. Ensure you carry out extensive market survey to know what sizes and brands of 3d printer sell fast in the market. This will make you get good 3d printers prices for your business.


Just like a company called Twindom that specializes in 3D printing miniature figurines of people, they are a lot of positive feedback here from people we’ve sold our 3D photography turnkey business package to.

Our Mobile Scanner is totally portable, attaches to the back of an iPad, and produces pretty awesome 3D scans that we then print for our partners at our facility at a wholesale price (they determine their own pricing and margins on top of that).

In our experience, 3D printing technology seems to get people way more excited when they see it create a product that’s very personal. You can join the figurine or the 3D photography business too in your own location.


Until recent years models were built by hand, often taking a long time. Thus, architects are often forced to show their clients drawings of their projects.

Manchester-based company Hobs’ business is based around working with architects, engineers and other creative to use 3D printing as part of their work, but to show off its capabilities, the company 3D printed models of the city’s two football stadia – Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium.

This are just practical examples of how 3D printing can be adopted in designing structures, you can also start a business in that line.


Another lucrative business to invest in today in the 3D printing niche is the 3D gaming lounges. You can start a gaming lounge that will make use of 3D gadgets in making game freaks enjoy their games while you make your money.

The youth love adventure and action, if you can provide such in your lounge; you will always smile to the bank at the end of every month. Not only that, you will become an employer of labor as it cannot be a one man business, with the right marketing strategy and platform, the business will make a headway.


Imagine yourself ordering a food at a restaurant and it can be printed out based on your criteria and taste in a matter of minute. You can start a 3D food restaurant where people can print out their foods either by themselves or with your supervision.

This business can yield for you high level of income as it will be a different adventure and taste for people who love. You can tap into Foodini’s idea, Foodini is an automated meal-assembly machine that creates homemade meals faster and more efficiently than human hands, it is the first product by Natural Machines.


Ever wanted a 3D printing of your selfie? Well you’re in luck. Swiss company Dacuda and Swedish company Volumental have developed a mobile app that allows selfie-lovers to have their picture printed in 3D.Users can take a picture using their Smartphone or tablet, moving it from left to right in front of their face.

This will create a 3D rendering of their face. They will then be able to send the picture to a 3D printing company and receive a 3D version of their face in the post. You are wondering how you can tap into this idea and make money; all you need to do is to set up a 3D printing studio.

So instead of being an ordinary photo studio, you will be printing out 3D versions. You can even combine the 3D selfie studio with a 2D printing.


Leverage the power of 3D printing by creating complex shapes easily, customize designs cheaply, or create moving parts which require no assembly. Need inspiration? Spend time perusing the 40,000+ designs on to marvel at the creativity and possibilities shared by others. Once your design is complete in CAD, make sure it’s 3D printable.

Other free tools like netfabb or the Solid Inspector plugin for Sketchup will find and correct errors you inadvertently created. You can stand out as a 3D web developer and make money more that your peers using the 3D platform as leverage.


This is the most affordable and easiest way to get started. It’s essentially like creating a Smartphone app and selling it for royalties. Start by learning from free CAD tools like Trimble Sketchup or TinkerCAD. Most beginners are surprised by how easily they can whip up a complex looking design after a few tutorials.

Sophisticated and professional quality designs can be made with these tools. Make sure to leverage the available online tutorials and communities for help. Leverage the power of 3D printing by creating complex shapes easily, customize designs cheaply, or create moving parts which require no assembly.


This opportunity requires the most money and creativity, but it also has the highest return potential. Here, you are making an Online business where you sell a product revolutionized by 3D printing or some other related service. The key to coming up with a valuable service comes back to the freedoms inherent to 3D printing.

For instance, the ability to easily modify designs lends to automated customization of products. Users can self-create customizations on your website and let 3D printers do the work. For inspiration, consider examples like the custom 3D figurines of Shapify or the new site for custom shoes called Feetz.


3D printing and art is a staying point as the technology develops well beyond the early days when artists, those who are interested in digital 3D design and printing, were largely on their own when it comes to mastering the technology or accessing a wide variety of software and hardware available in today’s burgeoning marketplace.

The choices and techniques out there are far too numerable to fully grasp the printing for creating sculpture and /or integrate it in mixed media canvas. If you have an in depth background in art, you can combine it with 3D printing to achieve the desired results.


Not many people today are conversant with 3D printing. You can create a niche for yourself with the right training by becoming a 3D tutor and making the field wider. You are not only going to be earning a living but you will also be educating people.


With the emphasis on digital technology and such a savvy, artistic culture, designers and manufacturers have definitely caught on to all the benefits 3D printing has to offer them.

Aside from the total novelty of presenting 3D printed dresses, shoes, jewelry, and myriad other accessories, they are able to cut out the traditional middlemen and can even become their own mini-factories, should they wish. And high-tech is in high demand, meaning that 3D design, 3D printing, and virtual reality have all carved out a place within that area of the world and they aren’t going anywhere.


It’s hard to believe that we’ve already reached any sort of crossroads where 3D printing could already need redefining, but if you think about it, makers and scientists have been redefining the technology since square one to meet their own needs for innovation and production, and especially since digital design and 3D printing truly hit the mainstream.

The industry, and technology, is in a constant—and spectacularly impressive—state of evolution. That is mainly in thanks to the brilliant minds of our time, and scientists like Paul Chiarot, a Binghamton University engineer whose research attracted a lot of attention; in fact, so much that he has received a five-year grant for $500,000 to continue his research with 3D printing and electronics. So very soon, you can start producing electronics in a mini way.


Indeed, it was no small feat to engineer a multi-faceted smart robot that can be assembled by kids like a Lego set, programmed by ages six to twelve, and then raced all over the house while being controlled remotely with a phone or tablet.

The team worked meticulously not just to create programming that would work best for a toy that kids could customize, but also to integrate 3D printing and robotics that would offer just the right of challenge. Therefore, you can go into robotics engineering using 3D printing and designing using 3D printers


Advertisers and PR professionals always think out of the box in reaching their target audience in order to sell whatever goods and services they are advertising. Partnering with advertisers can bring about a new way in advertising; you can develop 3D ways of advertising products to the target audience.

Humans want to see new ways of doing things always. Therefore become distinct from the crowd by coming up with a form of 3D advertising form and smile to the bank.

  1. 3D HUB

This is some kind of 3D marketplace where designs in 3D and products can be bought and sold. The marketplace connects shoppers with designers of 3D printed objects, and allows designers to upload their products for production. Buyers can provide feedback to designers, who can make adjustments and continue to sell their wares through the site. What kinds of items are for sale? Products range from tech toys to jewelry to home decor pieces.


Additive manufacturing is a manufacturing process through which three-dimensional (3-D) solid objects are created. It enables the creation of physical 3D models of objects using a series of additive or layered development framework, where layers are laid down in succession to create a complete 3-D object.

Additive manufacturing is an alternative to the traditional product manufacturing process, where objects were designed by cutting and forcibly shaping raw material and constructing an object through the use of molds and dyes. You can invest in additive manufacturing and earn a good living.

  1. 3D CINEMA

The cinema culture has been alive for several years. But 3D cinematography is becoming more popular and is fast becoming the next big thing in the cinema industry. If cinema-goers abound in your locality, then you should consider stunning them by opening a cinema that display movies in 3D.3D glasses are to be worn, so that the images are correctly filtered to your left or right eye.

The 3D illusion is created when our brain receives different images from each of our eyes and automatically merges them into a single image. This is how the perception of depth comes into play in reality whenever we visually process our physical 3D environments. Opening a 3D cinema center might be a bright business idea as the world is moving beyond 2D movies.


Another way you can monetize your 3D printing business is to start a blog for sharing all you know about the technology and application of 3D printing. With time, you will build a large audience of readers who are eager to learn more about 3D printing.

Once you have built a high traffic blog, you can start making money from it by selling advert slots to 3D printing services and companies selling 3D printers, offering e-courses on 3D printing, selling your own eBook on the topic, and so on.

Create a 3D printing review site that would also tie in a 3D printing service. The 3D print site would need regular news updates, a comparison page, and a user registration system along with integrated forums.

This would require the person to actually be pretty interested in 3D printing, seek out demos, post reviews and pictures/videos of actual products being made. Basically like a “TechCrunch of 3D printing” or an “Engadget of 3D printing.” In the long run, advert or Google Adsense would generate income for the site.


3D printing of shoes uses pictures of a person’s feet to create 3D printed shoes that are customized to exactly fit that person’s feet. After a customer uses the app to upload photos of his feet and pick a design for his shoes, Feetz prints the pair and ships it within seven days. How interesting can it get, start printing shoes and making a good living for yourself.


Unlike traditional 3D Printing, Holographic Printing uses pulse lasers to deposit your 3D models onto film, when illuminated with a light your 3D model is released from the film creating a high resolution 3D light field of your model that exists in space and feels so real you want to reach out and grab it.

Like most solid 3D Printing Zebra Holograms use the same 3D models to produce the product. The Holographic print offers a bevy of improvements over its solid counterpart. The beauty of holographic printing lies in three dimensions. It is faster as the print speeds of a Zebra Holograms print full-color objects up 24″ X 34″ in less than 3 hours.

The resolution of 3D Printed Holograms boast much higher resolution than their solid counterparts, each hologram contains ~1TB of high resolution data and lastly, it is cost effective as you can print a 8″ x 10″ holograms are as low as $70.00.


3D holographic maps provide the highest quality 3D visualization to help military, NGOs, State Department personnel and Joint Task Forces coordinate relief efforts quickly without language or interpretation errors. With the right training and knowledge you can develop 3D maps and sell to both the military and the intelligence gathering agencies at a huge price. You also will be able to maintain the mapping system for a fee.


No doubt, starting a business that sells 3D printers might require huge startup capital; and that because each unit comes at an expensive price, thousands of dollars. However, there’s a less expensive way to make money from the 3D printing industry: selling 3D printer accessories and supplies. If you live in a place where 3D printing has become popular, then this is for you.


3D printing is a new concept to most people. (In fact, in some parts of the world, it’s literally unheard of). If you deeply understand 3D printers and how they work, you can turn your knowledge into huge profits by teaching others who want to learn how to use these fascinating devices. Both individuals and corporate clients will readily pay to learn from you.


Since many people want to learn 3D printing and are ready to pay to achieve just that, you can make fortune by packaging all the information they need into an electronic product; such as a video or an eBook—and put it up for sale. Only few people have knowledge of 3D printing enough to fill up an eBook or long video. So, the competition is minimal.


Even if you are on a flat budget, you can make a fortune from the 3D printing industry by referring finding customers online and referring them to companies that sell 3D printers. Because these printers are expensive, you will get a fat commission each time a customer buys a 3D printer through your affiliate link.


3D TV offers a sense of depth that standard 2D TV can’t match. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll have to wear special glasses to watch it.3D TVs polarize the original 3D pictures into separate images. Seen with the naked eye, the picture appears to be blurred, but if you put on 3D glasses, the separate images are directed to either your right or left eye, creating the impression of depth.

It’s worth bearing in mind that there’s really no such thing as an exclusively 3D TV. Rather there are TVs that come with 3D as a feature. You can use them to watch your usual 2D TV and films, but also 3D content providing you own a Best Buy Blu-ray player, or have access to 3D programs through your TV provider, such as Sky or Virgin Media.


You will buy a product, customized to your exact specifications, which is 3D-printed and delivered to your doorstep. Innovative companies will use 3D printing technologies to give themselves a competitive advantage by offering customization at the same price as their competitor’s standard products.

At first this may range from novelty items like custom Smartphone cases or ergonomic improvements to standard tools, but it will rapidly expand to new markets.

The leaders will adjust their sales, distribution and marketing channels to take advantage of their capability to provide customization direct to the customer. Customization will also play a big role in healthcare devices such as 3D-printed hearing aids and artificial limbs.


Even though this will reduce the creativity of human race, you can start to print and sell artworks made with 3D printers. This you can exhibit and sell for huge amount of money. 3D printed art is now being showcased in galleries in the United States, but unlike most exhibits, the work is meant to be experienced through both the tactile and visual senses.


3D-printed medical implants will improve the quality of life of someone close to you. Because 3D printing allows products to be custom-matched to an exact body shape, it is being used today for making better titanium bone implants, prosthetic limbs and orthodontic devices.

Experiments in printing soft tissue are underway, and may soon allow printed veins and arteries to be used in operations. Today’s research into medical applications of 3D printing covers nano-medicine, pharmaceuticals and even printing of organs.

Taken to the extreme, 3D printing could one day enable custom medicines and reduce if not eliminate the organ donor shortage.


Once reserved for prototypes and toys, 3D printing will become industrial strength. You will take a flight on an airliner that includes 3D-printed components, making it lighter and more fuel efficient. In fact, there are aircrafts that already contain some 3D-printed components.

The technology will also start to be adopted for the direct manufacture of specialist components in industries like defense and automotive. Overall, the number of 3D printed parts in planes, cars and even appliances will increase without you knowing.

  1. 3D MALLS

3D print shops will begin to appear, at first servicing local markets with high-quality 3D printing services. Initially designed to service rapid-prototyping and other niche capabilities, these shops will branch into the consumer marketplace.

As retailers begin to “ship the design, not the product,” the local 3D print shop will one day be where you pick up your customized, locally manufactured products, just like you pick up your printed photos from the local Wal-Mart today. So open a 3D mall where people can shop for products

The good thing about this new business is that it will never stop working. Everything in this world can be printed in 3D and sold. The huge demand on 3D printer products and prototype is going crazy. Unlike what obtains with traditional 2D printers, the outputs of 3D printers are far beyond on-paper pictures.

They are real-life objects that you can see and touch. Now, you can imagine how fascinating that could be. 3D printing is still very new, but it promises to become one of the biggest industries ever–due to its relevance to a wide range of sectors.


3D printing

There are some drawbacks that come with 3D printing, such as the increased amount of time needed to ensure accuracy. It’s important to consider that you need to create the right conditions, and get the material to appropriate temperatures, in order to ensure that you have a workable substance that can be layered.

It is also worth noting that the level of accuracy is slightly different to that of industrial 3D printers because of the smaller scale in which the personal printers are created. Depending on the quality of product you are after, you might want to consider allowing additional time for sanding down the surfaces and painting it to get the desired finish.

It can be challenging to see how your business will grow in the future, and there are a great number of questions that you will need to consider carefully before making the leap of faith.

Try not to become intimidated by some of the competitors, and remember that they did not grow their business overnight. This is something that can take a lot of time to see the benefits of, which is why it is worth carefully considering your long term goals and whether a 3D business lines up with that.

To summarize, 3D printing can be a unique business opportunity with an almost endless list of markets to tap in to. With the technology becoming more and more user-friendly, budget friendly and innovative, now may be a great time to invest and build a brand for yourself.

The web is full of free downloadable designs to get you started, Thingiverse is one of many great online platforms that promotes its users to share designs, get involved in discussions and share their creations, keeping the 3D printing marketplace an open platform for anyone, regardless of their experience.

Once you get the hang of the software and begin printing, taking things to the next level and producing original files and designs may be helpful in finding your niche and boosting your product appeal. You can easily find software that is free and open source online, but of course there are more refined software’s that can be purchased outright or on a monthly or yearly subscription service.

Hopefully by now, you are aware of what it means to set up a business that features your unique 3D printed products. Whatever you decide to create and sell, there are some things that you will need to research.

3D printing is still in its infancy, but don’t let that be a reason to put you off, if the history of technology has taught us anything it is that getting experience early on can get you ahead of the masses, so the sooner you can start learning and printing the better.

3D printing is bringing design, production and shipping into your home, where usually these processes would have taken place individually and involved more than one person with expertise in their specific area, the entire process can now be undertaken at your desk.

It’s certain that over the coming years as the technology advances and becomes more cost-effective and easy the marketplace will expand rapidly with more people seeing the potential, so now would be the perfect time to start.