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15 Best Place to Advertise Coworking Space

In this modern age where competition and innovation influence the success of a business, co-working spaces remain one of the most lucrative and ever-growing investments budding entrepreneurs can make. If you own a co-working space, then you definitely know that they can generate a huge amount of revenue if run well, but marketing them can be a daunting task.

The co-working space has become quite popular in this age of e-commuting, startups, and the freelancer economy. Most often, startups are left with meeting at houses, coffee shops, or renting a small room in a business building. Co-working spaces offer an escape, coupled with a vibrant community of like-minded people to help them network and grow.

Best Places to Advertise Coworking Spaces

As a coworking space owner or manager, you must prioritize marketing in addition to other day-to-day functions. Have it in mind that without advertising, you’ll have a much harder time attracting new members. Nonetheless, the best places to advertise your co-working space include;

1. In-flight Magazines

In-flight magazine advertising provides a unique opportunity for co-working spaces to entice potential clients. Most of these magazines are produced by quality publishers and used by top brands to support their advertising campaigns.

An airplane cabin offers an enticing environment and a receptive moment. Owing to that, it is the ideal platform to promote a co-working space. Promoting your space in an airline magazine or media distributed at the airport is a wonderful opportunity that will help grow your brand awareness, the prestige of your space and also promote your space in a flowing environment.

  1. Universities and Colleges

This is another very enticing place to advertise your co-working space and there are numerous ways to do that. Things like student programs, courses offered at your space, or even internship arrangements backed by companies in the space can go a long way to attract clients to your space.

Have it in mind that an internship program will surely be effective if you can attract a big name that offices out of your space.

  1. Coffee Shops

As a coworking space owner or manager, you can create mutual benefit situations with coffee shops in your business location. Note that sponsoring free drinks, free WiFi, etc., are all suggestions an average coffee shop owner will be open to considering.

Also, note that you get the benefit of meeting your target market where they most likely are and the coffee shops get to shuffle off some of their guiltiest clients to a greener (and more work-conducive) environment.

  1. Transport Hubs

For a co-working space in a city with a good number of commuters, it is always recommended you place at least one advertisement in an area that these people will pass through daily. A good number of commuters and business travelers always have issues with finding somewhere to get work done, so you can leverage this built-in audience and grow your coworking space.

Also consider paying for posters in popular hotels, if this makes sense in your city. You can also even consider renting a billboard in more suburban or rural areas.

  1. Events

In this line of business, nothing is better than having the local co-working community experience the service and perks you offer at your co-working space. Note that it is not just about work – it’s also about how you can become the community center in your business location. Event ideas used by most co-working spaces include;

  • New member orientation days to enable members to meet and introduce themselves.
  • Chamber of commerce events
  • Charities and nonprofit events to enhance local impact.
  • Attract industry influencers who can handle workshops and spread valuable knowledge to help local businesses.
  • Events where restaurants and coffee shops bring in tastings for members.
  • Community outings that send business to local merchants and vendors.
  1. Google

In recent years, Google Search has become the massive solution to almost every question we have. In terms of finding a co-working space nearby, most people would first consult Google for inquiries. The best way to appear on such searches organically is to get yourself registered on Google My Business.

Have it in mind that it is easy to set up and it’s free of charge. It is also a great way to reach out to people who are searching for your services or services similar to yours. Note that the biggest perk offered by Google Search Advertising is that you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

  1. Business Magazines

To most people, advertising in print or digital magazines might seem irrelevant. But in reality, the magazine industry, even in hard copy, is exhibiting encouraging growth and reaching more advanced target audiences. New magazines are constantly appearing, and a number of them succeed and flourish. To advertise your co-working space, consider buying ad space, and while it might not be cheap, it can be very effective.

Magazines may sit on a coffee table for months or in a doctor’s waiting room for months longer. After the buyer is done with reading the magazine, family members may read it, or they may give it to a friend or they may donate it to their local library.

  1. Airports

In recent times, airport advertising has grown more reliable and effective, especially for businesses seeking modern customers.

From reach to audience receptivity, reports have it that this advertising medium ranks near the top of nearly every measure. Airport advertising also involves all types of out-of-home advertising that are placed at airports to reach travelers.

  1. Buses

Just as we all know, buses go where people go and can always locate a crowd. Whether it’s an entire bus wrap, an exterior side, or an interior display, a good number of top co-working spaces are leveraging these platforms to grab the attention of potential clients.

Ads placed on the exterior of a bus are moving billboards. Interior Bus Advertising reaches a “well defined” audience. By leveraging this form of media, your ad will reach thousands of pedestrians and drivers as the buses remain on transit.

  1. Bus Shelters

In urban areas, bus shelter ads are placed on streets with lots of potential traffic. Note that the frequency of bus stops gives room for a co-working space to convey a message repeatedly along heavily commuted roadways.

For places with little or no billboards as an advertising option, bus shelter advertising will often be a perfect alternative. Bus shelter advertising makes use of large interior and exterior display areas that are adequately lightened at night for excellent visibility. Sizes will vary but a typical ad display will be approximately 4’ wide by 6’ high.

  1. Food Businesses

Note that this could entail certain member companies providing meals on some days or a dedicated “food fund” as some sort of program in the space.

But regardless of how you work it out, having more lunches in-house is another way to increase the likelihood of new people meeting each other and sharing unique ideas for projects they’re working on. Food businesses can serve as very good locations to advertise to prospective members in the middle of deciding where they should set up shop.

  1. Cinema

Movie theatres are another perfect location to reach potential clients in a captive setting. Video ads in these places deliver messages on the big screen to audiences waiting to see a motion picture. Cinema ads are known to roll before the movie previews while guests are locating their seats.

A good number of people also come early to find a seat and get comfortable, and that’s when they view the ads. Co-working Spaces can also choose to run a static image for the entire spot. Music and voiceovers can also be inculcated. Movie ad rates tend to differ owing to ad duration, the number of theaters, and length of advertising.

  1. Gas Stations

Local gas stations also provide a good opportunity to advertise to potential co-working space clients while they pump fuel. There are numerous ways you can arrange to advertise a co-working space at the local gas station. It can be on top of the pump, on the digital screen that consumers use to make payments at the pump, or inside the station itself.

Ads will have to be designed according to the space they are filling, using colorful graphics, bold headlines, and text that’s easy to read from a few feet away.

According to reports, gas pump top ads need to be 30 inches wide by 15 inches in height. Indoor ads that are placed in bathrooms range in size from about 17 inches in width up to 33 inches in height, while video advertising consists of 15-second spots that are part of a 90-second long loop.

  1. Social Media

For a co-working space, distribution is a critical element of getting the message out, and social media well tailored for your co-working business is the best bet for distributing marketing content.

Coupled with listing websites on co-working-related websites and business pages, co-working spaces are also creating a social media presence. Truth be told, the target audience for most coworking spaces will fall within the generations most active on social media, making this a very vital part of any co-working digital marketing strategy.

Have it in mind that traffic from social media tends to make up 20-40% of any co-working website’s traffic, especially if they are consistent with strategically written content.

  1. Co-working Space Listing Websites

For co-working spaces, having a listing created on as many quality directory websites as possible improves their website’s visibility on Google and also ensures that more remote workers will naturally run into the listings on 3rd party websites. Some numerous platforms and websites help coworkers find co-working space, and they include;

  • Coworker
  • Copass
  • LiquidSpace
  • ShareDesk
  • me
  • Heydesk
  • Instant offices
  • Pickspace
  • Co-working Space Wiki

The major issue for modern co-working spaces is that potential customers barely know of their existence. If you want to become well known among workspaces, then consider advertising in these places mentioned above.