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5 Best Amusement Park Name Tag Machines

Are you wondering what type of amusement park name tag machine is best? If YES, here are 5 of the best amusement park name tag machines.

Receiving an official name tag is a rite of passage for any new cast member at an amusement park. The iconic “first name” name tags have been used at Disney Parks for decades and were actually a tradition inspired by Walt Disney himself, who felt calling cast members by their first names was key in creating a family friendly atmosphere.

Presently, the engraving shop at Walt Disney World Resort creates more than 100,000 new name tags for cast members at theme parks, Disney Springs, Disney Cruise Line, and Walt Disney Imagineering, and beyond. And just like with Disney World, there are significant benefits to wearing name tags, especially in an amusement park.

Sometimes, especially in very big amusement parks, it can be challenging to remember everyone’s name. By wearing name tags, or other identification, newer employees and other team members in the park are more apt to recognize each other. Name badges also provide accountability for all employees.

When wearing name tags, it requires that employees accept responsibility, one, for their actions and two, for the way they treat visitors. In this age, corporate branding is a rising trend and doesn’t seem to be peaking any time soon. By adding your logo to your name tags, you can quickly identify every employee, volunteer, and other staff at your park.

Inevitably when employees go to lunch, they leave their name tags on. Sometimes employees even wear them on their way home from work. When employees continually wear their name tags in public, a company’s brand is graciously advertised.

So whether you want to create name tags for your staff and volunteers or custom gifts for visitors, laser engraving machines make the art of engraving and customization easy with any pre-made design or creation. Laser engraving machines leverage a laser beam to change the surface of an object and create images on a material of your choosing.

Previously only available in bigger dimensions and at price points too steep, laser engraving machines are now more compact, affordable, and user-friendly for hobbyists. They can engrave and cut through a multitude of materials, including wood, bamboo, acrylic, cloth, leather, marble, plastic, and cork.

However, note that these machines don’t come cheap, and this means that you have to invest your time to research the best models for your needs before you commit your hard-earned dollars. To save you time (and, of course money), here are the best machines for making your amusement park name tags;

Best Types of Amusement Park Name Tag Machine

  1. Compact Laser Engraver

The Compact Laser Engraver is indeed a versatile machine that can be used with plastic, rubber, leather, paper, bamboo, wood, and so on.

It is the greatest companion for any graphics designer worth the title. It supports various file-formats including BMP, JPG, DIB, CUR, ICO, PNG, SVG, and G-code. It supports all forms of photos as well as file formats. Furthermore, this machine has the highest laser quality.

The laser head is not only durable but it is also stable and can work for long hours without breaking down. In addition, the machine comes with several safety features including an over-heat shutdown, motion-triggered stop, and password lock. When an accident happens, these features kick in to keep you safe.

  1. Genmitsu GRBL Control Engraving Machine

With this machine, you can cut all types of plastics, soft aluminium, woods, acrylics, PVCs, and PCBs with the Genmitsu GRBL Control Engraving Machine. The GRBL has an integrated main board and custom software that comes with support for users who want to create intricate and exciting custom pieces.

Note that an ABS case and fan come together to create a rugged unit that can be used for extended periods. Taking up minimal space on a work surface, the GRBL is approximately the size of a laptop and comes with optional nano blue router bits. In addition to laser engraving, users can also do woodworking with the GRBL.

  1. Orion Motor Tech 50W CNC CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Coupled with materials such as wood, cardboard, leather, and plastic, this machine is also able to engrave ceramics, Mylar, marble, and crystal. Therefore, if you want a machine to print beautiful patterns and words on your nametags, this is it.

Also note that it has one of the biggest work areas of 12 by 20 inches, and this entails that you can engrave even the largest objects. It comes with proprietary install software, which you can install on any Windows computer, but not a Mac. In addition, it has the ability to work with a wide array of design software including AutoCAD and Corel Draw.

It is also possible to connect to it via a USB drive. That way, you can easily control its functions through a PC. The machine also features an onboard air compressor to quickly ward off any toxins and combustible gases, which may endanger your life and those of others around you. Weighing 300 pounds, this machine is suitable for industrial use.

  1. SUNWIN 40X50CM

This machine comes with compatible software that can run on Windows 7,8,10, XP, 2000. The device is made for non-commercial projects which can be taken from the home. Note that it makes the best learning 3D printing partner for you and for your needs.

It also supports multiple numbers of materials including wood, bamboo, leather, plastic and so much more. The software used to control the machine is made by the company and is very user-friendly. SUNWIN also comes with a very sturdy build, thanks to the high-quality aluminium build coupled with stainless steel and acrylic screws which hold the different parts together.

The machine features 50 by 40 cm printable area and consumes about 12V. The device also comes with a cooling fan. The laser power amounts to 500mW. This engraver features two Y-axis 42 stepper motors and also a two-axis USB standard control panel.

Reports also have it that the SUNWIN package comes with one 500mW laser cutting machine, protective glasses, and also user instructions manual. The device also comes with a dedicated platform for user support where you can upload your detailed problem, whether it is set up or use and you can get unlimited assistance from the support system.

  1. Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer

The Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer is a well designed machine that fits in with the rest of the office machinery whether at home or workplace. Apart from being a dedicated engraver, it also has the ability to print. Unlike other 3D printers, it does not rely on plastic mold design.

Instead, through the laser design, it is able to cut complete 3D objects. In the process, it engraves objects and builds them from scratch, as well.

Note that you can use it together with most computers and print 3D objects whether a photo or PDF file. It works on Windows, Mac OS, as well as Android devices. Since it will require installation on a computer, it comes with completely free software. Also, you can access and control it through the Glowforge App.

In addition, since the active parts of the machine are hidden away, it is safe for use even amongst kids in schools, or in the park. It can be used to engrave cardboard, metal, glass, acrylic, fabric, paper, leather, and wood. The manufacturer says that it can engrave even chocolate bars!

While identification doesn’t seem to be as common as it once was, wearing name tags will always have an essential place in any park environment. By adding name tags to your park’s culture, visitors will be able to relate better with your employees.