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How to Apply for a Food Truck License in Malaysia (Requirements Included)

Numerous regulatory processes come with starting a food truck business in Malaysia. Note that one of the most vital of these regulatory processes is the application and acquisition of a food truck license.

Aside from the fact that this license shows that you are legally allowed to operate a food truck in the country, it also ensures that you are in full compliance with health and safety standards.

The steps necessary to obtain this license are pretty straightforward, read on to get a comprehensive insight as well as how to submit your application.

Steps to Apply for a Food Truck License in Malaysia

  1. Understand the Legal Requirements

First, take your time to find out all you can about the legal landscape governing food businesses in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the Food Act of 1983 as well as its regulations, administered by the Ministry of Health, stipulate and govern the requirements for food safety, hygiene, and licensing.

These regulations were put in place to guarantee that food businesses, including food trucks, conform to high standards of food handling, storage, and preparation.

In addition, also  understand other local ordinances or regulations that concern the area where you intend to do business with your food truck.

  1. Prepare Required Documentation

In Malaysia, you will be expected to register your business legally. Although it will more or less depend on your business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, or company), you have to obtain Form D or Form A from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

You will also be expected to obtain your food handler’s certificate from an accredited training provider. Note that the food handlers certificate is a must for anyone intending to get into any food handling business in the country.

Aside from that, you need to arrange your vehicle registration details as well as put together a detailed plan that elucidates the concept of your food truck, in addition to your target market, menu offerings, pricing strategy, marketing plan, and financial projections.

  1. Obtain Approval from Local Authorities

Reach out to the local council or municipal authority governing the area where you intend to run your food truck business. A food truck license in Malaysia can only be issued by the local authorities in the area where you intend to do business, and you can seek their approval by sending in your application with the necessary documentation.

  1. Attend Food Safety Training

You have to register yourself as well as your staff in an accredited food safety training program that is accredited by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.

These training programs will cover very important topics like food hygiene, handling, storage, temperature control, sanitation practices, and pest control.

The essence of this training is to ensure that you and your team have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills needed to guarantee high food safety standards, avoid foodborne illnesses as well and ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. Secure the Food Truck License

Once your application has been successfully reviewed and approved by the local authorities, you will be issued a food truck license. This license remains a very important legal requirement before you can start or run your food truck.

It proves that you have fully complied with all regulatory standards and guidelines. Be sure to showcase your food truck license vividly on your vehicle as mandated by law.

Note that food truck licenses in Malaysia are renewed annually, so ensure to stay in line with all legal and health requirements to sustain the validity of your license.