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10 Best Apps for NEMT [Features Included]

It is important to note that the NEMT industry is centered on the Medicaid program, with the traditional model being a Broker-Provider setup.

While there are numerous variations of this model, they all still serve the same purpose. Most often, States or large funders (like Managed Care Organizations) will contract with a brokerage. The broker is then tasked with handling and managing the transportation benefit of beneficiaries in a geographic area for a precise fee.

Note that NEMT businesses use scheduling and dispatching apps or software to manage all the numerous administrative tasks associated with their business.

Ideally, the local transportation provider is expected to maintain a fleet of vehicles and drivers and may have to compete with other providers to provide trips that beneficiaries have requested via the Broker.

Just like taxi drivers, these drivers are only given the pick-up and drop-off time and location to safeguard a member’s private health information. Also, note that a provider’s daily list of trips can be easily downloaded from the broker’s NEMT software system into theirs.

Providers can also leverage in-vehicle hardware that links with the broker’s NEMT system in real-time. Some also use In-vehicle hardware like a mobile data terminal or a proprietary app infused on a tablet or mobile device to track the GPS location of the vehicle, offer navigation and an electronic manifest.

Once the trip is completed, trip completion data is sent back to the broker for billing and reporting. Have it in mind that providers and drivers can also decide to pick up return trips and other last-minute trips if they are available.

With the advancement in online appointment booking and notification systems, members are becoming increasingly bothered about having to wait on hold to schedule trips.

But the use of booking and trip management portals gives room for members or delegates to schedule their own trips, while notification systems remind them of upcoming trips by text, email, or voice call.

Best Apps for NEMT

In this industry, NEMT apps and software that link passengers, providers, and brokers in real-time are helping to bolster growth and demand. If you are looking to simplify your business processes, here are the best apps for NEMT to consider;

  1. Tobi Cloud

This is one of the best apps to consider for your NEMT Business. Note that every one of your NEMT requirements can be managed with one simple Tobi Cloud Software. Tobi Cloud is a comprehensive solution known to offer optional modules that will ensure you provide the best service to your ridership.

Have it in mind that this app can meet all your needs, regardless of if you’re a start-up transportation provider or a well-rounded transit agency eager to improve efficiency and integrate new technologies.

  1. TaxiMobility

This is a revolutionary taxi dispatch system that makes use of high-precision attributes. It is a complete technology that meets the needs and requirements of non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) businesses. It features a paratransit dispatch system that is both convenient and affordable.

It comes with GPS Vehicle Tracking and strives to improve comfort without compromising safety. Also, note that the application can track the vehicle’s location automatically. With these wonderful features and being a unique medical transportation software, this app is one to consider.

  1. RoutingBox

Have it in mind that this is one the most comprehensive passenger transportation software suite built made for NEMT by NEMT experts. Well known for improving the industry since 2010, RoutingBox boasts of covering over 297 million passenger miles, has moved over 1 million unique passengers, and is used daily by more than 15,000 vehicles across 43 States.

By linking up with their customers and steadily improving, RoutingBox saves time and money for providers by offering the best-in-class features to help with scheduling, dispatching, route optimization, and billing.

  1. NEMT Platform

This software offer dispatch solutions that help NEMT companies scale their business and streamline their operations. Its web panel can be linked with top insurance brokers such as MTM, MAS and ModivCare, Southeastrans, National Medtrans, Access2Care, Access2Care, Access2Care, ModivCare, ModivCare, Southeastrans, and National Medtrans.

Note that with just a few clicks, you can carry over the trip information and also generate Trip Logs, TRF Forms, and other files to claim reimbursements. The mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms make it easy to track your fleet and workers on the ground in real-time.

The dispatching software also lets you track your drivers and review their workload. It also lets you adjust trips as needed for maximum efficiency.

  1. M-DATS

This app boasts of a modern and clean look that makes scheduling and dispatching convenient and stress-free. There are no long processes with the mobile apps for Android and iOS. It will surely help you avoid high data usage. Also, note that vehicle location mapping is accessible without the need for subscriptions or third-party hardware.

It also features plugins that can do more than just data imports from brokers or other third parties. The company boasts of being great developers but also business-minded people who are well-versed in the NEMT, taxi, and transportation industries.

  1. MediRoutes

This is a cloud-based software and can be used with mobile devices to guarantee optimal scheduling, bookings, dispatch, billing, and dispatch services for Non-Emergency Transportation Providers. MediRoutes makes online call taking easier and more convenient. It makes booking trips easier via the import of brokerage trips, or directly entering on-demand trips.

Recurring trips (also known as Calendars and Subscription trips) can also be handled online. This app optimizes scheduling by factoring in-inpatient requirements (ambulatory, wheelchair, or stretcher needs), appointment time, transport vehicle’s capacity, drive time, and any funding source restrictions.

This schedule guarantees that passengers arrive on time and that the transportation provider can make as much revenue as possible.

  1. Trip Spark NEMT

Trip Spark NEMT is well-known as a complete scheduling tool for non-emergency providers and brokers of medical transportation. It is a powerful software and a single-source solution that automates scheduling and makes available audits, performance reviews, and a single source of truth.

This app also has other major capabilities like streamlining back-office processes and reducing call center volume, improving communication between drivers, and enhancing customer service.

  1. Reveal

A popular Kansas-based technology and operations management company, Reveal is noted as a full-service contract and software development company that focuses on improving transportation efficiency, performance, and labor costs.

The Reveal software is known to be intuitive for users and handles problems that other technology solutions may not. It is a customized technology solution that suits the transportation demands of its NEMT clients. It’s a necessary tool especially for small transit agencies as well as large transit operations and private contractors.

  1. EverTransit

EverTransit is a platform that piles together mobile transportation, technology, and data management. Have it in mind that NEMT businesses can manage their fleet using powerful tools that are built on the latest technology. Their customers will also enjoy the mobile experience since they can book now or later. Also, note that EverTransit Connect is the only affiliate network that allows you to farm rides in and out.

You can enhance the efficiency of your pre-scheduled reservations, and you will also have the tools to be more in-demand. It also gives room for businesses to select how they want to dispatch rides. There are three options: first come, first served, nearest available driver, or delayed dispatching.

  1. Chetu

Well-noted as a global software development company that provides businesses worldwide with cost-effective, custom technology solutions and support services, Chetu offers a unique software delivery model designed to meet the needs of the client.

Note that its one-stop-shop model spans the entire software technology spectrum. It is a true and seamless backend technology partner that will surely help your business accelerate the development of desktop, mobile & web-based apps with on-demand developers that focus on moving your business forward.

In this line of business, healthcare payers and transportation providers will have to offer services that are as efficient and cost-effective as possible while improving customer experience to ensure they keep up with increasing expectations. If you are looking for ways to simplify your business processes, consider any of these apps mentioned above.